April Fools' Day Pranks with Mark Rober

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Jimmy Kimmel Live

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ALnets superstar and former NASA engineer Mark Rober stopped by to share some pranks that will tear your family apart on April Fools' Day.
ALnets Challenge - Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Served a Snowball in Bed alnets.info/work/eJ2zpZ6uwIiduo4/video.html
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April Fools' Day Pranks with Mark Rober

RoNLuR Ditë më parë
0:47 OMG who knew 3 years later this would be an essential survival covid item, wow
Luca Russo
Luca Russo 2 ditë më parë
The first one didn't age well
Allison Simmons
Allison Simmons 2 ditë më parë
I just unplugged my alxea before you did the alxea prank
659555406 PK IO汁划裙
659555406 PK IO汁划裙 2 ditë më parë
Ok but for real, I'm 100% using the phone in a bottle.
Masalmeh Rami
Masalmeh Rami 3 ditë më parë
"Wasted your degree" Dude, you're talking one of the guys that built the Curiosity Rover.
payal desai
payal desai 3 ditë më parë
00:45 2017:- I have heard of it 2020:- obviously
Doyle Traci
Doyle Traci 5 ditë më parë
Mark's prank: play loud music Jimmy's prank: charge people $500
Kendal Schorn
Kendal Schorn 6 ditë më parë
Jimmy laughs like he has a trained sniper on him
Antoinette Cunningham
Antoinette Cunningham 8 ditë më parë
What's your favorite creature from our latest tide pool video? *Please WATCH before answering:)
Mara Barbra Nanaman
Mara Barbra Nanaman 8 ditë më parë
Mark: "You know that like anti-bacterial hand sanitizer?" Everyone in 2020: Boy bye.
Vickie Sanders
Vickie Sanders 10 ditë më parë
Jimmy: "So the prank is everyone in the family gets the flu?" All of us in 2020 quarantine: "Not a good joke, Jimmy, not a good joke."
Serai Resana
Serai Resana 16 ditë më parë
"it seems like you really wasted your degree" NASA Engineer for 9 years it doesn't seem that way
Robert J
Robert J 21 ditë më parë
This didn't age well
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee 21 ditë më parë
Mark's prank: play loud music Jimmy's prank: charge people $500
Sieg Hart
Sieg Hart 22 ditë më parë
i like how Mark did not mention he has a masters
joseph J.M.S
joseph J.M.S 23 ditë më parë
"and the prank is that the whole family gets the flu" 2020: "not this year buckaroo"
Art Alagao
Art Alagao 27 ditë më parë
"it seems like you really wasted your degree" NASA Engineer for 9 years it doesn't seem that way
Hardus Van Eeden
Hardus Van Eeden 28 ditë më parë
I think we all now know what hand sanitizer is
Josiah Whitehill
Josiah Whitehill Muaj më parë
Jimmy: I hope someone fell asleep and finds a bunch of pool noodles next wednesday (did anyone hear marks prank before him?!?!?!?!?)
Julia Meinz
Julia Meinz Muaj më parë
did anyone get pool noodles?
Mark L
Mark L Muaj më parë
Missed chance to rick roll them
Casper Slater
Casper Slater Muaj më parë
Nikhil RAJENDRAN Muaj më parë
Vishvesh Shah
Vishvesh Shah Muaj më parë
I have an Alexa too
Laksh Kapoor
Laksh Kapoor Muaj më parë
if Mark Rober had not told us about the sanitizer and how to use it , we wont be able to prevent coronavirus these days
Dallin O'Neal
Dallin O'Neal Muaj më parë
I want his shirt
Zach BIRO Muaj më parë
2020: Stop playing with hand sanitiser!!!!
Tom Nook
Tom Nook Muaj më parë
Mark Rober
Prodigy Media
Prodigy Media Muaj më parë
These pranks still hold in 2020.
Toblerone098 Muaj më parë
“Do you know about that antibacterial hand soap?” “I’ve heard of it” Don’t worry, you’ll get more familiar with it alright 😂
Cleveland BCI
Cleveland BCI Muaj më parë
Replace sanitizer with dish soap and Liquid A**
Brandon Shore
Brandon Shore Muaj më parë
ANYONE FROM 2020: duh i know what handsanitizer is
darth revan
darth revan Muaj më parë
when this played my alexa ordered pool noodles....
Gvstera Muaj më parë
😂 mark rober is smart
no Muaj më parë
Mark: "You know that like anti-bacterial hand sanitizer?" People in 2020: "Yes, yes I do."
Sega 27 ditë më parë
We use it a million times in our lovely house while in the freaking quarantine
BUSKEBARN Muaj më parë
MARK ROBER!!!! i belive in you on the creator games 2!!!!!!!
Camo_Riptide Muaj më parë
Click on this dog plz
Kpunn 28
Kpunn 28 Muaj më parë
That hand sanitizer is even better to use in COVID-19 times
Jimmyn19 Muaj më parë
Imagine if mark used Alexa to make a rickroll 😂
Jesus Landeros.
Jesus Landeros. Muaj më parë
Why do I feel belittling vibes from jimmy to mark?
firelogik Muaj më parë
He should have played never gonna give you up instead of who let the dogs out, he would have pulled of the worlds single greatest rick roll but..... *SMH*
tommy5kdragon Muaj më parë
Oh and I have a prank ...Show more...
tommy5kdragon Muaj më parë
500 $ worth of pool noodles! *shows jacket pockets* hey wanna deal....
suhas bn
suhas bn Muaj më parë
So glad I have the Google assistant xD
Noman Ahmed
Noman Ahmed Muaj më parë
He is so cute
Rob Beijerinck
Rob Beijerinck Muaj më parë
lol airwolf shirt i love that serie
8D29 Chi Hang Jacob WONG
8D29 Chi Hang Jacob WONG Muaj më parë
to all the people in 2020: you do realize that in a couple years after the virus is gone people won't understand your references
GamerGEAR Muaj më parë
This guy, Mark Rober, could be cast as a younger Ray Stanz from "Ghostbusters". Plus, he's a real experienced NASA engineer.
FORTEXNINJA Muaj më parë
to bad i got the 500 noodles
FORTEXNINJA Muaj më parë
everyone: he said " so everyone in the family get the flu" ? WTF in 2020
Makana Kapoi
Makana Kapoi Muaj më parë
0:57 thats a perfect covid prank
Mahela Munasinghe
Mahela Munasinghe Muaj më parë
Robert Cerniglia
Robert Cerniglia Muaj më parë
true torture during are times replacing hand sanitizer with hair jell
Andre Rasos
Andre Rasos Muaj më parë
2016: Hahahahaha 2017: What?! You don’t remember this guy?!
Aditya Mannur
Aditya Mannur Muaj më parë
That first prank did not age well
Gurshaan Dhesi
Gurshaan Dhesi Muaj më parë
Psychokater Muaj më parë
Im Curious how many ppl received loud music and pool noodles.
mohita rathore
mohita rathore Muaj më parë
Does the last one work for Google too?
Brianna Valadez
Brianna Valadez Muaj më parë
*Jeff bezos has left the chat*
??? Senseless ???
??? Senseless ??? Muaj më parë
Dam you mark rober my alexa went off
Peter Story
Peter Story Muaj më parë
Former NASA and squirrel obstacle course engineer Mark Rober pranks jimmy kimmel
Blazemuch Muaj më parë
does somone want to buy some pool noodles
Jonathan Contreras
Jonathan Contreras Muaj më parë
I wonder what would happen if mark threw the dart behind him
JagonNotFound Muaj më parë
Bruh the hand sanitizer
kirtan shah
kirtan shah Muaj më parë
Not funny Jimmy, I needed that 500 dollars
BANANA Invasion
BANANA Invasion Muaj më parë
The truth about the dart board, While on set mark and his buddy realized that the dartboard stopped working Mark then tried to stall as much as he could, he then realized he could purposely make it miss, instead of it getting in the entire time. Originally, the dart board evaluates 16 times before a final conclusion, this was much less, so mark stopped using the dart board in shows, and just keeps it in his shed to grow dust
Jaxon Grow
Jaxon Grow 2 muaj më parë
The max volume is 11 on alexa. Found that out the other day
Charles Timmons
Charles Timmons 2 muaj më parë
mark rober is a good yt channel we watch him in my science class
throwawaywastaken 2 muaj më parë
lmfao why is nobody talking about the alexa one
Tiffany 2 muaj më parë
Sponsored bt Amazon.
killen2167 2 muaj më parë
The Stock drastically increased for Pool noodles on the 1st of April 2017 for unknown reasons.
Moon 2 muaj më parë
The Alexa prank doesn't work for me because I have Google homes only
Mr.Frankiee Playz
Mr.Frankiee Playz 2 muaj më parë
soo...when's my $500 dollar check comin'
Mr.Frankiee Playz
Mr.Frankiee Playz 2 muaj më parë
dude ive not been able to turn of my alexa for like 2 hours man next time im gonna use some headphones
Daryl Aranha
Daryl Aranha 2 muaj më parë
I had to watch the video 2wice. 1st time I was looking at Jimmy clean his hands.
cuixiang888 2 muaj më parë
I saw the name mark rober and instantly clicked on the video
Rob Russell
Rob Russell 2 muaj më parë
Mark, you are a terrible human being and I love you.
MadNit 2 muaj më parë
I love guillermo
Maren Tindall
Maren Tindall 2 muaj më parë
i was thinking of aunt chippy the whole time
Art of She
Art of She 2 muaj më parë
That flu sanitizer joke slaps different in 2020
Adithya Pradosh
Adithya Pradosh 2 muaj më parë
Back when they didn't know it was called a sanitizer.
DecafDankDoge 2 muaj më parë
i did the orange juice prank and i got beaten
DUM Gaming
DUM Gaming 2 muaj më parë
If your a mark rober victim Like this comment!!!
Noice Tiger
Noice Tiger 2 muaj më parë
5:44 Perfect time to rick roll
Jonathan Joseph
Jonathan Joseph 2 muaj më parë
The first prank is the best and the worst prank to pull off now.
Dominick Capaldo
Dominick Capaldo 2 muaj më parë
Did Jimmy just say Jim and Pam 4:02
Matt Rittenhouse
Matt Rittenhouse 2 muaj më parë
Omg the alexa thing happened in my house
Commit Die
Commit Die 2 muaj më parë
I got this in my recommended after mark rober was trending on twitter
Adam Doherty
Adam Doherty 2 muaj më parë
Mark Rober
Claim 2 muaj më parë
mark rober
Anonymous 2 muaj më parë
Haha that hamster died
Tomas perez
Tomas perez 2 muaj më parë
Lead and nails
Lead and nails 2 muaj më parë
He has a lot of invisible hamsters
SomethingFan4 2 muaj më parë
Jokes on you I'm wearing hedphones
DaBaconBurger 2 muaj më parë
Mark rober is just 5-minute crafts but the crafts actually work
Shinsou 2 muaj më parë
2:26 my parents will abandon me lol😂😂😂
Explosive pig Gonzalez
Explosive pig Gonzalez 2 muaj më parë
Lol 8:04 mark left him hanging oof
papa johns ka abba
papa johns ka abba 2 muaj më parë
The first prank didn’t age well
Brady Fabin
Brady Fabin 2 muaj më parë
HA. I have a Google home
Aravind Ganesh
Aravind Ganesh 2 muaj më parë
The first prank with the hand sanitizer worked too well this year. Jimmy: everyone in the family gets the flu!
Harsh Patel
Harsh Patel 2 muaj më parë
The joke is everyone gets caronavirus
GDMSsam 2 muaj më parë
Doing that hand sanitiser prank would get you arrested now.
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