Kristin's Wife Comes Out As Trans

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Meet Brie!
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The Kitchen & Jorn Show
The Kitchen & Jorn Show 10 ditë më parë
Hey y'all!! Big news! Big day! Transphobia is NOT and will never be tolerated on this channel so don't do it unless you want a one way ticket it ban town!!! LOVE YA!!!
Letsbuildafort 41 minutë më parë
She is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. 😊
Ben R. Over
Ben R. Over 3 orë më parë
That’s a man in a dress 🤢🤢
Katholeen Love it
Katholeen Love it 10 orë më parë
Get em!!!!
Kimberly Brito
Kimberly Brito 10 orë më parë
Question: did you know when you got married or did he come out after :) all love ❤️
Preston Siegler
Preston Siegler 22 orë më parë
Bri will have the best fashion advice from her wife, and she's already so beautiful and confident that it makes me smile❤ Y'all are so cute together!
Julian Laresch
Julian Laresch 2 minuta më parë
When I picked a new name I took the old one and just tacked on an extra letter lmao
Jen Johnston
Jen Johnston 7 minuta më parë
Kristen being aggressively protective of her wife is top notch and I'm here for it
kaitlynnnrose 46 minuta më parë
Congrats on living your truth!
Tina Carter
Tina Carter 57 minuta më parë
Mary Pulk
Mary Pulk Orë më parë
This is awesome. I am a LGBTQ ally and this was very informative to me. I love that Bree has come out to show that you should be yourself and never feel you are too old to be your true self. She is helping many. I love you guys.
Kael Orë më parë
Bree's dress is beautiful!!
oh look its sarah
oh look its sarah 3 orë më parë
Bree did wonderful in this video so happy that you can be comfortable. Everyone deserves the chance to find their own happiness and when your pursuit of happiness doesn't get in the way of others pursuit of happiness you can not be doing any wrong it's a journey
N124C41 3 orë më parë
Many can learn from your love.. now this is unconditional, happy for you both 😊
ShadowTheCat 5 orë më parë
I love seeing the mutual support and love in this video - you all are definitely #couplegoals. I'm so happy for you, Brie!
Ben R. Over
Ben R. Over 7 orë më parë
Her “wife” is a man
Ben R. Over
Ben R. Over 2 orë më parë
ellie !! Awh you don’t like facts 😂
ellie !!
ellie !! 2 orë më parë
@Ben R. Over nope.
Ben R. Over
Ben R. Over 2 orë më parë
ellie !! If he was meant to be a women he would have been born a women.
ellie !!
ellie !! 3 orë më parë
@Ben R. Over nope. she was born a man, and will die a beautiful woman like she was meant to be.
Ben R. Over
Ben R. Over 3 orë më parë
ellie !! He was born a man, live life a man, and die a man.
Kalie Furr
Kalie Furr 7 orë më parë
I love how Kristen loves her no matter what. I'm so happy for you two. Love is love.
Artie Carden
Artie Carden 7 orë më parë
Brie! congrats
Meranda Morton
Meranda Morton 9 orë më parë
Everybody who disliked this video meet me in the pit
Cupcakes Roar
Cupcakes Roar 9 orë më parë
They need to stop pumping estrogen into the water supply
Anna Meinhardt
Anna Meinhardt 9 orë më parë
shineefive 9 orë më parë
I love yall 😭😭😭
Katholeen Love it
Katholeen Love it 10 orë më parë
Love this!!!!! The love from this video is beautiful!!!
Kimberly Brito
Kimberly Brito 10 orë më parë
I got so confused I watched the videos out of order and thought you had a divorce. All makes sense now. I’m good
TheCocolocogirl 10 orë më parë
-Are you still together? Bitch Kristin can't take her hands off her what do you think? xD
Lindsey Duncan
Lindsey Duncan 11 orë më parë
"We will fight bitches"-Jen LOL!
aola wili
aola wili 12 orë më parë
I love the vid so funny aha
Imogen Greenhill Galea
Imogen Greenhill Galea 12 orë më parë
All enby people is sibling to kitchens wife
Helene F
Helene F 12 orë më parë
The colors in that floral pattern suit her so well
aola wili
aola wili 12 orë më parë
i watched it three times
allbooksnoheart 13 orë më parë
"you will be coming out to someone for the rest of your entire life" Oh, word my friends, I have hope that one day this will change but oh my god it requires so much fucking energy to stay out when the world keeps pushing you back in the closet (I am probably projecting). Anyway. Yay :) Big news! Sending much love
sueanna2 14 orë më parë
I hope to have a rship as healthy and strong as them. The love they have of each other and being so supportive. And they are stupidly cute together...STAHPPPP
Lancashire Lass
Lancashire Lass 15 orë më parë
brie is so beautiful
Selam Wondwossen
Selam Wondwossen 15 orë më parë
Im new here, is kristin bi?
Mary Ann Anderson
Mary Ann Anderson 15 orë më parë
Why do you say my dead name? Glad you are happier now.
Megan Koch
Megan Koch 16 orë më parë
Congratulations Brie, I bet you feel so good now that you aren't in costume everyday, and you are beautiful. The relationship you and Kristin have is 👏 amazing! I do need a bit of education please...why isn't that the correct way to use the word lesbian (at 11:10)?
ThatGuitarGirl93 16 orë më parë
You go girl 🙏👏
clarradactyl 16 orë më parë
thank you for sharing, so happy for you and brie! 🧡
Pragna Singh
Pragna Singh 16 orë më parë
I love the wrestling references!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 sorry, it's just such a rare treat for me! Goodluck with everything to y'all ~♡
rachnab04 17 orë më parë
Anyone else look at this and just go “OH MY GOD SAME HAT” and/or the Spider-Man meme where they’re just the same and pointing at each other? (My way of saying so much more love and support than I can even put into words here, coming out is scary and I’m proud of you)
Purple Embers
Purple Embers 18 orë më parë
I love brie cheese and I love brie shes gorgeous and I love her hair kristin and brie are the cutest couple!!!
V Bry
V Bry 19 orë më parë
“Leave my f**king wife alone” ~Kristin 2021 👏🏻👑✨ Love you both (and Jen)! ❤️
izetta mae
izetta mae 20 orë më parë
Brie is so pretty. i can't even express with words how pretty, nice and funny she is.
andreasCH22 20 orë më parë
Can Kristin let Brie speak for more then 5 seconds? 🤔
Cayden Nielsen
Cayden Nielsen 21 orë më parë
Y’all look so cute🥰
Analise Stock
Analise Stock 21 orë më parë
I love this, and it was additionally so funny.
Carolina Jusem-Laporte
Carolina Jusem-Laporte 21 orë më parë
No shit! I came out in April too! If I remember correctly. (Dead account btw, I'm F to M) Congratulations, Brie!
Lisa Smoothy
Lisa Smoothy 22 orë më parë
I'm so glad to have seen this video. You kept saying you were gay and I was so confused, this makes a whole lot more sense. So happy for you both. 😁
Mikayla Perry
Mikayla Perry 22 orë më parë
Thanks for sharing yourself with us Brie! 💕
KC P 22 orë më parë
Positively adorable
Preston Siegler
Preston Siegler 22 orë më parë
Side note, you both should get pins or shirts that say " My wife is smokin' hot" because you both have a hot wife! Yay!
The Amazing Girl
The Amazing Girl 22 orë më parë
So happy for you brie ❤❤❤❤
Anonymous 22 orë më parë
“That boy ain’t right”
elliot 22 orë më parë
brie is so delightful omfg she’s hilarious and seeing y’all together and goofing and happy and protective of each other is making my heart so happy!!!!
Denise Hoffmann
Denise Hoffmann 23 orë më parë
Stephanie Lodge
Stephanie Lodge 23 orë më parë
Even in "boy mode" you are still yourself. I don't feel like I'm in boy mode with no makeup on and t shirt.
kayla steeves
kayla steeves 23 orë më parë
I know it has to do with the person and not others opinions but I think bries voice fits her! Feminine but also unique and slightly baritone! Kind of reminds me of my voice haha
Miykala Horton
Miykala Horton Ditë më parë
Can I just say.... your wife’s skin is fucking flawless??? Like excuse me, she has such clear skin!!!!! You can tell beyond the makeup that the skin is fantastic. Also really love the makeup and hairstyle.
vasilisa vasya
vasilisa vasya Ditë më parë
if you are a woman why do you look like a man
ellie !!
ellie !! 3 orë më parë
nope. she looks like a stunning and beautiful woman.
Alana Le
Alana Le Ditë më parë
"how'd you get so cute? Well- you just gotta be born with it baby" Excuse me, I'm just going to borrow that confidence for the new year please and thank you.
Toni Ditë më parë
Will you renew your vows, so Brie can experience being a bride? If she is interested .
ellie !!
ellie !! 3 orë më parë
that’s so sweet :)
Heleb Everbach
Heleb Everbach Ditë më parë
omg Brie your fit is so cute :)
Faith Rightmier
Faith Rightmier Ditë më parë
I love how you're so confident and automatically be like I am lesbian now that something I always struggled with am i lesbian bi sexual pan always ask myself all this questions and you just know
Faith Rightmier
Faith Rightmier Ditë më parë
You guys are so beautiful. So glad you support each other 💯 beautiful souls
Miss Eve
Miss Eve Ditë më parë
Congratulations Brie!💖
Sally Brown
Sally Brown Ditë më parë
Kitchen & Jorn ft. Cheese ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
katie mcmullan
katie mcmullan Ditë më parë
omg i'm crying
Jonda J
Jonda J Ditë më parë
I want to connect and get to see more of y’all’s content on other socials. Why aren’t they linked in the bio? Does anyone know their Instagrams
Paula Nicole
Paula Nicole Ditë më parë
needed these good vibes today
Jeanna Cata
Jeanna Cata Ditë më parë
I'm so happy for the both of you! I had the privilege to work with a student worker a couple of years ago who was starting hormones. Watching her journey [after so many years of counseling and doctor's appointments and a lot of BS] was just amazing. I wish everyone love and a safe space to be who they truly are - because you both deserve this happiness.
Lily Myers
Lily Myers Ditë më parë
Jen in the background screaming "THERES NO RULES!"
Rhea David
Rhea David Ditë më parë
Brie is bloody hilarious! During the whole video I was often caught off guard by her puns and jokes.
littleoldme Ditë më parë
Coming out aside, it's just so nice to see a married couple genuinely have so much fun in each other's company and have so much respect for each other as people. 💕 I love to see it.
Emory NM
Emory NM Ditë më parë
I wanna say, ur hair is bootiful Brie, and that lipshade looks AWESOME on u!! I ALSO LOVE UR DRESS
-GRAY- Ditë më parë
what a beautiful heterosexual couple🥰
ellie !!
ellie !! 3 orë më parë
nope. they are both women so it’s very gay
Preston Siegler
Preston Siegler Ditë më parë
Congratulations Bri!!! Love the flower pattern, it looks cute ❤
Chelsey Blue-Sneed
Chelsey Blue-Sneed Ditë më parë
Brie, I love you and your dress! Pleaseeeeeeee share where you purchased it!
Sarah Nash
Sarah Nash Ditë më parë
Omg where are Brie’s glasses from, I looooooove them 😍
Rhiannon Jones
Rhiannon Jones Ditë më parë
Fucking love Kristin constantly going leave my wife alone actual icon 😂
Rae Linklater
Rae Linklater Ditë më parë
This was genuinely the best content I've seen this week. So positive and heartwarming. Thank you for sharing your truth with us, Brie! I hope it's not too much to ask that we get more Brie on the Kitchen and Jorn show in the future! xx
Amelia Velasco
Amelia Velasco Ditë më parë
Lannie901 Ditë më parë
This is epic, love to everyone, so darn happy!
Emily Flagg
Emily Flagg Ditë më parë
The love in their eyes when they look at each other 😭💕 the love there
Alice P
Alice P Ditë më parë
The amount of love I felt radiating through the screen from this video almost made me cry. Brie is such a wonderful person and truly deserves the best. Kristen is so unbelievably supportive and seeing your relationship makes me feel so good and hopeful. I wish you all the absolute best!!!
Alissa H
Alissa H Ditë më parë
im so happy for you brie, you look so much more comfortable and happy now and that brightens my heart
CordobaGirlC5 Ditë më parë
Best example of soul mates right here ❤️
miippi Ditë më parë
Kristin finally realizing the femme gay struggle. When your partner is really pretty, you have to bring your A game so people don't ask "so are you the man in The relationship?"
Savina Morgan
Savina Morgan Ditë më parë
I love the Kitchen's wife's name is cheese related.
salatinandrubyshow Ditë më parë
miippi Ditë më parë
Kristin "you're still the same person. You're just pretty." 😂😂😂
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Ditë më parë
This is the content I was looking for
samchanel1223 Ditë më parë
I love this! I was so worried because I noticed a lot of vague wording around your relationship and I was so heartbroken thinking you two had divorced.
Lisa Ditë më parë
This video is ridiculous. I always knew Kristin was married but not much beyond that. Y’all are so annoyingly perfect for each other. The banter is so absurdly natural and it’s everything I’d imagine she’s like outside of work.
Lisa Ditë më parë
@yuoop noke huh?
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Ditë më parë
need to do is show respect & decency to other humans & treat others how u would want to b treated.
Asher Wibrata
Asher Wibrata Ditë më parë
i kept on thinking about the part wheen jen laughed and said, "case closed, B*tch!."
Lori G
Lori G Ditë më parë
Brie, like the cheese, is a very powerful name choice
Kaitlyn Glenn
Kaitlyn Glenn Ditë më parë
Omg I love y’all’s love! Just the way you look at each other is so cute!
Nova Lee
Nova Lee Ditë më parë
My wife is a trans women. It’s a special magic. I feel a kinship with partners of trans women? We’re so lucky. It’s so incredibly special to be apart of their journey. I hope this doesn’t sound chaser-y...... I just love my wife 😭 I wish I could like consensually hug you both!
Nova Lee
Nova Lee Ditë më parë
Oh my god doing your wife’s hair and makeup is so fun!!!’ Teaching her new stuff is amazing!!’nn
Pokadotslover12 Ditë më parë
Me this entire video fist pumping and chanting “yeah!” I’m so happy for you!
Alanis Ditë më parë
4:35 Im always thinking about that because ppl talk about "coming out" as if it's a one time thing but when you are lgbt it's more like a choice you make everyday
Julie Nelson
Julie Nelson Ditë më parë
Adopt me ♥
Caitlin Rangecroft
Caitlin Rangecroft Ditë më parë
This was very very sweet. Hi Brie! 😍
Nova Kid
Nova Kid Ditë më parë
She is so cute!
Symantha Pearce
Symantha Pearce Ditë më parë
I hope one day I could find a love, like they have.
Ivy Goddard-Amador
Ivy Goddard-Amador Ditë më parë
I don’t usually comment on these thing but I LOVE YOU ALL. I am thankful that you decided to make this video. Go Brie ❤️
AsdfTrash Ditë më parë
Congrats on finding yourself brie ❤️❤️ u go queen 🎉🎉
Gabri Popadynetz
Gabri Popadynetz Ditë më parë
Power lesbian couple 😍
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