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Everyone has been asking for it, so here is my NEW 2020 Outboard Engine! Super excited about the rest of the year and beyond.
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Vlog Camera (SONY A6500):
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Drone (DJI Phantom 4 Professional):
Chesty Camera (Garmin Virb Ultra 30):
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Camera Rig (Opteka X-GRIP):
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Scott Martin
Scott Martin 2 muaj më parë
What do you think of the Yamaha?? Drop me a comment why you should get the old evinrude carpet sticker 👊🏼
FRE FLAMINGO 18 ditë më parë
I got a 100 yam it's good 😁
Derek Gratten
Derek Gratten Muaj më parë
Tony Smith
Tony Smith Muaj më parë
Rickie Harp is gonna be crushed...
J Dubya
J Dubya Muaj më parë
Whoever the garbage service is in Clewiston should get the sticker
Brady Gourgues
Brady Gourgues Muaj më parë
Hey you will love that Yamaha we have one on my dad skeeter same exact Moyer the VMAX sho we can run 70 fully loaded on a 21 foot boat and I talk 4 guys in the boat
NCshooter1213 8 ditë më parë
One day I want a new motor for my boat. Got my first bass boat 3 years ago. Its a Champion 203 with a 1998 225 merc optipop......I mean optimax excuse me. Anyways finally saved for the boat and the motor has been nothing but a headache. Had to get towed out of 6 tourneys so far with a breakdown. Hopefully within the next 10 years I can save for a decent up to date motor so I can feel comfortable going out. Love the yamahas I think you'll enjoy it for sure. Good decision
Rafael Ramos
Rafael Ramos 23 ditë më parë
We live by the post office
Justin Brock
Justin Brock Muaj më parë
Mark Shofner
Mark Shofner Muaj më parë
Great motors smart move .. Tesla got a 350hp all electric motor the thing rips I’m sure in a few year all the pros will be running them over a gas motor
lucid Muaj më parë
Well he just ruined his 2-stroke sound, hole shot, top speed, and mpg
Heath Fitzgerald
Heath Fitzgerald Muaj më parë
Welcome to the Yamaha family Scott. You will love it. I'm still hanging around waiting on me a Vice Versa hat lol.
Mike Hanen
Mike Hanen Muaj më parë
Should have been a seven marine 527 on there 👍🏻
Jim Bob
Jim Bob Muaj më parë
Now you an mike Ike on the same team
Chris Margarum
Chris Margarum Muaj më parë
I think it's a merc
N Trent
N Trent Muaj më parë
Should have went Mercury.
Douglas Rains
Douglas Rains Muaj më parë
I really thought it was gonna be a mercury nice choice right there
Evan T Godard
Evan T Godard Muaj më parë
Great choice
Southern Squirrle Boyz
Southern Squirrle Boyz Muaj më parë
Yamaha Mercury sucks
Nicholas Wampler
Nicholas Wampler Muaj më parë
Why would you go to them why not the mercury bud ?
Talon Snow
Talon Snow Muaj më parë
Great choice Scott, the Yamaha vmax 250 is faster than mercs, and also more reliable
Andrew Manwaring
Andrew Manwaring Muaj më parë
Yes awesome !!!! Yamaha gold tech here up in Canada! Good motor I ran one on my sponsored tourney 210 bay reef this year for a pike tournement series. Got us a cpl wins this season
Gewglesux Muaj më parë
I’m surprised not Merc.... no worries though.. yummy yammmy prob more reliable anyhow
Talon Snow
Talon Snow Muaj më parë
Also faster
Aviation Lover 556
Aviation Lover 556 Muaj më parë
YES! Great choice Scott. Here in Florida Yamaha rules!
aDreamZ Muaj më parë
As soon as you said that they have been around for awhile and that they are reliable I knew exactly what it was going to be. Congrats on the new motor!
Eric G.
Eric G. Muaj më parë
I have 210 hrs on my Yamaha 2018 SHO 250. No problems to date love it on my Skeeter. Hope same for you!
Jake Wittnebert
Jake Wittnebert Muaj më parë
Good call on the Yamaha, Scott. My dad was a commercial fisherman and put over 15,000 hours on his Yamaha before he replaced it. It was still running good when he replaced it too but he was just nervous about the amount of hours on it. Only maintenance he had to do were oil changes, spark plug changes, and clean the injectors. I think that you will be very happy with your new engine!
Sport Smith
Sport Smith Muaj më parë
Good choice. You are gonna be happy with it.
bent rodguy
bent rodguy Muaj më parë
awesome video, cant go wrong with either yamaha or merc, they both are partnered toghether in engineering, you can get a few more mph with merc,,,but a few more years of life with yamaha!,, cant wait to fish against you in my first bassmaster open on lay lake!, i live here on the lake, finally time to step up and see how i measure against you!
Barry Celestine
Barry Celestine Muaj më parë
Tohotsu motors are bulletproof. Love them.
ImPacosTacos Muaj më parë
So pretty
Eloy Garcia
Eloy Garcia Muaj më parë
I wish I was back in Florida where I can go fishing but I'm in Indiana won't be back for another 3 months
Eloy Garcia
Eloy Garcia Muaj më parë
Just finish watching a video about the five boxes giveaway I think that's cool
Eloy Garcia
Eloy Garcia Muaj më parë
Hey ScottI i'm beginner anger and I see you videos all the time and your daughters and I think they're cool I do bass fishing off Bank. I think u guys do a lot for us watch ur video also my body Sam sturgeon says hi
Mr. Cut Lawn Care, LLC
Mr. Cut Lawn Care, LLC Muaj më parë
I run Mercs on my rental boats. They have worked well no problems so I’ll stick with them. Will probably repower with new mercs or Suzuki’s at 2,000hrs
Tift Bassmaster
Tift Bassmaster Muaj më parë
Nathan Gustafson
Nathan Gustafson Muaj më parë
Id love to throw that evinrude sticker on my alumacraft
ruben whitworth
ruben whitworth Muaj më parë
Either Suzuki or Yamaha
Ben Green Insurance Agency
Ben Green Insurance Agency Muaj më parë
BROCKABEE KB Muaj më parë
Nice move
Cp_fishing Muaj më parë
But like that Yamaha over that big Evinrude, I’ll that Evinrude if you don’t want it anymore
Joseph Stephens
Joseph Stephens Muaj më parë
I know they're reliable! BUT is it as fast?
Joseph Stephens
Joseph Stephens Muaj më parë
Zach Modrzejewski
Zach Modrzejewski Muaj më parë
Man why couldn’t evinrude/BRP get the 4 stroke thing figured out the G2s were so slick!!!
William Bonk
William Bonk Muaj më parë
Yes Yamaha and you don't know it yet but probably next year you will be sporting a nice new FXR skeeter to go with that Yamaha p.s. They hold up well on Lake Champlain both engine and boat.
Ken Mccarthy Fishing
Ken Mccarthy Fishing Muaj më parë
Congratulations Scott,I have a Tohatsu and never had a really major problem 💪👍
Kirt Hedquist
Kirt Hedquist Muaj më parë
I am sticking with my G2 until it croaks.
Daryl Granger
Daryl Granger Muaj më parë
Number 1 in my opinion
Bryan Hunter
Bryan Hunter Muaj më parë
Lol! Yes it does sound mean. A little on the loud side. But in a good way.
Bryan Hunter
Bryan Hunter Muaj më parë
I run the sho and never had any issues. Now is it faster?
Chris fish
Chris fish Muaj më parë
I think it will be a Suzuki 👌🏽
slayer 88
slayer 88 Muaj më parë
Hands down the best motor on the water. I dont know of anyone that will debate that.
Bringit 209
Bringit 209 Muaj më parë
SWEEEETTTTTTT. Congrats on the new motor, sponsors and partnership.
Cadie Robinson
Cadie Robinson Muaj më parë
Yamaha is the way ur going i bet
Earl Dail
Earl Dail Muaj më parë
Scott so you went with Yamaha disapointing Heavy,no bottom end power only makes power at top end they took you to the dark side ask your buddy Brian Latimer Mercury is were its at.
Jack Woodruff
Jack Woodruff Muaj më parë
Sad to see Evinrude go but Yamaha is the best outboard on the market
Josh Arnold
Josh Arnold Muaj më parë
Honda makes Tohatsus larger outboards and Tohatsu makes all of Mercury’s motors under 30hp. Tohatsu is a great brand
Joseph Stephens
Joseph Stephens Muaj më parë
Yes it is
Scott Rock
Scott Rock Muaj më parë
me and my dad fish local tournaments all the time and on his bass boat he has a evinrude 250 ho and that sticker would look great on the ranger
Devon Ayers
Devon Ayers Muaj më parë
Yess welcome to being a Yamaha owner!! Mines 20 years old and runs like a champ!!
Morgan Virden
Morgan Virden Muaj më parë
Mines 24 and just put a new power head on her she’s amazing
Yamir Gomez
Yamir Gomez Muaj më parë
Yeah Big Bass Energy Boss 🎣🐟🚣‍♀️🇺🇸🇵🇷🥗🐡😁🦈
James Petitgout
James Petitgout Muaj më parë
Yamaha is the best!
Bryan Dorsett
Bryan Dorsett Muaj më parë
My first motor was a RUDE.41 years ago! Man,where does time disappear too? I still remember see Your pop,on Logan Martin in A Classic, around that same time!
Justin Michelle Briggs
Justin Michelle Briggs Muaj më parë
From what I have heard Mercury has purchased NEMA so I don’t know what that does to adding NEMA 2000 to Yamaha so all your gauges are on your graphs. Gotta give you some props for not being pushed into the mercury motor. I’m sure that was everyone thought. Good luck
Gerald Huston Jr
Gerald Huston Jr Muaj më parë
...Congratulations !!!! ...When you started talking I told my buddy that it was gonna be either YAMAHA or Mercury/Mercruiser. ...I'm really jazzed about your new sponsor bud !!!! ...Yee-Yee !!!! ....\o/....
Robert Decker
Robert Decker Muaj më parë
Love Yamaha that one looks nice. Wish still had mine. I am 73 now can not come up with the money for a new one anymore 😒 oh well that's life.
Billy Noles
Billy Noles Muaj më parë
Now partner up with DD26 for the best steering stops and motor toter in the business
Robert Decker
Robert Decker Muaj më parë
Right down the road from me, about 6 minutes away wish could've seen you.
Billy Noles
Billy Noles Muaj më parë
Send that ECU to Hydro tec and you will be pleased and no one will ever be the wiser mine is a BEAST
machew2009 Muaj më parë
I think you should went with Suzuki although we did love are yamaha on my dads last Boat. But I have herd you can hit things with the lower on a suzki 250ss and you won't break the lower unit but you may bend the prop shift which is alot cheaper to replace then the whole lower unit
wille06viking Muaj më parë
Why'd you switch it out
lee strong
lee strong Muaj më parë
I gotta say I wish you would stay with made in AMERICA ! 😕 Yamaha 👎
Patrick Minor
Patrick Minor Muaj më parë
love my Yamaha 150 SHO
Js Fishing
Js Fishing Muaj më parë
I new it was a Yamaha from the shape of it on the thumb nail
Luis Figueroa
Luis Figueroa Muaj më parë
Well since your wearing your sponsor Googan Baits shirt, I'll go with the Mercury motor. I guess I was wrong!
Collin Murchison
Collin Murchison Muaj më parë
Letsss goooo Scott got a great motor and even better sponsorship. I honestly was hoping for a yammer hammer but I figured Scott would go with a merc because all the googans did
Corey Loveless
Corey Loveless Muaj më parë
What guide would you recommend there at the Martin marina sir? Going to be around at the beginning of October and need a good guide. Last time I went to lake Okeechobee the weather dropped to 45 degrees and I caught one fish. I've had the worst luck on Okeechobee ever.
Joanne Clark
Joanne Clark Muaj më parë
Scott I have vmax hpdi jet outboard
Steve Bogan
Steve Bogan Muaj më parë
Man I totally thought you were gonna go with a merc
happys104092243 Muaj më parë
I would have putt the 777's on.
Corey Goodnight
Corey Goodnight Muaj më parë
Ni e motor just does not have the look as good
Jus J
Jus J Muaj më parë
Just need to get a 300 ecm for it now
Brady Wiggers
Brady Wiggers Muaj më parë
It’s funny how he says he not getting a Tohatsu but maybe a Honda when Tohatsu is Honda (60hp-250hp)
Brady Wiggers
Brady Wiggers Muaj më parë
Look up a picture of a 250 Honda and a 250 Tohatsu
Michael Westbrook
Michael Westbrook Muaj më parë
Mercury better but its good
BassGeek Muaj më parë
Those Yamies are quite to.
Building to live
Building to live Muaj më parë
I'm happy for you. That being said I will always bad talk yamaha after they didn't stand behind their HPDI Vmax 250's Mine popped at 114 hours and I ate it. I like you and your dad but have no love for scamaha. Tight lines brother!!
Redneck Muaj më parë
I' d went with Mercury.
Chase Brown
Chase Brown 2 muaj më parë
Thank you Scott, you switched to old faithful the yammy, I have a 98’ 115 2 stroke on my flats boat.
Cmbtvet outdoors
Cmbtvet outdoors 2 muaj më parë
I just repowered with Mercury. I thought about Yamaha and Suzuki but I just couldn’t put a Japanese motor on an American boat. My 200 Pro xs sounds mean as hell at startup and very quiet running across the lake 😁
Jeremy Landis
Jeremy Landis 2 muaj më parë
If you autograph that sticker I would love to hang that up in my local bait shop I would like to donate that to them
Check Mate
Check Mate 2 muaj më parë
❤IT! 💪🤜🤛🌋
MICHAEL MCCOLGAN 2 muaj më parë
Where is Hillary’s at
Jonathan Strickland
Jonathan Strickland 2 muaj më parë
I was really thinking you were going to go with twin pro drives lol
clayton burch
clayton burch 2 muaj më parë
Partnered with yamaha now are we? A skeeter comes next i predict
Edward Baldridge
Edward Baldridge 2 muaj më parë
Before I get to the end of the video. I'm going Suzuki? Huh, maybe? So now to watch the video and see if I was correct.
Jim Listerman
Jim Listerman 2 muaj më parë
Scott -------> Send your Evinrude "MY WAY". Old Evinrudes GLADLY ACCEPTED. Nuff Said....... JimInCincy
BoLT Tides
BoLT Tides 2 muaj më parë
Yamaha is KING
shit nugget
shit nugget 2 muaj më parë
Anyone know the name of the song when he showed the new outboard
Luke Harmison
Luke Harmison 2 muaj më parë
This is how I see it.... Yamaha: Makes pianos Suzuki: Makes dirt bikes Mercury: Makes boat motors
svmoua24 2 muaj më parë
Johnson!? 👌!
White Iverson
White Iverson 2 muaj më parë
wait when were u in lake placid??? i live close by there dude!!!
Cody Phillips
Cody Phillips 2 muaj më parë
Scott I run a yammy and she is bullet proof. Your in good hands bro
Sam Shimabukuro
Sam Shimabukuro 2 muaj më parë
You should get Mercury
Jake Allen
Jake Allen 2 muaj më parë
as soon as he said reliable I knew it was an Yamaha
Chet Reaves
Chet Reaves 2 muaj më parë
You won’t be disappointed. Leader in power sports for years.
Chris 2 muaj më parë
yamaha yuck
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