Save Your Tears / In Your Eyes (Live on The 2020 American Music Awards)

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"Save Your Tears / In Your Eyes" (Live on The 2020 American Music Awards)
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Alvin Smith
Alvin Smith 36 sekonda më parë
This album is a masterpiece Save your tears is art
I II-vScopeZv-II I
I II-vScopeZv-II I 12 minuta më parë
your face tho now your old face is better
Raul Perez
Raul Perez Orë më parë
Es un GENIO 👏
Jeneva Vergara
Jeneva Vergara 2 orë më parë
can anyone tell me what happened to his face?
Sophia 2 orë më parë
He seems so emotional for both songs
Maya Sommer
Maya Sommer 2 orë më parë
lol now i know why he wore that bandage
imJosseph 3 orë më parë
el bebe
Steelhead 3 orë më parë
His dance is so catchy. Goes so well with his song.
RR Cab
RR Cab 3 orë më parë
Ok I sure hope some casting agent has seen this and realized that we need a joker or riddler style villain created specifically for this man because the world needs more Weeknd and we need him to set fire to a city to work out his pain.
Jazzy Boo
Jazzy Boo 4 orë më parë
Cant wait to see what he’s prepared for the super bowl halftime show!!😁🖤❤️🎤🏈
Rude Rocky
Rude Rocky 4 orë më parë
I like where he’s going with his music.. gives that 80s vibe
James Mccurdy
James Mccurdy 4 orë më parë
Give me a blast and I need fireworks around me, just wrap my face just in case.
Rack City
Rack City 4 orë më parë
A certain Drake album reeked of the Weeknd and you know your the shit when Drake jumps on your band wagon.
LigmaXD_YT 4 orë më parë
i love this guy jesus
Idaly Guerrero
Idaly Guerrero 4 orë më parë
Its el fin de la semana
Brandi Rivera
Brandi Rivera 4 orë më parë
Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.
Cara Page
Cara Page 4 orë më parë
Nobody’s talking about the fact that he had to time this damn song with the fireworks to make this s#%@ look cool😳 I guarantee I would’ve caught flames from panicking 😧 👀🔥
SlightlY StAcY
SlightlY StAcY 5 orë më parë
Dominique Guay
Dominique Guay 5 orë më parë
And I was the first to be like WOW
Dominique Guay
Dominique Guay 5 orë më parë
You have help me Man...and you do not know how
Antonio Buitrago Diaz
Antonio Buitrago Diaz 5 orë më parë
W O N D E R F U L is the most appropriate term!!!! Like 👍
Chris Sabino
Chris Sabino 5 orë më parë
i like haha XD
Dominique Guay
Dominique Guay 5 orë më parë
I still do not get are not a CANADIAN winner but you know what do not get in there game
Different People
Different People 6 orë më parë
Wait! I know that brigde from GTA!
Baby Bird
Baby Bird 6 orë më parë
Why does he sound like he wants to cry in save ur tears?
syed musheer
syed musheer 6 orë më parë
Who the hell are the people who disliked this video!!!!!!!
Best Films
Best Films 6 orë më parë
Fudgenuckles D
Fudgenuckles D 7 orë më parë
Kinda looks like joker
Alexandria Braxton
Alexandria Braxton 8 orë më parë
Hi guys, wondering can you help me out..I’m looking 3 years for the song I posted on my ALnets channel..can anyone please identify the song it’s so annoying..Shazam does recognise it✨
Collen Evans
Collen Evans 8 orë më parë
This lad can sing well.
Jessica Diane
Jessica Diane 8 orë më parë
Those young people dont know who Kenny G is!!!
maximina rojas moreno
maximina rojas moreno 8 orë më parë
Reynald Fistacuffs
Reynald Fistacuffs 8 orë më parë
The ironic thing is I started playing this video right as I was sparking a bowl and then coughed ember into my eyes right as he was singing “In your eyes, I see there’s something burning inside...” Couldn’t help but laugh as I was digging literal ash out of my eyes
Madero 8 orë më parë
Ele sim que ofereceu um show bom demais, arte e talento 100% gente, a música precisa mais de esses caras.
hernan duarte
hernan duarte 9 orë më parë
Kenny G está siempre igual, duerme en un freezer.? 2 genios
Wolf HD
Wolf HD 9 orë më parë
The Weeknd sucks
Oconorr06 9 orë më parë
Soy yo ? O entre el minuto 1:56 y 1:58 se le mueve la boca hacia los lados... ? No se por que le pasara eso :O
NoChance 0401
NoChance 0401 9 orë më parë
That camera work from 1:30 to 1:40, just surreal
Alvina Perez
Alvina Perez 9 orë më parë
Benjamin Pectol
Benjamin Pectol 10 orë më parë
Sounds good looks weird
Debra Boyea
Debra Boyea 10 orë më parë
I love this!! The Weekend is fabulous!!
Samantha Foster
Samantha Foster 10 orë më parë
Fabulous weekend
MAYSTRO MEZZ 10 orë më parë
Nobody: Nobody at all: *Mummy abel has entered the chat*
Stefanny Medeiros
Stefanny Medeiros 10 orë më parë
O cara é foda
Marli2016 Assumpcao
Marli2016 Assumpcao 10 orë më parë
Brasileiro fodaa
Sergio Elizondo
Sergio Elizondo 10 orë më parë
3:52 mins I forgot about the pandemic 😷
Eduardo Martinez
Eduardo Martinez 10 orë më parë
Subanla a spotify porfa
Nightmare Fredbear
Nightmare Fredbear 10 orë më parë
The Reason Hes Wearing Bandages Is Because In The Too Late Music Video His Head Is Put On Another Person's Body, So He Needs The Bandages To Keep His Head On, Maybe Its Tape Though *BUT THATS JUST A THEORY.. A FILM THEORY!*
Nara Ab
Nara Ab 10 orë më parë
what happens to his face?
Santiago Carrillo
Santiago Carrillo 11 orë më parë
Wow bold move for slipknot
ludocrat 11 orë më parë
Been driving his Merc on mescaline again.
Piotr Niewiadomski
Piotr Niewiadomski 11 orë më parë
31 / 5000 Wyniki tłumaczenia brilliant number..the world is different
Chloe Cullen
Chloe Cullen 11 orë më parë
Love his music never seem to disappoint in any song he amazing love his tune so catchy 😊 !!
Heinrich Winter
Heinrich Winter 11 orë më parë
Amazing..i love his music..unique👌
8-Pains And 4ever
8-Pains And 4ever 11 orë më parë
Our generations Micheal Jackson. (No one’s gonna talk about how long the stage is.)
The Weeknd
The Weeknd 11 orë më parë
Save your face for another surgery
imasharky 12 orë më parë
Hmmm. I think he might be the artist of the 20s. And I am not the slightest bit mad. His music... it somehow doesn’t get old ever ... how???
imasharky 12 orë më parë
Also a very important decade to suddenly be grabbing the thrown. Grammys mean nothing. Everyone knows he dominated 2020.
ARIN PARAB 12 orë më parë
*director: so how many sparkles do u want?* *weekend: YES*
{:Vera‡The Lily-Pad‡ Nymph:}
{:Vera‡The Lily-Pad‡ Nymph:} 12 orë më parë
Now the weekend deserves a grammy after this because kenny g come on he like legit a legend and this song is like such a bop and in 1 month it's already so popular and the bear and the whole vibe of the song is really good the Grammys really did him dirty
Rigoberto perez
Rigoberto perez 13 orë më parë
Alguien más piensa como yo que este es el Michael Jackson de este siglo 💪
Maimoon Manzoor
Maimoon Manzoor 13 orë më parë
Kenny G looking the same as before after all these years , meanwhile im looking older with back pain in my 20s 😶🙄
Emiliya Walker
Emiliya Walker 13 orë më parë
I like you the weekend
Leany Trovoada
Leany Trovoada 13 orë më parë
Your lost Grammy 🤦🏾‍♀️
Daniela Bucko
Daniela Bucko 13 orë më parë
Ya eres de los míos the weekend ❤️
Kuldip Prashar
Kuldip Prashar 13 orë më parë
This man is closest to being a living legend, from current generation 🌟
Monica Solis
Monica Solis 13 orë më parë
lucas moneme
lucas moneme 14 orë më parë
+1 for the ecology
Muaz Razi
Muaz Razi 14 orë më parë
AMA: how many fireworks do you want? The Weeknd:yes
Asheliya 14 orë më parë
j ai l impression d entendre un vieux son des annee 80 mais style emile et image ou ce genre de vieux groupe francais a la mode a l epoque xD pardon ...
Wesley Stilwell
Wesley Stilwell 14 orë më parë
Mitchel Franco
Mitchel Franco 14 orë më parë
El principio de una nueva era, conciertos virtuales, dinero virtual, restricciones para todo!!
Gabriel Osvaldo López García
Gabriel Osvaldo López García 14 orë më parë
La neta es una delicia escuchar estas rolas, una prueba de que si se puede hacer buena música.
PASSING BY 33 15 orë më parë
PASSING BY 33 13 orë më parë
not many know
Fatale L'araignée
Fatale L'araignée 16 orë më parë
noob ! NOOB
Boualbani Sally
Boualbani Sally 16 orë më parë
I just can't get enough of this proformence 🖤
Alex Kollar
Alex Kollar 16 orë më parë
I miss him singing about having his friends gangbang his girlfriend and songs about drugs. This is too goofy for me.
Cyndiana Silva
Cyndiana Silva 16 orë më parë
So good!!!! And was that Kenny G ❤️
Lynn 16 orë më parë
Why does he have all those bandages in his face?
Ricardo Yordano Gutierrez Zuleta
Ricardo Yordano Gutierrez Zuleta 16 orë më parë
Con esa mascara parses boxeador de lucha libre
Samuel Garcia
Samuel Garcia 16 orë më parë
Empecé bien 2021 Is't best beauty music!
Winter Benjamin
Winter Benjamin 16 orë më parë
i am screming
Ta Chu
Ta Chu 16 orë më parë
Very nice….
Winter Benjamin
Winter Benjamin 16 orë më parë
i think he got a face job
Lune Roosterhof
Lune Roosterhof 17 orë më parë
Dommage je n'ai pas vue les americans music
Mateo Andres Cespedes
Mateo Andres Cespedes 17 orë më parë
Production: how many Fireworks do u want? The weekend: *yes*
Dave L
Dave L 17 orë më parë
Did he had some plastic Surgery?
ItzMaddie’sWorld 17 orë më parë
Not trying to be rude but all of that smoke from the fireworks that went in the air is really bad for the environment.. ;-;
Higgor Ferreira
Higgor Ferreira 18 orë më parë
kenny g?
Tahir Masood
Tahir Masood 18 orë më parë
Everytime i think the weeknd can't top this song he brings a new banger This guy is a legend
vitaminaHD 18 orë më parë
This feel like a online GTA V lobby, ngl.
Diary Pyza
Diary Pyza 19 orë më parë
Abel's song help me so much when I'm so stressfull :')
Tobi Innit
Tobi Innit 19 orë më parë
Mateus Frogel
Mateus Frogel 19 orë më parë
New Joker !
Giampiero Formichi
Giampiero Formichi 19 orë më parë
His family is from Ethiopia. Long live Ethiopia ❤️
Goran Galić
Goran Galić 19 orë më parë
Kenny was extremely instrumental for this collaboration
Beydu fer
Beydu fer 19 orë më parë
Te admiro brother saludos desde bolivia Santa cruz de la sierra
Jorge Lopez
Jorge Lopez 20 orë më parë
Joker 💜💚
Mauricio Vazquez
Mauricio Vazquez 20 orë më parë
Los videos de este men me recuerdan mucho alos videos de michel Jackson por la producción que le meten
Osii 20 orë më parë
Right off the bat, Abel walkin' like a gta character
Craig Martin
Craig Martin 20 orë më parë
Whoa! Kenny G's talent knows no cap!.....oh & apparently he dun found the fountain of youth, the DeLorean /or hacked Stewie's time machine cuz he looks even younger than he did 5yrs ago!
Sparda 20 orë më parë
the weeknd otw to being handsome
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