French Montana - Hot Boy Bling ft. Jack Harlow & Lil Durk [Official Video]

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French Montana

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French Montana - Hot Boy Bling ft. Jack Harlow & Lil Durk [Official Video]

"Hot Boy Bling" performed by French Montana ft. Jack Harlow & Lil Durk
"Hot Boy Bling" available at:

Oh lord, Jetson Made another one

Mm, ay, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Han, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Han, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Hot boy bling bling bling

Hot boys in the building, ching ching ching
Bad bitch pull up, ting ting ting
Whole team full of captains king king king
We the best in the game, put em in the ring baby ding ding ding
Ball like Telfair Sebastian, got a mill’ ain’t word in your caption
Another brown bag under the mattress,
Got the thing tucked, came through the back with it
Everybody rich, started from the trap with us Shawty bad might pickle, no cap with it
Ran it up came back to the trap with it
20 years in the game still that n***a (Haan)

Mm, ay, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Han, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Han, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Hot boy bling bling bling (yaaa)

That Boy Hot, I’m the mother f*cker they trying to boycott
Heard you were speaking on me, boy stop
Crank that song, she was like oh ya
French got big whips sitting in the garage
Smells like money in the damn foyer
Got 2 pools and he got 4 yards
Big ass trees, sequoias
Fuck around with us, I’m sick for you
Range rover was an explorer
Remember them girls used to ignore us
Now she wanna be my senora
Is that your girl, shit sorta
I got one in Georgia, in Florida
All she wanna do is hit Sephora
French went got another hit chorus

Mm, ay, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Han, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Han, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Hot boy bling bling bling

My first catch was juvie, hot boy n***a like juvie
Let a bad bitch hand out coochie
Ooh we diving in the face, be crushed up use it
Pop Percocet, turn to a dog, scooby
You can tell a n***a if he real from his jewelry
Goggles from Gucci my ass is blurry
Ran up that check and I bribed the jury
Hot boy bling bling, ride the Urus
Blow a bag when I go to Paris, I’m a tourist
Shot a video in your hood, no security
Black, 23 put the clip on curvey
Got a little bitch from ATL, ask what you can like Durk you hear me?
Run up that check check check check check, gun gon get get get yeah yeah

Mm, ay, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Han, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Han, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Hot boy bling bling bling

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deathclub 52 minuta më parë
•Draxer• Orë më parë
when a freestyle from Don Xhoni doin more visual than this is shameful
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Mr-Choppy-3174 2 orë më parë
That shit's trash....just saying. Come on Frenchy. You can't do 2pac like that.
achrafboywit Jit
achrafboywit Jit 2 orë më parë
Nino F
Nino F 3 orë më parë
A 2:47 minutes song that brings 3 artists, a 3 years old hook, and for the few profitable minutes we are entitled to "bling bling bling, tching tching tching, ding ding ding, get get getget cyeah yeaaaaah" 😂 Lil durk wasn't even on that big budget shoot, green background is enough 🤷‍♂️ And who the fuck is that jack harlow 😂 Where's going music ?
imad Hadif
imad Hadif 4 orë më parë
🇲🇦 🇲🇦
Alyfe Slime
Alyfe Slime 4 orë më parë
durk should've been at the scene.
Sleimi Yassine
Sleimi Yassine 4 orë më parë
Montana is fire🔥🔥🔥
SMTH NUT 4 orë më parë
dopeGhost777 5 orë më parë
French kill this matrix again and again💪💪 Love from Moscow BRO on GOD BRO💪
1996PURE 5 orë më parë
Durk recording on a damn potato with a green screen smh
AmericaIsNowAfrica 6 orë më parë
OMG fucking trash song lol
Edmond Li
Edmond Li 7 orë më parë
French Montana is shit in this
Narhean RG
Narhean RG 7 orë më parë
tf bro got absolutely carried by features and still fucked the song up french montana big one hit wonder of swae lee ft. dude cant even get views on a song with 2 hot features
Smredbou Bouanani
Smredbou Bouanani 7 orë më parë
Kareem i love your body transformation keep continue man you are on the good way we love u and support no matter what.. 💪🇲🇦❤
El Maroquín - New York
El Maroquín - New York 8 orë më parë
Zaaabi 3la song 🇲🇦
SVGNation 8 orë më parë
Sets to hard for this soft ass song. Plus French biting 2pac and the whole California Love music video vibe.. does t work.
Dwijen Singha
Dwijen Singha 9 orë më parë
Bearragamo 10 orë më parë
This has to be the weakest song of 2021.... Definitely
Josh Silos
Josh Silos 11 orë më parë
They filmed this at a paintball field?
lilrobbieda3rd 11 orë më parë
Bling boy boy hot bling my favorite song by far🥵
Che Garcia
Che Garcia 11 orë më parë
This is an actual raper? Haha
LIL TOOLIT 12 orë më parë
Travis should've been on this😤
Jamarcus Harris
Jamarcus Harris 12 orë më parë
Lil Durk shook the floor 1:52
gotwurkdubbc 12 orë më parë
Uzzi Fennelli
Uzzi Fennelli 12 orë më parë
My man trying everything to stay relevant. Keep it up.
Punching Guy
Punching Guy 13 orë më parë
Jack harlow and lil durk carried the song but the hook is kinda catchy. Like really
Dions Cartoons
Dions Cartoons 13 orë më parë
ooh that hook is sticky
Florida Native
Florida Native 13 orë më parë
-Ok Jack, video shoot is mad max themed... * (Jack) As long as I can rock my NB 990’s and some fire glasses I’m in...
Be Extraordinary Productions LLC
Be Extraordinary Productions LLC 14 orë më parë
Phillip Garcia
Phillip Garcia 14 orë më parë
French Montana is trash this shit sounds like something Kevin gates did
Phillip Garcia
Phillip Garcia 14 orë më parë
Kevin gates 2 phones
traveledit 14 orë më parë
French Montana is trash tf
Prince Jett
Prince Jett 15 orë më parë
Hot Boy Cash Money/ Young Money.. Why not have Lil Wayne... SMH
PRINCETON SYEZZ 15 orë më parë
If apex legends makes a music video
Michael Somer
Michael Somer 15 orë më parë
Jack rhymes words with words that shouldn’t rhyme. Sick talent
Trevor Costello
Trevor Costello 15 orë më parë
Just pretty dope but that hot line bling just had me laughing like wtf jist kinda corny
WE GAME THEY SLEEP 15 orë më parë
sequoia=redwoods 💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
N a t e B r o s k i
N a t e B r o s k i 15 orë më parë
KING DÓCILE 16 orë më parë
SonoftheOne 0
SonoftheOne 0 16 orë më parë
Setting and song don't go together
Nicolas H.
Nicolas H. 16 orë më parë
Damn, since French fell off so bad damn, I think it might be since the "Unforgetable" revelations or whatever. I mean, he never been really really hot but anyway...
Alec Rasmussen
Alec Rasmussen 17 orë më parë
Hot boy bling bling bling ain’t it bruh
G Gmane
G Gmane 17 orë më parë
This beat should have been for da ba y
Stony From Br
Stony From Br 18 orë më parë
I know wayne on the remix!
Chewin' The Fat
Chewin' The Fat 18 orë më parë
Whole songs dead. Hooks best part. All overrated IMO; I like Harlow and French but musically overrated - talent doesn’t stand up unfortunately
Diãs El
Diãs El 18 orë më parë
Steel Hiphop
Steel Hiphop 18 orë më parë
French mountana i do not understand you mambling
hwiphwipehxpieh qwcmjswcpzuw
hwiphwipehxpieh qwcmjswcpzuw 19 orë më parë
Morocan boy🇲🇦❤
Allan Ngere
Allan Ngere 19 orë më parë
This song is straight trasshhh. Throw the towel in
Ivan Denis
Ivan Denis 19 orë më parë
Still buying streams?
Mixed Films
Mixed Films 19 orë më parë
this is trash
Elsa Mohemad
Elsa Mohemad 19 orë më parë
ولد بلادي مقود فوسط لمراكنا 🔥
Richard Knight
Richard Knight 20 orë më parë
Jack halowyoura rapper
Richard Knight
Richard Knight 20 orë më parë
Jack halowiloveiyou
Remex333 20 orë më parë
Imma just make a guess before video and say that Jack Harlow rhymes sum like “this that hot boy bling” with “something something thing”
Yassine Kaaouch
Yassine Kaaouch 20 orë më parë
Kristina Fisher
Kristina Fisher 20 orë më parë
Tupac did the desert 🏜 look best of all time!!
#903 #605
#903 #605 20 orë më parë
There’s that dam stolen humvee from cali-😜🤪God bless stay up stay blessed Remember God is in control
Stan Tha Man
Stan Tha Man 21 orë më parë
Somebody could’nt make it to the bling bling bling
thearmentakid 22 orë më parë
Harlow always comes thru 🔥🔥
BGaff 22 orë më parë
Jack Harlow sing sing sing
Shockingbugle54 WoW
Shockingbugle54 WoW 23 orë më parë
are u sure about that
Merman Terren
Merman Terren 23 orë më parë
Thinking of that episode on Rick and morty the apocalypse and morty big arm
CECO PAIAKA BG 23 orë më parë
gregory johnson
gregory johnson Ditë më parë
Crazy how its french song but he didnt even say shit 😂 why is he still rapping
Topo Ricko
Topo Ricko Ditë më parë
Morocain Grean Passport
Ahmed Sawab
Ahmed Sawab Ditë më parë
l9wada kon kanet bnadem
junior mwendwa
junior mwendwa Ditë më parë
Aya Wakilli
Aya Wakilli Ditë më parë
Kellence758 Ditë më parë
Andrew Black
Andrew Black Ditë më parë
Just retire French!
Kulkidayo Ditë më parë
Montana Always never let me Down ✊🏿
mstafa Bravin BL
mstafa Bravin BL Ditë më parë
Sintrell Thurmond
Sintrell Thurmond Ditë më parë
Durk the only one who snapped🔥🔥🔥
Ayoub Saber
Ayoub Saber Ditë më parë
This most disappointing record from French
Damn , 🔥 fired track love the vibes
junior philips
junior philips Ditë më parë
Bling bling bling
Le temps passe
Le temps passe Ditë më parë
Franchement pas mal ! ✨
ABDO QD Ditë më parë
I love this music so much 🇲🇦❤️🇺🇸
mareks svarinskis
mareks svarinskis Ditë më parë
Tf is this sh
NewDay06 Ditë më parë
The song is called Hot Boy Bling but French failed to include the Hot Boy that originated "Bling". 🤔😤😡
Ahmed Ait elmousse
Ahmed Ait elmousse Ditë më parë
Joshua Flores Martinez
Joshua Flores Martinez Ditë më parë
Video trash disappointed lol lil durk went to green screen 70s shit its 2021
Nagaland Organic Music
Nagaland Organic Music Ditë më parë
Lil drunk not in the scene though
Arsen Andreasyan
Arsen Andreasyan Ditë më parë
Montana is hot garbage
😂JACK saved the whole ass track big time💯🏁
Dany Barbar
Dany Barbar Ditë më parë
french montana was never good
Chicago blues
Chicago blues Ditë më parë
These crap 😒 song have damaged hip hop.
Dfrnt Ditë më parë
Kin kin kin chin chin chin min min min bin bin bin 😂😂 jack n durk saved that shit👍❤️
TRAP WAY JUGG Ditë më parë
Drake sold french this verse for cheap lol 😆
عشاق / Lferda
عشاق / Lferda Ditë më parë
ولد بلادنا راك عزيز 🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤
Jon Roberts
Jon Roberts Ditë më parë
Yo french is 🔥🔥
Rihan 1995
Rihan 1995 Ditë më parë
The parts and the beat are alright but this hook is so terrible that even Durk was to ashamed to film this video together.😂
Landon Stamper
Landon Stamper Ditë më parë
French you know your garbage right 😁
Wil Wilson
Wil Wilson Ditë më parë
The hottest garbage out here ;) wow
JAYWRLD Ditë më parë
Fj A
Fj A Ditë më parë
French Montana is corny asf
L Ditë më parë
No one talking about lol durk he killed it too
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