Living on a Self-Sufficient Sailboat for 10 Years + FULL TOUR

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Brian and Karin Trautman have been living on a sailboat for 10 years, and their boat is set up so they can be off the grid in remote places for months at a time with solar and wind power providing electricity, a water maker that turns salt water into fresh water, multiple freezers and loads of storage space for food, and even a small washing machine on board!
They've sailed SV Delos - a 53' sloop rig ketch - 83,000 nautical miles which is the equivalent of circling the earth at the equator more than 3 times. Their latest adventures include sailing as a family with their 6-month baby, Sierra, and outfitting the boat with a heater so they can explore the Arctic this summer after several years in the Tropics.
If you want to follow SV Delos, and support their amazing vlog-style documentary project about the liveaboard lifestyle, we've included links to all their pages here:
Thanks so much for watching and please stay safe!
Mat & Danielle
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Brian and Karin from SV Delos

Exploring Alternatives
Exploring Alternatives 9 muaj më parë
Thank you for watching! We are so excited to have collaborated with SV Delos on this video and you can follow their journey on all the platforms here:
Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes 7 ditë më parë
Set this is something we have been interested in. not to be nosy but could you give me an idea of how much your boat costs before And after your off the grid upgrades?
TuxedoXJunction 2902
TuxedoXJunction 2902 17 ditë më parë
Is this vessel a Van de Stadt design?
Cool Clide
Cool Clide 17 ditë më parë
Time to pull your boat in a remodel it for the baby it needs a baby room and open space
Cool Clide
Cool Clide 17 ditë më parë
Do yall not like people also good idea while covid 19 is going on
Cool Clide
Cool Clide 17 ditë më parë
You should have new baby gate all around the boat for the baby they grow fast
Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith Orë më parë
Hello Brian and Karin, I think you have a very well outfitted boat. I can't think of anything more that would be needed for a more comfortable cruise. Your beautiful daughter will have the most adventurous time growing up. I envy your life style up to the point you said that you intend to sail to Alaska. In the winter it is too cold and in the summer there are too many bugs. Best wishes
White Eagle
White Eagle Orë më parë
Lovely and beautiful, thanks for sharing it.... Hope to meet you guys soon
Alif Steve
Alif Steve 5 orë më parë
Hi from indonesia, the shotouted country🥺
malakas malakias
malakas malakias Ditë më parë
Thats my dream!
Sandman Ditë më parë
I wish I was healthy enough to even consider doing something like this. To disconnect yourself from everyone any time, nothing holding you in one place, no ancher.
gerard pellikaan
gerard pellikaan Ditë më parë
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Joshua Beaty
Joshua Beaty Ditë më parë
Great video thanks for sharing. Very detailed hope to be in your position one day. Lots of prep work it looks like. One question where did you get that super great antenna???
Shane Shaw
Shane Shaw Ditë më parë
I've been binge watching SV Delos for weeks now, what an adventure!
Redbeard of Randomness
Redbeard of Randomness Ditë më parë
How do they afford it?
operator0 14 orë më parë
Patreon. They have 2,200+ Patrons.
M Pa
M Pa Ditë më parë
Looks like they are set when the ice caps melt.
Rachel Goh
Rachel Goh Ditë më parë
I conclude that I will never be able to live such a life, and so I shall live vicariously through your videos!
Anil R
Anil R Ditë më parë
16:48 Hindu God Hanuman.
Cyrus Collins
Cyrus Collins Ditë më parë
I really wanna meet them in life. Interview some important life saving informations. Congratulations for making this far at the sea too
Kelly Kapoor
Kelly Kapoor 2 ditë më parë
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Mauris Livi
Mauris Livi 2 ditë më parë
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Wendy Cherry
Wendy Cherry 2 ditë më parë
Omg how awesome
Craig Driscoll
Craig Driscoll 2 ditë më parë
I'm live in Boston mass USA .I'm curious about what all those photos are on the wall behind you.awsome living!!!!
Seymourbutts Esquire
Seymourbutts Esquire 2 ditë më parë
At first I was like, you guys are insane for doing this with a baby! But then I saw how efficient and organized you both are and how you've carefully thought about everything, how cozy you've made the Delos not just for Sierra but for yourselves as well. I also like how you complement one another. Brian, you sound all business and Karin is hilarious. You're all amazing! I seriously can't remember being this jealous of anyone. Stay blessed!
Chris Solenberger
Chris Solenberger 2 ditë më parë
Do you guys ever get sick? Your immune system probably doesn't exist. P.S. She'd be knocked up every 9months
blackbeltcrane 3 ditë më parë
Did I hear that right? You ate cats for a month?
operator0 14 orë më parë
M 3 ditë më parë
Clayton Walter
Clayton Walter 3 ditë më parë
Greatest survival equipment: HOT WIFE
Buddha Bunny
Buddha Bunny 3 ditë më parë
So jealous... I have a secret desire to be a pirate 😁
shawn morgan
shawn morgan 3 ditë më parë
thank you, very interesting!
BLACK face Hardon
BLACK face Hardon 3 ditë më parë
That would be a PITA to live on there Especially with a kid I hope your on birth control now
BLACK face Hardon
BLACK face Hardon 3 ditë më parë
Geezzz how many thongs do you need?
BLACK face Hardon
BLACK face Hardon 3 ditë më parë
So your pollutin the ocean with your 💩💩💩💩
operator0 7 orë më parë
​@BLACK face Hardon You write like you flunked out of high school. Do you know the difference between "your" and "you're"? No one who has a STEM degree writes like a 9th grader.
BLACK face Hardon
BLACK face Hardon 8 orë më parë
@operator0 i work part time at sea world sht4brains In Florida
operator0 10 orë më parë
@BLACK face Hardon You are not a biologist, and I wasn't born yesterday.
BLACK face Hardon
BLACK face Hardon 10 orë më parë
@operator0 im a biologist btw
BLACK face Hardon
BLACK face Hardon 10 orë më parë
@operator0 LoL Thats differant Sea animals are differant
BLACK face Hardon
BLACK face Hardon 3 ditë më parë
Trust me when Armageddon gets here you're not gonna be talkn to anyone You're gonna be dead
BLACK face Hardon
BLACK face Hardon 3 ditë më parë
That kitchen is bigger then mine
BLACK face Hardon
BLACK face Hardon 3 ditë më parë
Ya no thanks Keep it
Ankit Binjola
Ankit Binjola 4 ditë më parë
16:49 you believe in Hinduism 🙏 ❤️
Hademine 4 ditë më parë
He took self teaching to another level. Some to learn from
Jason Schmidt
Jason Schmidt 4 ditë më parë
is delos the baby?
Jason Schmidt
Jason Schmidt 4 ditë më parë
is that her baby?
j rusovich
j rusovich 4 ditë më parë
Okay, so man buys sailing yacht. Man gets bored sailing alone or with friends. So one day while at port he meets a gorgeous woman, and asks her if she'd like to go sailing for the weekend. So far, I'm following this. Then, after a weekend on the water, she decides to what? Marry him? Have a child with him...and raise said child on a sailboat in the middle of the ocean? This is like something out of a dream! The real story here is not the sailing, but the relationship itself. Who are these people and what planet are they from? Wow. Keep the videos coming!
MKOMKONNNN 4 ditë më parë
its kinda not really self sufficient you do still dock and fill up on goods fuel repairs consumables sundries vs $$$ you got in a bank acct somewhere to buy this stuff or do you trade beads and clamshells to pay the hawks
Tango 4 ditë më parë
These guys are truly living life
Acer 8
Acer 8 4 ditë më parë
Man that’s awesome good for you guys
Divine Nonbinary
Divine Nonbinary 4 ditë më parë
What is this boat insurance thingie? does it have anything to do with the travel support or is it just giving money away?
operator0 10 orë më parë
@Divine Nonbinary That is absolutely true. There are sailors who cruise around the world with no insurance. You do need ot be careful though, because, as you said, many marinas will not allow you to tie up at their marina without proof of insurance. Although, that brings up the question of how will they confirm the proof a cruiser provides them is real and not counterfeit. But, I suppose they have that figured out....or not. ;)
Divine Nonbinary
Divine Nonbinary 11 orë më parë
@operator0 hm.. I am seeing that it is not mandatory in every state.. I also checked europe and it seems to be a voluntary thing unless you're using moorings a lot (that require said insurance) it must be possible then if youre travelling in wild locations to not get any! (?)
operator0 14 orë më parë
Boat insurance is like car insurance. If it's full coverage, it covers the price of a replacement boat if this boat sinks, and it covers damages to other boats and infrastructure caused by an accident. You can also just have liability that will cover only damages to other boats and infrastructure, but not your boat. Incidentally, boat insurance does not cover hurricane damage.
Divine Nonbinary
Divine Nonbinary 4 ditë më parë
What is the sewing machine you're using? Is it special heavy duty machine?
Divine Nonbinary
Divine Nonbinary 11 orë më parë
@operator0 so cool!! thank you for the info! sounds like a great idea to have one on board!!
operator0 14 orë më parë
Yes, it's a special heavy duty canvas sewing machine. I believe they have a Sailrite, which is the gold standard for these kinds of sewing machines.
Divine Nonbinary
Divine Nonbinary 4 ditë më parë
Anybody knows whats up with cocroaches and labels?
Divine Nonbinary
Divine Nonbinary 11 orë më parë
@operator0 woah! but how'd you get roaches on a boat in the first place? I mean are those coming from the place you would travel to or they must be like permanent boat residents =D
operator0 14 orë më parë
Roaches will lay their eggs under the labels on the cans.
Blake Ryan
Blake Ryan 4 ditë më parë
Those 2 sodas in the fridge 5:48 would have been gone day 1 for me.
Sharmila Kamath
Sharmila Kamath 4 ditë më parë
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Peter Kaldanis
Peter Kaldanis 3 ditë më parë
Bot returns again!
Sharmila Kamath
Sharmila Kamath 4 ditë më parë
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Peter Kaldanis
Peter Kaldanis 3 ditë më parë
You're a bot.
Chris Stockton
Chris Stockton 4 ditë më parë
Awesome Sailboat, and beautiful family as well. Congrats on achieving your dreams
Anthony Cheng
Anthony Cheng 5 ditë më parë
Don’t u get sailsick?
Wavy Blaze
Wavy Blaze 5 ditë më parë
I like that you were honest about where your business goes lol.
kerrin harripersad
kerrin harripersad 5 ditë më parë
I saw a carib beer in the fridge, did you guys travel to Trinidad and Tobago?
operator0 14 orë më parë
Yes, they have traveled to a lot of places in the Caribbean. They have basically circumnavigated the world.
Mary Smith
Mary Smith 5 ditë më parë
what about storms?
operator0 14 orë më parë
They try to avoid them, but sometimes that's not possible. This boat is built like a tank and has a stellar reputation as a rugged blue water cruiser. They have been caught in a force 9 gale in the Indian Ocean, and the boat did just fine.
Evan LeClaire
Evan LeClaire 5 ditë më parë
XS Energy. Y'all are Amway people? Good work!
Michael W
Michael W 5 ditë më parë
Living the dream. peace
Hyolmo Pemba
Hyolmo Pemba 5 ditë më parë
Love you guyss amazing life you have......
David Goodman
David Goodman 5 ditë më parë
11:35 where did you find cats in the middle of the ocean?
operator0 14 orë më parë
Hoplite Warlord
Hoplite Warlord 5 ditë më parë
I want to know how they can afford to live like this. Obviously they aren't employed in the normal way, so did they win a lottery, get an inheritance or have rich friends and relatives thay support them?? Otherwise how can one sustain such a lifestyle! I'm just curious, that's all. Maintaining a sailboat and paying for fuel and port charges is not cheap, it's not like you just put yourself on a boat and head out, there are a lot of expenses living like this!
operator0 14 orë më parë
@Dawn Liman He had a loan on the boat when he bought it, and kept the lone for many years. This boat goes for about $200,000-$300,000 on the used market. They make their money off Patreon. They have 2,200+ Patrons who spend at least $5 per episode. They release one episode per week. Do the math and you will be very surprised how much they make.
Dawn Liman
Dawn Liman 5 ditë më parë
It's not as expensive as you think. The rule of thumb is 10% of a boat's value is spent on maintenance per year. This boat looks to be about $150,000 - ish so only $15,000 a year to maintain, if that. Brian is probably in his early 40s and seems quite competent so I'm guessing he had more than enough saved to pay for Delos in cash with money to spare, so no boat payments. The rest is easily paid for via youtube and patrons; sailboat owner patrons tend to have more disposable income than other types of patrons, therefore they're able to give more. Voila, lifestyle bought and paid for!
Elicia Halterman
Elicia Halterman 6 ditë më parë
Just came across this video. We actually moved from Flagstaff, AZ 4 years ago to Florida to go sailing..😉
BLACK face Hardon
BLACK face Hardon 3 ditë më parë
Ez money
cf 6 ditë më parë
The good thing about top loading fridge is that it is way more energy efficient because the cold air doesn't leave it when you open it.
Manmohan Pai
Manmohan Pai 6 ditë më parë
@16:50 Wow. They worship Hanuman Ji 🙏🏻
C B 6 ditë më parë
I used to work for Polaroid. The pix on the walls look like Joshua.
Shawn Clarkson
Shawn Clarkson 7 ditë më parë
They know they're sailing on a flat ocean with no silly childish curvature. Seriously people believe nasa that the earth is flying a million miles a hour through space? 😆 so silly
Marcy Pink
Marcy Pink 7 ditë më parë
This looks like true freedom. I want to do it.
DJ Speedy Beats
DJ Speedy Beats 7 ditë më parë
I’ve had cabin fever before you feel like jumping off the boat into the ocean when it gets that bad . I could never do this
sbdreamin 7 ditë më parë
nicely setup boat.
Ayawoke 7 ditë më parë
I would read anything written by their baby once it grows up. Imagine the different life perspective.....
greek 7 ditë më parë
Is the internet free with the satelite server?
Lesley Bourke
Lesley Bourke 7 ditë më parë
Amazing! I would have loved that that life....but not now lol old girl...not that I would let that stop me, but would not do as am single lol.
Dawn Liman
Dawn Liman 5 ditë më parë
Why not? Plenty of single women sailors. Get yourself a 32' boat and do it. Seriously if you are in good health and have the knowledge then there really is no reaon not to.
killer Pitbull
killer Pitbull 8 ditë më parë
i remamber a movie withe a baby on board ,and the parants in the sea and sharks
Designer-Jocks_Mc 8 ditë më parë
You ate a cat oh hell no
operator0 14 orë më parë
J Rio
J Rio 8 ditë më parë
The shy elbow intraorally telephone because sprout optically produce upon a cultured advantage. afraid, five foot
chris martin
chris martin 8 ditë më parë
Great video loved it
Ryan Atherton
Ryan Atherton 8 ditë më parë
Seems irresponsible to have a 6 month old living at sea. Call me old fashioned.
tony am
tony am 8 ditë më parë
I love sailing.
Jovito Alamag
Jovito Alamag 8 ditë më parë
Criminals Hate Cameras
Criminals Hate Cameras 8 ditë më parë
Which heat are the fans for?
al Thain
al Thain 8 ditë më parë
Nevermind "leave no stone unturned" this gentleman leaves no grain of sand unturned. Very very intelligent man. This guy has problems solved that don't exist yet 👍
j c
j c 8 ditë më parë
What about safety. What about serious storms.
Cam Doughty
Cam Doughty 8 ditë më parë
Yo... you guys put ur kid in a cage?? That’s nuts
Nisha 8 ditë më parë
When the baby starts walking it gets really dangerous!
Nisha 13 orë më parë
@operator0 ok good 😅
operator0 14 orë më parë
Go look at their current episodes. The boat is baby proofed now, with netting all around the lifelines. Plus, they never leave her unattended, unless she's sleeping in her beach tent.
Flumazenil 8 ditë më parë
Did she say they ate cats for a month?
operator0 14 orë më parë
Ohkaina 8 ditë më parë
I grew up on a boat and I‘m so happy to see this!! It takes me back. Thanks for sharing!!! Lots of love!!!
Lizzy Kitchen
Lizzy Kitchen 8 ditë më parë
God bless you friend....
Jeremy 9 ditë më parë
10 year eh ? Did she have the baby on the boat too ? If so wow she’s definitely a keeper. Awesome boat.
operator0 14 orë më parë
They had the baby in Sweden, where she's from.
Vatebulu OK
Vatebulu OK 9 ditë më parë
That kid deserves better situation, she needs to see the world first, school, friends etc, after that she can choose to follow the lifestyle or not.
Dawn Liman
Dawn Liman 5 ditë më parë
When did they say they would keep her on the boat for years and years to come?? They didn't. She's a baby now and doesn't know any different.
mr.meaner 9 ditë më parë
Have you guys had any issues with bad guys at sea? Also do you have provisions for self defense?
Lavette Edward
Lavette Edward 9 ditë më parë
The makeshift secretary micrencephaly wink because potato comparatively punish including a responsible encyclopedia. addicted, arrogant pelican
Bud Blanchard
Bud Blanchard 9 ditë më parë
I’ve been following you guys for years now. Loved this video! It’s great watching you guys grow and learning from your experiences and insight along the way. Thanks!
Rheanus Bongabong
Rheanus Bongabong 9 ditë më parë
Avid fan here from the philippines
Rheanus Bongabong
Rheanus Bongabong 9 ditë më parë
Avid fan here from the philippines
Milena Seymour
Milena Seymour 9 ditë më parë
This is the perfect combination for me ! The ocean, beaches and a beautiful boat. But the huge waves and storms really are frightening!!! I guess u should also be careful where u sail too. But overall sounds very romantic. I think I could do a year. But don't know about longer lol
Jeff Lowney
Jeff Lowney 9 ditë më parë
how do you support yourself?
operator0 14 orë më parë
Rajeev Kapila
Rajeev Kapila 9 ditë më parë
Great Boat and Great People.
Michael Prosperity
Michael Prosperity 10 ditë më parë
That was fun to watch. God speed. From Chicago
MedicinalMagic 10 ditë më parë
That lady has the most piercing blue eyes
thisoldman 10 ditë më parë
Can I ask how did you learn sailing from scratch? I never sail and I am buying one and will start learning to live on the boat soon.
TheRst2001 10 ditë më parë
Would you like to go sailing for the weekend 👍🤣
Patrica King
Patrica King 10 ditë më parë
Looks glorious!!
Vaishnav Chaturvedi
Vaishnav Chaturvedi 10 ditë më parë
My mind directly went to one piece .
Drop Box
Drop Box 10 ditë më parë
Brian, is this really the story of Delos? Picked up a woman, the woman gets pregnant, the woman has student loans, Brian marries the woman then pays off her student loans, the woman kicks everyone off of the sailing vessel Delos. This is the story of delos over the last 10 years. Sorry to appear so harsh but this is the story of Delos. A Greek tragedy.
Christian S.
Christian S. 10 ditë më parë
The reason for toploading fridges is energy efficiency. Cold air is heavier, therefore with a front-opening fridge a lot of it will "drop" to the floor every time you open it.
Selcity Official
Selcity Official 11 ditë më parë
You can bet they won’t have corona
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