Trying a $800 Nail Art Printer and Baby Gender Reveal

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In this video I'm trying out an $800 Nail Art Printer. I'm really curious to see if this nail printer really works. Definitely stick around to see this nail printer in use and to hear my thoughts about it. Also as some of you may know I am pregnant. So in this video I will finally do my baby's gender reveal.
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Kayla Barnard
Kayla Barnard Orë më parë
Congratulations on your on your baby
iMChiko ツ
iMChiko ツ 2 orë më parë
Her: I’m having a..... me: waiting hello?.....are u there. Ad: selling cake pops for 10$ Me: omg I’m getting 10,000 of those right now. Edit: omg thx for all the likes have a nice dayy
Amalia Drakou
Amalia Drakou 2 orë më parë
Love you ❣️
lia 5 orë më parë
When you were making the video on November 14th thats my bday
Kaylene Sam
Kaylene Sam 8 orë më parë
jem. mm
jem. mm 9 orë më parë
Awwww isa girly congratulations 👧👧👧👧👧
Mali Dior
Mali Dior 9 orë më parë
Awwwww Congratssssssss
Kalleigh S
Kalleigh S 10 orë më parë
Who else got a ad when she was boutta say the gender
Reneè Smith
Reneè Smith 10 orë më parë
Her: soo I’m having.... Me: omg omg omg I hope it’s a girl Ad: your breath stinks maybe brush your teeth 🦷 Me: wtf
xoxo._jalaila 10 orë më parë
Eight who??🥴
Lauren Ehmke
Lauren Ehmke 11 orë më parë
luna lagoon
luna lagoon 11 orë më parë
BadassStar Boujee
BadassStar Boujee 13 orë më parë
Congratulations!!!!! Your nails turned out so cute!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!
Marianne AM
Marianne AM 13 orë më parë
You and your hubby are the sweetest. Just from the brief interaction while he is assembling it. So cute. Congratulations on your baby. 💙
Angelina Montoya
Angelina Montoya 13 orë më parë
Congrats❤️❤️❤️ she is going to be beautiful💓💗💖
Taylor Wofford
Taylor Wofford 13 orë më parë
It’s a girl!!!
Amara Howard
Amara Howard 13 orë më parë
Would you be able to do press on nail’s with the nail printer machine? 🤗 congrats on your baby girl 💕
Lily Kercher
Lily Kercher 13 orë më parë
am I the only one who didn't get an ad after she said "I'm having a.."?
Jineen A
Jineen A 13 orë më parë
Beautiful But girl 800 Dollers
Brisa Gonzalez
Brisa Gonzalez 13 orë më parë
Brisa Gonzalez
Brisa Gonzalez 13 orë më parë
Nop i won’t it to be a boy but it’s ok I will love the baby girl
Nay Nay Channel
Nay Nay Channel 14 orë më parë
Question: when you wear acrylic nails does it make your nails weak please answer
Olivia Garcia
Olivia Garcia 14 orë më parë
BTW, I haven’t bought this kit. But u see it a lot on Amazon and the reviews were good. You obviously don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to. 😁😁😁
Meee Sophie
Meee Sophie 14 orë më parë
Y’all I didn’t have an ad before she said the gender 🤭
Taylor Miller
Taylor Miller 14 orë më parë
Love your nails i wish i had the time to do that
Racquel Kirklin
Racquel Kirklin 15 orë më parë
It’s a girl yay my name is my real name is savanna
Olivia Garcia
Olivia Garcia 15 orë më parë
Heyyy! So I really want want you to try the Ohuhu poly gel kit! PLEASEEEE!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!! 🙂🙂🙂😊😊😊😁😁😁
camila islas
camila islas 15 orë më parë
Her: I'm having a... Ad:tHe HoLiDaYs CoMiNg- Nordstrom Rack Me: WTHH
the amazingsq
the amazingsq 16 orë më parë
Peyton Marie Wilbur
Peyton Marie Wilbur 17 orë më parë
Oh my God Congratulations
Curly head cece
Curly head cece 17 orë më parë
Hey Evie a video that I would like to see is your husband doing your nails and being a nail tech for a day it would be hilarious 😂
Leah Lee
Leah Lee 17 orë më parë
Her: So I’m having a...... Ad:YoU hAVe To wAiT HuN P.S it’s copied pls don’t get mad
Mxly Cárdenas
Mxly Cárdenas 18 orë më parë
i am so happy for you i have been seeing all of your videos and i love you so much 😍🥰
Cats are Heaven
Cats are Heaven 18 orë më parë
Her: I’m having a... Me: a what!! A what!! Ad: COME GET 2 FOR $4 BLAH BLAH BLAH me: SHUT UP LEMME SEEE UGH
Jamirah Manuel
Jamirah Manuel 18 orë më parë
When you going to post your next video
855Inuyasha 19 orë më parë
Love the video Congratulations
Rachel Garcia Gilimas
Rachel Garcia Gilimas 19 orë më parë
Her: ok so I'm having a... Me: A GIRL?!? A BOY!?!?! AN OSTRICH TELL MEEEE The ads: bitch you thought 🖐️😭
Abby Grimm
Abby Grimm 19 orë më parë
The pacifiers are really cute on you nail
Julianna Rimondi
Julianna Rimondi 20 orë më parë
Not me singing the into every time
Ollie v
Ollie v 21 orë më parë
congratulation on a baby girl ❤️👶🏼🍼👼🏻
Luce Franić
Luce Franić 21 orë më parë
its a girl
Tinyplayz 22 orë më parë
Really good video I really enjoy it
Tamanda Banda
Tamanda Banda 23 orë më parë
Deanais White
Deanais White 23 orë më parë
A future nail tech on the way lol im so excited btw CONGRATS ON A BABY GIRL
dennis verdico
dennis verdico 23 orë më parë
Come on you spoiled it for me! The first comment I see “CONGRATS ON your BABY GIRL “ plz don’t spoil again
sona 23 orë më parë
her: i’m having a.... add: bruh i think tf not
Nova Morris
Nova Morris Ditë më parë
during the hart beat all I heard was baba bue
Nj F
Nj F Ditë më parë
That add said nope not today😂
Callie Clouse
Callie Clouse Ditë më parë
You should recreate your wedding nails on your nails or your husbands
Ximena Rodarte
Ximena Rodarte Ditë më parë
Wow so pretty!!
Yadira Lanaya
Yadira Lanaya Ditë më parë
LaTora Johnson
LaTora Johnson Ditë më parë
Very nice and congratulations
Julitza Madrigal
Julitza Madrigal Ditë më parë
Holy Uzorwuihe
Holy Uzorwuihe Ditë më parë
Her:I'm having a Ad:fast and affordable rides at the tap of the button. Me:so that what everyryone is talking about. (Thanks for the likes)🥺🥺🥺
I'm peppa oink
I'm peppa oink Ditë më parë
Am I the only 1 that, didn't get an add when she was pronouncing the gender?
Mai Lima
Mai Lima Ditë më parë
So lit!
Life is Dumb
Life is Dumb Ditë më parë
How do you do anything with your nails that long?😭👀
mageteaz Ditë më parë
How is you voice so relaxinggggg
Alexandria Dutt
Alexandria Dutt Ditë më parë
Mazol tov!! Congratulations on baby girl!......and when is your next video?!!
Frida Kontoravdi
Frida Kontoravdi Ditë më parë
kym fraser
kym fraser Ditë më parë
What's the name
GACHAMOCHA!! Ditë më parë
Fairybugss ASMR
Fairybugss ASMR Ditë më parë
Not people spoiling the gender smh💀anyways congratulations on your baby! I hope all goes well for you💙💖
ImagineFuture Ditë më parë
Her: I am having a Ad: clear blue pregnancy test Me: I think I KNEW THAT ALREADYYYY
Prashant Reddy
Prashant Reddy Ditë më parë
-Abby- Gotskillz
-Abby- Gotskillz Ditë më parë
“So im having a-“ Ad comes: need to smile? Need a new set of teeth well then buy invis alig! Me: **Smashes iPad aggressively** Another ad comes through and talks about depression: Me: im quitting yt
Makayla and Payton
Makayla and Payton Ditë më parë
You should try hollow taco
Esmeralda Vaca Vidal
Esmeralda Vaca Vidal Ditë më parë
You inspire me to do nails like girl thanks you so much
Bella Rosa
Bella Rosa Ditë më parë
Bruh when she said I’m having a a A ad cams
Aniya Leggett
Aniya Leggett Ditë më parë
Congratulations 🎈🎊
Life with Sofiya
Life with Sofiya Ditë më parë
Congratulations 🎉🎊
Xdbrownsuggaxd Ditë më parë
Can you do a video with Urban Graffiti products? I am a fan of Naio Nails and I would like to see her products .
Sonia Brookes
Sonia Brookes Ditë më parë
that's so cool i never knew how to do nails at home and wow your amazing
kelda forbes
kelda forbes Ditë më parë
Magic Girl
Magic Girl Ditë më parë
Low key forgot this was a printing video after you actually did the acrylic I just thought it was a regular nail tutorial lmao
Ava Style
Ava Style Ditë më parë
Your baby is going to have the best nails.
Charley McKay
Charley McKay Ditë më parë
Me waiting for for her to tell us: 👁👄👁 Her: so I’m having a.... Commercial: BOO b*tch I’m a ghost Me: oh come on!
eltiogera Ditë më parë
Susan Darlington
Susan Darlington Ditë më parë
thay both kick hard
Susan Darlington
Susan Darlington Ditë më parë
im also pregnnet im having twins lol
jocelyn lukashunas
jocelyn lukashunas Ditë më parë
Her:I’m having a ...... Ad:get 15% or more off your car insurance Me: sErIoUsLy
jocelyn lukashunas
jocelyn lukashunas Ditë më parë
Can we just appreciate how nobody spoiled the reveal in the comments thanks yall
Roblox all the way
Roblox all the way Ditë më parë
Her: so I know you guys want to know if I’m having a boy or a girl and I’m having a... Random add: introducing google nest hub audio
Za'Niah Dillard
Za'Niah Dillard Ditë më parë
Congrats on girl
shazaria tucker
shazaria tucker Ditë më parë
You are so talented!!!
Jasodra Motilall
Jasodra Motilall Ditë më parë
I realy love your shoe. I am really happy for you too
ShiningStar !
ShiningStar ! Ditë më parë
Her: I know you guys want to know the gender im having a.... Me: what is it??? Ad: Shop Cyber Monday deals
Robyn Martin
Robyn Martin Ditë më parë
HER- I’m having a- The commercial-HELLO FELLOW HUMAN Me-NUUUUU
Angelina Gomez Canales
Angelina Gomez Canales Ditë më parë
Her I’m having a... us why add is it a girl or boy and aww it’s a
Angelina Gomez Canales
Angelina Gomez Canales Ditë më parë
Girl I didn’t want to spoil it so I did it like this
Jessica Medina
Jessica Medina Ditë më parë
What will be the baby girls name?
Jessica Medina
Jessica Medina Ditë më parë
You are an artist!!!! Those nails are so cute and perfect😍😍😍
Porshia Janae
Porshia Janae Ditë më parë
Congratulations 💞
Kimmie B
Kimmie B Ditë më parë
You’re so talented!
denise stinson
denise stinson Ditë më parë
As soon as she said I’m having a- it went to an ad🙄🥱
Juergen Schunko
Juergen Schunko Ditë më parë
Her:so I’m having a Ad:sugar and spice Chex holiday mix
Jaileen Polanco
Jaileen Polanco Ditë më parë
God bless you and your baby🥰🌺💧
Harmony Vertrees
Harmony Vertrees Ditë më parë
Her: I’m having a.... Me:Girl?! Boy? What???? Ad:Come to KFC and get fried chicken and a WHOLE meal! Only for 10$ Me:Okay, cool... but you just ruined my DANG GENDER REVEAL!!!! But that sounds good. 😐😶 😋
Katherine Davidson
Katherine Davidson Ditë më parë
These came out so cute! 🥰 Congrats on that sweet baby (mystery) on the way! (Don't want to ruin it fit anyone reading comments before seeing it 😂 you'll all have to get hit with that ad right when you think you're going to find out like we all did 🤣 That printer is pretty impressive compared to ones I've seen in the past. And I have no doubt they're just going to get better and better as time goes on.
Maryam Hello
Maryam Hello Ditë më parë
Vid idea:how to take off acuriam nails
Dani Robinson
Dani Robinson Ditë më parë
Is the site down?
Amiyah Haney
Amiyah Haney Ditë më parë
I can not
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