SCIENCE CLASS #1- WHY Does Helium Make Your Voice Higher?

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Mark Rober

11 muaj më parë

Live stream with demos your brain will enjoy where we answer a basic question every time.
Does farting make you weigh more or less?!?! Place your guess and give me feedback too-

Mark Rober
Mark Rober 11 muaj më parë
Flavio Goetz
Flavio Goetz 7 ditë më parë
Yasir Ahmed
Yasir Ahmed 2 muaj më parë
Lol this is what everyone dose
Shisas Subedi
Shisas Subedi 3 muaj më parë
Totally not a Roblox Youtuber
Totally not a Roblox Youtuber 3 muaj më parë
Spacelover 900
Spacelover 900 4 muaj më parë
Remember me when this reaches max replies please
Shawn Gillen
Shawn Gillen 16 orë më parë
I’ve been an Architect for 20 years and have loved everything about science my entire life. I had NEVER had someone explain why helium makes your voice higher! I found myself smiling at that “Eureka” moment. My 16 year old son loves everything you’ve ever done and I’m glued to my screen every video as well. Keep up your enthusiasm; it’s addictive.
Sean Subando
Sean Subando Ditë më parë
This is the first time I listen to class
Fredbear Adventures
Fredbear Adventures Ditë më parë
To all scientist If anyone has a class with mark rover Make me trade lives with them
Captured with Iphone
Captured with Iphone 4 ditë më parë
i have nothing to say other than, wow I LOVE U. like do more of these videos PLEASE:)
Seoyool Lee
Seoyool Lee 5 ditë më parë
A simple explanation: Sound, is air vibrations that your eardrums hear. Sound is slower than the speed of light, and if anything exceeds the speed of sound, it creates a sonic boom. Your vocal chords create vibrations that create air vibrations to bump into molecules. Helium makes your vocal chords easier to move, making it high pitch. Sulfur hexafluoride makes the vocal chords move slower, making it lower pitched.
Arif Zamri
Arif Zamri 6 ditë më parë
hey what you're doing ! Respect the class please
Charls Insigne
Charls Insigne 6 ditë më parë
I'd be lucky if my teacher in science physics is you but dang I live in ph
Lynx Majic
Lynx Majic 6 ditë më parë
7:30 "There's no fluid" Flap flap 😂😂😂
Fick Dich
Fick Dich 6 ditë më parë
Why do you have to wait for a qualification? İf anything they have to check how overqualified you are
Boomer Central
Boomer Central 6 ditë më parë
Mark: through your computer or phone Me who's watching on an ipad: ;-; why to I exist
Lucky 360
Lucky 360 6 ditë më parë
I don’t think this is correct. Your vocal cords vibrate at the same frequency for all 3 gasses. The reason your voice is higher with helium is because the speed of sound is faster through that gas due to its lower density (and similar compressibility) than air. This changes the resonances of your vocal tract by making it more responsive to high-frequency sounds, so the low parts of your voice are still there, they’re just not as prevalent as the higher pitch ones with the helium. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong though, this is just what was taught to me in physics.
Flavio Goetz
Flavio Goetz 7 ditë më parë
i luv u mark rova
Flavio Goetz
Flavio Goetz 7 ditë më parë
"we're live" -Mark Rova 2021
adam king
adam king 8 ditë më parë
You are the Keanu Reeves of physics. My daughter loves you and your videos and for that I thank you.
Prem Parekh
Prem Parekh 8 ditë më parë
Does that mean that speaking with the sulfur gas would be harder? And speaking with the helium gas would be even easier than talking normally? Someone answer lol
ting durrans
ting durrans 9 ditë më parë
Ur the ONLY one who I would watch teaching physics 1 like = 1 person that agrees
ting durrans
ting durrans 9 ditë më parë
I love how many times Mr . rober kept saying “we’re live”
Chuck 9 ditë më parë
*pre Donald Trump* Americans: "MERICA!! YEEAH" *after Trump* Americans: 17:33 .........merica..
Crantrex 9 ditë më parë
Like breathing in sulllffuuuuuuuuuuuuuur
Dreanne Music
Dreanne Music 10 ditë më parë
Mark: my dream job was to be a highschool teacher Also mark: doesn't like public speaking
Magnús Ari Guðmundsson
Magnús Ari Guðmundsson 10 ditë më parë
helium is lighter than air
Rumples & Things
Rumples & Things 11 ditë më parë
Ty from Dude Perfect sucked in sulfur hexafluoride for DP's 2019 tour Cool Not Cool!
Michael Dombroskie
Michael Dombroskie 12 ditë më parë
Left the mouse on the screen when playing a video like any teacher would.
Verzo Music
Verzo Music 12 ditë më parë
Never been interested in this things, just curious BUT I love how this guy explains! I’ll be here if he drops more classes :)
Eli Adest
Eli Adest 13 ditë më parë
I love how ppl with high voices actually have stronger muscles than ppl with low voices
Eli Adest
Eli Adest 13 ditë më parë
I'll ignore the fact it's just vocal cords
Si Ci
Si Ci 14 ditë më parë
Wait... in 10:02 he says that oil is heavier than water and it sinks. But is should not be exactly the opposite ?
Epik 14 ditë më parë
I'm watching this while I'm taking science class
mrwolf FN
mrwolf FN 14 ditë më parë
MENTO 15 ditë më parë
Watching science while in online science class while doing a science test...bruh.
Drewdoesmusicstuff 15 ditë më parë
I think its live
The knowledge cube
The knowledge cube 17 ditë më parë
13:47 a moment of silence for headphone users...
Spencer Monroe
Spencer Monroe 17 ditë më parë
Dude I wish u was my teacher
Rathinam Santhosh
Rathinam Santhosh 18 ditë më parë
I got so interested even though i hate science.He is a great teacher
ap1jp Animations
ap1jp Animations 18 ditë më parë
Who else misses these videos?
Cooper Price
Cooper Price 21 ditë më parë
I love his enthusiasm
Kyle Polson
Kyle Polson 21 ditë më parë
As a Christian, it hurt to hear him say the Big Bang is real
Kyle Polson
Kyle Polson 9 ditë më parë
@Arctic actually, a lot of us don’t
Arctic 10 ditë më parë
christians believe the big bang is real...
Olivia thai
Olivia thai 25 ditë më parë
He's so nice! And heck! I could understand!
Chloe Callahan
Chloe Callahan 25 ditë më parë
i love all of your videos
Isimsiz 28 ditë më parë
I have been enlightened
Aniceto Ochoa
Aniceto Ochoa 28 ditë më parë
It was cool
yoonus ismath
yoonus ismath 29 ditë më parë
0:49 this is how kidnappers sound like on a phone call
sue Hull
sue Hull Muaj më parë
Wish I would of had you as an instructor. Entertaining and enlightening.
Your McNugget
Your McNugget Muaj më parë
My school does not tech this in junior high idk about high school but keep up the good work
The Charred One
The Charred One Muaj më parë
This is the only class I will accept
Hudhayfah Faiz
Hudhayfah Faiz Muaj më parë
Did my man just pour invisible gas into a beaker a just light off a fire with it. Now that's insane!!
PARAM SHAH Muaj më parë
Plz start these again......This is great
Lanbuffy12 Muaj më parë
i understand it now kinda well i think i know the most of it thanks
nadeesha wijekoon
nadeesha wijekoon Muaj më parë
If you're nervous, you got my back
nadeesha wijekoon
nadeesha wijekoon Muaj më parë
I am in Sri Lanka but I don't care
nadeesha wijekoon
nadeesha wijekoon Muaj më parë
Mark, I love your classes 😊😊🎆🎆🎉🎉
GM - 08JC 771132 Mountain Ash MS
GM - 08JC 771132 Mountain Ash MS Muaj më parë
this is much better than my science 🧪 class
hafsidha ak
hafsidha ak Muaj më parë
It is awesome
hafsidha ak
hafsidha ak Muaj më parë
Why would 1.1 k people dislike this
Scorpius Malfoy
Scorpius Malfoy Muaj më parë
I'm having a science class while in math class. I'm paying attention to Mark, not my math teacher.
Subodh Thallada
Subodh Thallada Muaj më parë
I wish you were my physics teacher. I wouldn't have failed.
Aneeka Anwar
Aneeka Anwar Muaj më parë
Lol Mr beast and Chandler 😂😂
Aneeka Anwar
Aneeka Anwar Muaj më parë
I liked the fact I knew most of this but I didn't put 2 and 2 together (at like 35 mins was an "ohhh" moment) - I'm a gcse student, anyway thanks I also dislike public speaking 😊
Dinesh Mehta
Dinesh Mehta Muaj më parë
@ 13:40 rip headphones users
Sebastian Ortiz
Sebastian Ortiz Muaj më parë
i love this channel
Noah Mills
Noah Mills Muaj më parë
How do I make my voice deeper without that sulfur? Cause Im a teen and I sound like a nine your old.
Adam Pickard
Adam Pickard Muaj më parë
The fact that I already knew this, and he still managed to engage me and blow my mind really says something
Dhananjay Sawant
Dhananjay Sawant Muaj më parë
Xenon and krypton(and argon) make your voice go lower(radon is toxic and radioacive)
Phil S
Phil S Muaj më parë
Please make more Mark. This is excellent for lockdown 🇬🇧
Nicholas Benson
Nicholas Benson Muaj më parë
Who feels like he needs to be a physics teacher, I’m new so I don’t know if he already is.
Shreejit Nair
Shreejit Nair Muaj më parë
Everyone's wish is to have a teacher like him🔥💯
blu Muaj më parë
me watching physics to help me sleep: marks air horn: HRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Mr.Nooblox Muaj më parë
bro i wanna do science my least favorite subject besides social studies
CollidaCube Muaj më parë
So i assume hydrogen would make it go higher, but is a little unsafe because its not a noble element...
SamiatheDbah Muaj më parë
Mark CASUAlly becoming a teacher
Abhishek Kumar 9D
Abhishek Kumar 9D Muaj më parë
Love from India you are so great
Dragon Fire
Dragon Fire Muaj më parë
I’m in elementary school BUT WHO CARES
Ferenc Sterkens
Ferenc Sterkens Muaj më parë
It would be nice if youd try to implement SI units in your explanations. Otherwise I really enjoy these classes.
Bò Sữa MikaZata
Bò Sữa MikaZata Muaj më parë
you trash
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith Muaj më parë
you good
AnglBunny 2 muaj më parë
this reminds me of Zoom (PBS Kids), thank you so much!!!
Mlg Dr Lion
Mlg Dr Lion 2 muaj më parë
Please never stop
Mlg Dr Lion
Mlg Dr Lion 2 muaj më parë
I want way more classes
Michele Godlevski
Michele Godlevski 2 muaj më parë
OMG If I had ONLY had a Physics teacher who was this much fun...
kazim hussain
kazim hussain 2 muaj më parë
10:03 You just accidentally said the inverse of what's true, Water is heavier than Oil. Ofcourse not a big deal but you could correct it in the subtitles.
Fishy Trolls
Fishy Trolls 2 muaj më parë
Mark Rober talking about how he is talking while talking. Mind Blown
Mohammad 2 muaj më parë
If Mark was my science teacher, I would never fall asleep
Gavin Welton
Gavin Welton 2 muaj më parë
OK so the big bang never happened God created everything Mark Rober you are very smart and I feel that you should know that God created everything.
im bored
im bored 2 muaj më parë
I came back to this because I got my hands on a helium ballon and almost passed out taking the whole thing :)
Cat-Man 369
Cat-Man 369 2 muaj më parë
Cool tip the quicker after the lightning the thunder is the closer it is
Cozy__kenna 2 muaj më parë
Pls be my teacher!!!!!!
ham 2 muaj më parë
100% not clickbate
Cartoony Master
Cartoony Master 2 muaj më parë
I’m 10 and I under stand every single bit of this video
Jay Taxon
Jay Taxon 2 muaj më parë
@Mark Rober, can you please make a video explaining rotational kinematics 🙏🙏
Alexander Strarup
Alexander Strarup 2 muaj më parë
If he is my science teacher I will be a topper
Amairany Pardo
Amairany Pardo 2 muaj më parë
Why do you reflect when you look at a mirrror?
Mikayla Skaw
Mikayla Skaw 2 muaj më parë
“Teaching HS Physics is my dream job” ..... I am failing Physics right now, not because I don’t like it but because my teacher *sigh* just isn’t the best. I would absolutely just love it if you were my Physics teacher. If that could happen in some alternate universe, you would make me the happiest person ever. Your videos are the reason I’m not giving up on Physics. Seeing your videos and passion about how the world works is super inspiring and exciting:). So yes. Please become a Physics teacher. You would change so so so many students lives. Best of wishes as you pursue getting certified and all that:).
David Vargas
David Vargas 2 muaj më parë
Ngl this is a great idea I can’t believe I wasn’t here for it live
WIP 2 muaj më parë
Science was one of my weakest subjects in school, but as soon as you revealed clue 3, I had an aha! moment😃
Steven Scott
Steven Scott 2 muaj më parë
watched this on double time... mind blown!
Deborah Ajao
Deborah Ajao 2 muaj më parë
Guy who worked in NASA: Teaching high school is my dream job!
b r u h
b r u h 2 muaj më parë
i used to think helium was everywhere and i sucked air and talked expecting to sound high pitched but instead was normal, so then i sucked more and tried again...
A.K. aq
A.K. aq 2 muaj më parë
I'm so sad that I missed this its so cool and informative......😞💕💕💕
Jesus Partida
Jesus Partida 2 muaj më parë
WATH do i do to Mack a robot Mark i know you workt at nasa
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