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We are buying a new combine. There goes $300,000. Welcome to Cornstar Farms.
Thank you for watching!
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Cole The Cornstar, aka Cole, is a 4th generation family farmer from Central Iowa who is the life force behind his family’s 1,700 acre farm. Cole promotes agriculture by filming his day-to-day adventures with his Dad (Daddy Cornstar) and brother (Cooper) on the farm. With a lot of help from Daddy Cornstar, Cole instills humor and education into his videos fit for both young adults and adults. Despite being 23-years old, Cole has an old-fashion work ethic with an innovative approach toward agricultural technology and practices. Cole's mission is to prove the American Dream is not dead and be a megaphone for agricultural education and innovation, from technological advances in farming equipment to conservation practices.
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Declan finnerty
Declan finnerty 13 ditë më parë
A BY ANNY CHANCE IS Sable and nava all the one.
KameraShy 17 ditë më parë
Unless you have done video editing, you don't realize how time-consuming and tedious it is.
Canadian Farmer
Canadian Farmer 20 ditë më parë
Hey Maaaaaam, Millennial farmer is coming over for supper. :)
N M 21 ditë më parë
God Bless Real Farmers!
Doc 23 ditë më parë
Best channel on YT. Very informative. I've learned a lot about this kind of farming!
Cody Zellmer
Cody Zellmer 23 ditë më parë
Should get yourself a Gleaner!
Steve Sixfore
Steve Sixfore 24 ditë më parë
if it was me i wouldn’t want to push a 12 row corn head and a 40ft bean head with a class 7 machine if i was yall and you could afford it i would get like a 8120 or something like that i run a 9250 myself
Tom Smedra
Tom Smedra 24 ditë më parë
If you are updating your corn head look at a Drago we bought a Series 11 and really love works great in down corn we have plenty of that almost every year got 4200 hundred acres through it and have not tightened the gathering chains still in factor spects
suffolkguy 27 ditë më parë
100% thumbs upper here!
Di Ce
Di Ce 29 ditë më parë
Yay! Congrats guys !
John Doe
John Doe Muaj më parë
Check out the GLEANER...have the manufacturer bring one and try it out....You will like it
lovre brajkovic
lovre brajkovic Muaj më parë
dad cornstar sounds like the apparantly kid from Ellen
William Hathaway
William Hathaway Muaj më parë
Wondered if you ever considered something in grey rather than red?
cowboypuller Muaj më parë
4400 series caseih corn head they run similar to the old 10 series "1083" /Macdon draper only way to go on a grain table
Robert Shipley
Robert Shipley Muaj më parë
On your bean head, you want to have the air system
Klange Muaj më parë
Not sure if this may have been discussed in previous video, but... is there a reason you harvest the corn being "sheared" from the corn (not sure proper word) as opposed to harvesting it as whole corn?
Tracy Ruiz
Tracy Ruiz Muaj më parë
Are you growing your hair LONG?
Jill Dadds
Jill Dadds Muaj më parë
Jayd Novak
Jayd Novak Muaj më parë
Stick with the Red. Less moving parts and an all around simpler machine.
Mary Pearling
Mary Pearling Muaj më parë
Cole, You need to REMEMBER to say PLEASE REMEMBER to hit the THUMBS UP button instead of don't forget. It's much more positive and I myself find I remember to do whatever it is needs doing. So, REMEMBER to say "PLEASE REMEMBER" to hit the thumbs up button. Love your videos. Your whole family is such an inspiration of positivity.
Cullin Lickfelt
Cullin Lickfelt Muaj më parë
Drago corn head. Easy to work on and the self moving deck plates are nice too
Pablo Schless
Pablo Schless Muaj më parë
COMBINE: CLAAS Lexion 8900TT, 790 hp, 16 Row head, hold 510 bushel (built in Omaha, NE). Grain Cart: Kinze 1700 bushel (built in Williamsburg, iA).
Joe Haywood
Joe Haywood Muaj më parë
Mom can fix everything 😁
Slade Dove
Slade Dove Muaj më parë
Ronald Vella
Ronald Vella Muaj më parë
talk less work more cole
peter smith
peter smith Muaj më parë
hit the thumbs up button so Cole can shave
Archie Harrison
Archie Harrison Muaj më parë
Yo dude, just would like to say that the only reason I don’t like all of your videos is becuase you go on about it to much if you were more chill and at the end said “If you like the videos please give it a thumbs up” then I would more likely do it.
Craig Smith
Craig Smith Muaj më parë
I love the “graph”....
Tom N
Tom N Muaj më parë
All of your videos are great - don't understand why only 15% viewers are subscribed (if I understood you correctly). Thks for the ride along
LG BENAUER Muaj më parë
Listen,as fans of your channel I thought it would make nice Xmas gifts to us T-shirt's for my family. There is no country of manufacture listed. Can you provide that info?
Jackie Fuller
Jackie Fuller Muaj më parë
I see where Farmer on the Prairie is looking for a newer combine too.
Jim McLean
Jim McLean Muaj më parë
I'd rather here the father and cooper talk than cole .. cole let's on he started the farm but the father started the farm as well as the grandfather .... But how did we all farm before you tube ???
Rich Sword
Rich Sword Muaj më parë
Hi cole, I noticed you had a problem growing your yard grass. You need to throw loose straw over it went you plant it so it does not get burned up by the sun with starter fertilizer. Just trying to help. Plus water it in the morning but not at night.
Marianela Bocanegra Monroy
Marianela Bocanegra Monroy Muaj më parë
So you are always asking us to tell you what we like about the videos. Here is a moment that always makes me laugh 3:15 Lol random moments like that.
margie brown
margie brown Muaj më parë
Just shows that every person counts on the farm even if it doesn't look like you're doing much.
Sondra L
Sondra L Muaj më parë
They're picking the cotton around here now...so harvest is done when the cotton gets rolled up.
Craig Nash
Craig Nash Muaj më parë
Why comment ... you never answer ?
LMD Productions
LMD Productions Muaj më parë
A moment of silence for the faithful 2388. You will be missed. Still my favorite combine ever. Period.
DEDBRD1977 Muaj më parë
Why not lease a combine until you pay off the new grain bins.
Leif Christophersen
Leif Christophersen Muaj më parë
Would you like tracks on the new combine or is it too expensive in your opinion?
aden persons
aden persons Muaj më parë
get a green one
chris Muaj më parë
get a gleaner R75 you won't be disappointed ,i've be running running three for the past 5 years and i'm very satisfied
TJ DarkRage
TJ DarkRage Muaj më parë
Cole, don't know if you will see or respond to this but here goes. I'm not sure about all the ins and outs of ALnets, but for those of us who mostly watch... hitting the Thumbs Up button, saves the video on a "favorites" list. I don't know about other people, but I tend to reserve that for videos I really like, and really want to watch again. Is there anything else we can do to support the channel besides that? I mean, isn't subscriber base more important? I really don't want a bunch of videos on my favorites that I'm not gonna watch over and over. I do plan to get some Cornstar Merch when I can afford it, but of course, right now with covid, my company only calls me in maybe once every week or two. (I work for a charter bus company).
Suze Suze
Suze Suze Muaj më parë
Lol!! ..... GROWWWWW!!!! Love it!! 😄👍
Alison Wrigglesworth
Alison Wrigglesworth Muaj më parë
Thank you for your videos. They cheer me up. A good way to start a cold Saturday morning in UK.
Dalton Waggoner
Dalton Waggoner Muaj më parë
Get you a nice flagship 8010, 20, 30 or 40 man. You'll find the 8 series will handle the 40 foot draper and push the 12 with plenty of power. Im a young farmer like yourself, where my decisions now impact my books for the next years. Got to make smart purchases. There's a lot of class 8+ out there lightly used for cheap. This whole time following you guys ive been secretly wondering how you justify a Hagie but still run a non draper and a 2388 lol. To each there own! Love the channel, just my two cents. Take it for what its worth.... exactly 2 cents 😅
Helen Helps
Helen Helps Muaj më parë
👍 👍
Caleb Hoffman
Caleb Hoffman Muaj më parë
Gotta switch to green, precision ag is their new priority.
wbball15 Muaj më parë
You thinking 7120 or is that outside the budget?
Bernie Schoep
Bernie Schoep Muaj më parë
get a case ih 7250
Bernie Schoep
Bernie Schoep Muaj më parë
killbros number 1.
Bernie Schoep
Bernie Schoep Muaj më parë
the money you threw at that old junker could have ben used to pay offf new combine.
david henning
david henning Muaj më parë
Look up Randall bros out of Holgate oh they're top notch and good equipment. Plus ill haul it for ya lol
Jon-Parker Dennis
Jon-Parker Dennis Muaj më parë
Buy a Deere 😁
Tacoma FAN
Tacoma FAN Muaj më parë
one machine cost more then i own all together ! lol
Z H Muaj më parë
You MIGHT see me out working on the wind turbine behind your farm soon!!
Taylor Looney
Taylor Looney Muaj më parë
I would look at Canada and on Ritchie Brothers 2188 with 900 hours on it sold for 42k CAD last week
The random AVS fan
The random AVS fan Muaj më parë
If your looking for a draper head get a McDon they are AMAZING
Ethan Homesley
Ethan Homesley Muaj më parë
Hey Cole. I'm just wondering how many hours you typically get out of a combine and how many are on yours?
David Rucinski
David Rucinski Muaj më parë
Is that chain getting loose or is it stretching? Does it have a tensioner like what is on the back wheel on a dirt bike? Seems like that would hold it in place. If it doesn’t I am sure Coop or Cole or DC could weld something fancy pretty quick.
John Lorenz
John Lorenz Muaj më parë
Weld a bead (or have Coop do it) around the clamp (just in front of the clamp) that hold the drive for the corn reel. Even if it loosens, it can't slide forward.
Mark McKinley
Mark McKinley Muaj më parë
New combine a result of the rock?
DIRT&THUNDER Muaj më parë
Red Massy!!!!
my local yocal
my local yocal Muaj më parë
I was driving up through black earth Gotham and mazo here in wi . I see theres still standing corn and alot of cows looking at the harvesters with a happy tear in their eye.
Brown Farms
Brown Farms Muaj më parë
You should get a drago corn head they are really nice and pick up the down corn like it’s perfectly standing
Linda Miller
Linda Miller Muaj më parë
I don't know why, but I love it when you yell "Mom I.............". Makes me laugh and that's a good thing.
Tim Cole
Tim Cole Muaj më parë
I recently started helping my distant family once in a while. Much different operation, much more rustic/primitive. His JD combine is his newest piece other than his bean planter......and it is a 96 he bought new. Auto-nothing and needing masssive maintenance soon. Which is exactly why his kids seem to have a hard time warming up to the idea of eventually leaving professional careers to constantly be behind the 8 ball buying equipment. Even with hundreds of paid-for acres, there' is always a payment for something huge that is eating the profits. Soon as stuff is paid for it is time to replace something else. Still, it is a lifestyle. I'd do it all in a heartbeat for nothing more than just keeping the lights on. It seems like that is the mentality that it requires. I take nothing and give all I can.
Silent Traveler
Silent Traveler Muaj më parë
Thumbs Up T R U M P 2 0 2 0...
Wedge Barthe II
Wedge Barthe II Muaj më parë
Great video. And I hit the thumbs up button.
TechGuy Muaj më parë
For the few acres you guys farm I fail to see the need for a new combine. You seem to have a lot of help available. You'd be better off having 2 smaller, more affordable combines. Your 2388 is 325HP. Class 7 combines max out at 375HP. 2x 2388s will outwork 1 Class 7 combine by a lot. Much cheaper too. I understand that new machines are nice. Your 2388 didn't give a lot of trouble this year.
Judy Smith
Judy Smith Muaj më parë
Happy hunting for new combine! Can’t wait to find out what you find! You guys are so respectful with your cemetery duties! God bless and can’t wait for next video!
Tanner Family Farms
Tanner Family Farms Muaj më parë
Combines are like women, one can cost you money, but another that does the same job, could earn money. Always, gotta keep shopping.
Chad Mcoscar
Chad Mcoscar Muaj më parë
I have no idea why. But I 1000% hate this kid with a passion. Continue to watch
Rob Ferguson
Rob Ferguson Muaj më parë
What editing software do you use?
Mason Musch
Mason Musch Muaj më parë
Macdon bead head!!
korey ellett
korey ellett Muaj më parë
You’re not the first ALnetsr I’ve seen with that chain slacking off. Would you be able to drill a hole a stick a bolt and nut on the side that it’s slipping towards ? That way you can remove it if you ever need slack on it.
Finian Bower
Finian Bower Muaj më parë
Medic35 Muaj më parë
Heyyyyy Cole you just lost a few subscribers! I used to like your content, and still like Daddy Cornstar, but you have sunk really low by using clickbait (this video was NOT anything about your family buying a NEW combine) and by pushing your ugly sunglasses (more like ski goggles) and your boots. We get tired of every time you start talking you are trying to get us to buy something with your CONSTANTLY throwing it up in our faces and many of us are sick of it! We;re unsubscribing! We will miss you DC (and that BEAUTIFUL Natalie!!) but sure as hell wont miss Cole the pushy sales boy! Cy'a DC!
chica69 chi
chica69 chi Muaj më parë
oldartguy Muaj më parë
30-10-2020. l was in the studio, and l fighed if you do as we do here regarding those low laying spots we get money for Not using then ,by letting then lay fallow, see if there are Gov subsidy for nature areas, the second is ,you got over 600 acers and only 1 brother, time to put some buffalos on some of that land and see if you can breed beefalo stock.Bye.
Kerry Harding
Kerry Harding Muaj më parë
You know l never thought of all the dangers farmers have to watch out for. Debris, sinks holes, unstable ground. It’s certainly not just simply driving the equipment along and harvesting the crop- you have to stay on top of so much. We suburban folks for are getting quite the eye opener. Thank you family, wishing you a great week. 🕊💕
kenneth maiforth
kenneth maiforth Muaj më parë
you should of said you are in the market for new combine before harvest season got neer maybe the manufacturers would have lent you something to demo . i mean demonstrate not demolish !
Fireball 54
Fireball 54 Muaj më parë
Can't hit a like button, if you watch on TV.
Blake Coleman
Blake Coleman Muaj më parë
We have a finch chaser bin.
Ibby Lancaster
Ibby Lancaster Muaj më parë
Gotta spend it to make it brother. Best of luck on combine shopping. Much love
MIke Conrad
MIke Conrad Muaj më parë
Cole has crazy hair again! Get a haircut young man!
Andie Muaj më parë
Just weld kind of a atop block to the mount of the little hydraulic motor and stop the loosening from the chain.
Tyler Gallagher
Tyler Gallagher Muaj më parë
Just an idea you should weld a piece of chain behind where that corner real motor sits and attach a spring onto the hydraulic motor bracket back to the chain pieces you weld it on that way it won’t work itself loose! Just an idea
Frank Liska
Frank Liska Muaj më parë
MACDON is the premier brand for bean headers,made in my town Winnipeg Canada. I drive a truck and pu and del parts daily from and to one of their 7 locations for production and service parts.
Missy Fam
Missy Fam Muaj më parë
Hey Cole! I must have missed the video, did you finish your siding? I would love to see the video.
michaell zander
michaell zander Muaj më parë
you should get an ideal 10
ScharkBait11 Muaj më parë
Every time he tells us to like the video im like oh crap! i totally forget sometimes but thanks for the reminder!
Tuco Benedicto
Tuco Benedicto Muaj më parë
Good thing to get a more efficient combine and a big head. Millennial farmer has a crary air system for beans. Good thing your going with big red, it lasts longer: " Longer with big Red."
Lillian cucco
Lillian cucco Muaj më parë
Maybe I’m old but our old 1975 Gleaner combine wasn’t all picky about feeding wet corn or soybeans like yours is??? It even ate rocks pretty good.
Anthony Dalesandro
Anthony Dalesandro Muaj më parë
Day 5 waiting on my pit vipers!
Tammy Patton
Tammy Patton Muaj më parë
I wish there was a love button because I love your videos!
MeatShieldM249 Muaj më parë
Shirley Taylor
Shirley Taylor Muaj më parë
Im a good girl I hit the thumbs up 👍.
Atlantic man 5700
Atlantic man 5700 Muaj më parë
Get a combine without DEF required, like a 7088 or a John deere 9870 combine, Maybe even an Agco combine
Cathy Williams
Cathy Williams Muaj më parë
Love you guys. Look forward to every video. Love Chicago Grandma
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