"Hey, Adam Driver! You killed Han Solo! Not cool, bro." | 2019 Tony Awards

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Adam Driver Says

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Adam Driver on Beetlejuice Medley Performance at the Tony Awards, 2019.
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Unknown Orë më parë
It do make sense He is a ghost boy He met the solo himself
Travis Couplin
Travis Couplin 10 orë më parë
That was was a good performance, but that part: “Hey, Adam Driver, you killed Han Solo, not cool bro🤣😆😁🤣🤣😄😄, that was funny but best Beetlejuice performance ever, and I wise the musical was on Blu-Ray.
Justin McNeely
Justin McNeely 11 orë më parë
This looks terrible
The Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper 19 orë më parë
Hey wassip Im here
Molly Dowling
Molly Dowling 20 orë më parë
pov: you watched this more than once
Joey Ditë më parë
OK but can we appreciate the guy in the play improvised it into the song and stayed in character when he mentioned it.
Cellophane FX
Cellophane FX Ditë më parë
big boss bob ross
big boss bob ross Ditë më parë
“So just be more yolo!” And that’s when everyone listening knew that this song must have been written by a 50+ yo
Katie Ward
Katie Ward Ditë më parë
It’s a song from Beetlejuice the musical. So of course, they change it for every performance so he can call someone out. They chose Adam Driver. What would you rhyme with Solo?
anime index
anime index Ditë më parë
I really hope that was improvise because that would make this scene 1 million times better
Adam Driver Says
Adam Driver Says Ditë më parë
It is.
Tj Cakwebe
Tj Cakwebe Ditë më parë
I love this play♥️♥️😍😍😍 and the music is fantastic
positivebird is respawing
positivebird is respawing 2 ditë më parë
Who is han solo? I honestly dont understand why almost everyone is upset, i tought it was a joke/refrence to something the actor did and i doubt he actually killed someone.
Tyler Barnick
Tyler Barnick 3 ditë më parë
That verse was painful.
SeggySose 4 ditë më parë
He looked at him like “please don’t noticed me...”
Mydevineself 4 ditë më parë
Why do I feel like this is a bad juggalo amateur rapper before ICP comes on at the gathering?
Brieanna Bailey
Brieanna Bailey 5 ditë më parë
I love Beetlejuice is the first time I learned the holding that thing is there Tony award so this is good
F.B.I 5 ditë më parë
David Kim
David Kim 6 ditë më parë
Ffs. Hard to top that level of cringe.
Kyra Brown
Kyra Brown 8 ditë më parë
Its a humorous nod towards star wars. Nothing else
FLICKERY Smith 8 ditë më parë
Tell me why I thought that was post Malone at first
E. Keough
E. Keough 8 ditë më parë
Why is Adam Driver at the Tony awards?
Adam Driver Says
Adam Driver Says 8 ditë më parë
He was nominated for best lead actor for his role on Burn This
Ardra Rautenberg
Ardra Rautenberg 11 ditë më parë
gotta love creepy old guys
Jojo490 12 ditë më parë
Oh god... He said Yolo...
My Two Cents
My Two Cents 13 ditë më parë
I wish i was there! 😭
Crit ubers
Crit ubers 13 ditë më parë
Jesus. I am usally impressed by any performer by there talants. But I would not be clappin' for that.
Crit ubers
Crit ubers Ditë më parë
@positivebird is respawing ah. Okay.
positivebird is respawing
positivebird is respawing Ditë më parë
He can actually.sing really well, he only uses this voice when he playes this character.
ButterBall 15 ditë më parë
I hated Adam in the New Star wars trilogy but he seems like a cool dude who doesn't take himself too seriously
dude broh
dude broh 18 ditë më parë
I would be so annoyed
Goes COMPLETELY Wrong!! 23 ditë më parë
Mum: so I heard you got drunk at the pub last night.. What I did at the pub:
Ü Muaj më parë
Well I smiled thanks
Yamazaki Michio
Yamazaki Michio Muaj më parë
me: knows him from Helluva Boss also me: huh I've heard that voice before
Restinpussy Muaj më parë
SashMcFlash Muaj më parë
This tone deaf pandering is what keeps people away from musical theater.
Damon Moles
Damon Moles Muaj më parë
imagine if Adam got up with his kylo saber and said YOUR NEXT
Zack Jones
Zack Jones Muaj më parë
This is gold!
no body
no body Muaj më parë
White mario Judah
d00mboy Muaj më parë
Wow that was cringy
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Muaj më parë
Han Solo? Lol remember when I embarrassed him in front of my daughter by just straight up catching his blaster bolts 😂😂😂😂
• MrMoolahoola •
• MrMoolahoola • Muaj më parë
Why is everyone getting pissed about Beetlejuice giving a humourous nod to Adam Driver's performance in Star Wars?
anime index
anime index Ditë më parë
People are getting mad about that!?!?!?
David Roland
David Roland 3 ditë më parë
Right? It's such a beetlejuice thing to do.
Guillermo Avila
Guillermo Avila Muaj më parë
Ok beetlejuice who was also played by batman Michael Keaton
ChronoTango Muaj më parë
What even is this?
глаша aaa
глаша aaa Muaj më parë
Feel sad for this dude, he’ll never be able to escape his past role.
Angie B
Angie B Muaj më parë
Is that supposed to be Beetlejuice?
Choi Man
Choi Man Muaj më parë
I feel bad for him
Jaek255 Muaj më parë
This is cringe
My Old Cat
My Old Cat Muaj më parë
What is this creepy cringe? Lol
CaptainBuggy Muaj më parë
He sounds like mister krabs
CaptainBuggy Muaj më parë
He said yolo and I gagged
Rafastan 3301
Rafastan 3301 Muaj më parë
Why is darth vader sitting there?
Emo Nerd
Emo Nerd Muaj më parë
Didn’t know he attended these kind of things
tone Muaj më parë
I hate it.
Jacob Scott
Jacob Scott Muaj më parë
Kilo ren bad ass bitch that's what the rebels say
Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown Muaj më parë
That's gotta be the best adlibing ever in the middle of Beetlejuice the musical no less this is just epic I'm a big fan of Adam's work he a very talented and funny actor and this is a great random shout out
Dominic Vega
Dominic Vega Muaj më parë
That was the most cringe stage performance ever. "Just be more YOLO".... bruh ??? Stfu. Who wrote this hot garbage.
Whiteflag White
Whiteflag White Muaj më parë
ChipHazard Muaj më parë
he killed star wars too
casual crab warfare
casual crab warfare Muaj më parë
Why would they make some ribald rave up of beetlejuice?! This is almost, almost as bad as the fucking sponge bob musical
Way2Dylagent Muaj më parë
Everyone else: Adam Driver is basically Typecast Me: not really but.... is this a beetlejuice musical?
Kimberly Haines
Kimberly Haines Muaj më parë
Except it ended up not making enough money so the show closed in about a year.
Luthien Tinuviel
Luthien Tinuviel Muaj më parë
Yeah, and it's actually pretty good!
420Effect Muaj më parë
Adam didn't kill Han Solo, Disney killed Star Wars. Not cool bro.
Justice4 JohnnyDepp
Justice4 JohnnyDepp Muaj më parë
✨ *Adam’s smileee* ✨
Stu Stu
Stu Stu Muaj më parë
This is so damn lame..
Pierce Muaj më parë
98% of this comment section is the real cringe. Wooooosshh
Roller Girl
Roller Girl Muaj më parë
The guys voice is so annoying...I guess he supposed to be beetle juice?
positivebird is respawing
positivebird is respawing Ditë më parë
Yes he is suppose to play beetlejuice and the voice is certaintly diffrent but it isnt his real singing voice. He does it only when he plays beetlejuice.
Goose McHonk
Goose McHonk Muaj më parë
Everything is wonderful in Loo Loo Land
Matthew Avery
Matthew Avery Muaj më parë
Ben stabbed first lol 😂
Skorpion 88
Skorpion 88 Muaj më parë
Nicolai Thorsen
Nicolai Thorsen Muaj më parë
I love it he killed han in the last jedi
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez Muaj më parë
how can he sing like that, without ruining his voice?
Zoe Jacobs
Zoe Jacobs 4 ditë më parë
Alex has this ability to sort of close a part in like his nose/throat that people normally can't move and as a result it creates the BJ voice
DA HAMM HAMM Muaj më parë
"Be more YOLO"
PumpkinQueen1393 Muaj më parë
Yeah, not cool.
Dixon Yerface
Dixon Yerface Muaj më parë
Thats the most bootleg Beetlejuice I’ve ever seen
KillerKinkstar Muaj më parë
You really gonna do my boy dirty like that
Leila Tumbleston
Leila Tumbleston Muaj më parë
Wtf is this Beetlejuice ripoff
positivebird is respawing
positivebird is respawing Ditë më parë
@Leila Tumbleston no problem, hope you have a nice day💜
Leila Tumbleston
Leila Tumbleston Ditë më parë
@positivebird is respawing thanks I actually did not know that!
positivebird is respawing
positivebird is respawing Ditë më parë
This is beetlejuice the musical (not particulary this performance because they only did this at this show or what this is). But the real musical is really good, ofcourse it is nothing like the movie but so is the same with heathers
Sangwoos eye bags
Sangwoos eye bags Muaj më parë
That one dude that didn’t know Han solo died
Alex Hetherington
Alex Hetherington Muaj më parë
That moment when you roast your audience ha ha ha
Sleepy Podcast
Sleepy Podcast Muaj më parë
God I love him so much
Nursite Muaj më parë
i remember watching this live and immediately texting my gf (we’re both huge fans of AD)
Logan Graves
Logan Graves Muaj më parë
Y’all realize that they most likely asked him if he was okay with them saying that before going through with it. If he didn’t know it was gonna happen, I feel like he would’ve been more surprised.
Coen A
Coen A 27 ditë më parë
I think he’d probably not react much either way, he seems like he has a pretty chill disposition most of the time. But I also don’t know what people in the comments are upset about, it wasn’t like they were actually being mean.
Connor Conway
Connor Conway Muaj më parë
This may be a dumb question but what is this from?
Michael Cooney
Michael Cooney Muaj më parë
Another stupid Broadway waste of Time... At least it wasn't that rediculous Hamilton peice of garbage.
IndigoFox13 Muaj më parë
Spoiler Warning amirite
Theresa Ibler
Theresa Ibler Muaj më parë
Michael de’ Medici
Michael de’ Medici Muaj më parë
Correction....Disney did that shit, bro.
positivebird is respawing
positivebird is respawing Ditë më parë
As far as i know this musical(this isnt the original real preformance) has nothing to do with disney
Cheese Muaj më parë
The way he runs away like a little toddler is funny
CMNDRGreyFox Muaj më parë
What is this from?
SoddenFaTaL1ty Muaj më parë
Sucks being the only non shitty new Star Wars character xD being apart of The worse trilogy stings, for a while you could ask ewan and Hayden how it felt, it anymore though
waltzed Muaj më parë
Scott Danielson
Scott Danielson Muaj më parë
Yeah, one clip is all I need not to watch it. That is a horrible Beetlejuice
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Muaj më parë
Im cringing
enwico Muaj më parë
Damn this guy is rapping
Marcus Deleo
Marcus Deleo Muaj më parë
The killing of Solo is a clear tactic by the losers at disney to destroy the ALPHA MALE. And Han was definitely in the top 1%!
Cherry quartz
Cherry quartz Muaj më parë
Endeavr Muaj më parë
Sounded like ICP to start
Wagstastic Muaj më parë
What is this? Broadway Beetlejuice?
Lo Lo
Lo Lo Muaj më parë
Noooooo spoilers
Faulty Is Tired
Faulty Is Tired Muaj më parë
That was pretty funny but saying yolo in any context is cringey.
positivebird is respawing
positivebird is respawing Ditë më parë
I agree, luckily it isnt the original lyrics that they use in the musical
Noob101 Muaj më parë
Guy: I be zooming on mill, Old guy: zoomers
Michael Popup
Michael Popup Muaj më parë
Seems kinda stupid. Why was this recommended to me?
SkillLevel:Zero Muaj më parë
Adam Driver is an excellent actor in all of his roles. I do not think Star Wars will define his future in the industry. He also seems like a genuinely nice person, and super funny. I wish him the best.
Joey Veres
Joey Veres Muaj më parë
Dear God....
Benjamin Talley
Benjamin Talley Muaj më parë
Cruss Teasock
Cruss Teasock Muaj më parë
He looked so giddy about knowing a guys name n a movie he was in
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