SCIENCE CLASS #6- What if Everyone Flushed their Toilet at Once?

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Mark Rober

10 muaj më parë

Let's talk about pressure! I WILL DO ONE FINAL CLASS NEXT WEEK, MAY 6TH!
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Mark Rober
Mark Rober 10 muaj më parë
Thanks for coming to class!! I WILL DO ONE FINAL CLASS NEXT WEEK, MAY 6TH!
gmcmillan1 3 ditë më parë
I love class
Ivy Zhang
Ivy Zhang 28 ditë më parë
John Gamble
John Gamble Muaj më parë
@RiverTiger767 air pressure changes.
Cubiside Muaj më parë
John Gamble
John Gamble Muaj më parë
I want to see an elephant in highheels......
Luke Oishi
Luke Oishi 5 orë më parë
7:36 Mark's voice cracks...
XENO Ramirez
XENO Ramirez 22 orë më parë
Merde Im French means sh**t
Kaj van Veen
Kaj van Veen Ditë më parë
Ok i will just cut my apples with air now. How little area do you want?
BIKO ALVAREZ GALAN 2 ditë më parë
I love this class
Jesus Quiroz
Jesus Quiroz 2 ditë më parë
7:35 voice crack 😂
Emma Yennie
Emma Yennie 2 ditë më parë
Wow. I didn't realize we use so much water just flushing the toilet!
Seatacos is dead
Seatacos is dead 3 ditë më parë
Every time he said Preasure, I thought of Billy Joel’s song “Preasure”. And I think the first time I heard that song was when my Geophysics teacher played it during our weather unit.
gmcmillan1 3 ditë më parë
check out a ALnets Channel called sach man
gmcmillan1 3 ditë më parë
you are so smart
gmcmillan1 3 ditë më parë
gmcmillan1 3 ditë më parë
I love your video
Mark Darden
Mark Darden 5 ditë më parë
Dude you could teach at any k12 for whatever salary you choose and I would move so my kid could attend
Flaps 40
Flaps 40 5 ditë më parë
The fluid pressure is used to move the flight surfaces on planes just like at 17:00 (except the new planes, they use electricity)
Mr Red
Mr Red 6 ditë më parë
this man is a legend
Enthalpy endothelial
Enthalpy endothelial 6 ditë më parë
The royal pot conceivably tickle because eggplant demographically peck under a red hardcover. public, interesting vinyl
akridge 7 ditë më parë
no safety glasses on you or your friend when you broke the brick despite the talk of safety as you did it. But at least your hat stayed on.
Jeffrey Saloka
Jeffrey Saloka 8 ditë më parë
nothing against you Mark, but IMHO, you are just too loud, with almost too much effervesce, at least you're very exciting to watch and love what you do
Boss 420
Boss 420 8 ditë më parë
Lmao you are awesome !
kapowshi 8 ditë më parë
I love these lectures, I’m 26 and not in high school or college but the way he teaches makes you want to listen.
Brayden Mata
Brayden Mata 9 ditë më parë
Ray Bartlett
Ray Bartlett 10 ditë më parë
If everyone flushed at once the Earth would spin faster
D Bongoloid
D Bongoloid 10 ditë më parë
How many orbeez that man dump into his house lmao.
Barbaros İmmanuel Gündüz
Barbaros İmmanuel Gündüz 10 ditë më parë
Great video and demonstration as always! But I think you didn't take the front area of women"s shoes into consideration.
Toxicity Level
Toxicity Level 10 ditë më parë
The amount of effort put into this is literally making me so grateful theres someone in the world like yoi
Steam Roller
Steam Roller 11 ditë më parë
Empathy sent me, I mean, he didnt. But he mentioned this
Kristina Zivanovic
Kristina Zivanovic 11 ditë më parë
I remember being a really young kid with my grandmother in town. There was a street performer doing entertainment and some magic. One thing he did was lay on a bed of nails and have a big man from the audience stand on his chest. Everyone was so impressed. So little old me had to jump out there and ruin the show and explain to the crowd that the nails would never hurt him because there's so many of them and they are so close together so his weight is distributed. If he layed on 3 nails he'd be hurt. To my surprise the man was no angry, he was so impressed a kid saw the science behind his trick lll
Ksusha Ungurean
Ksusha Ungurean 13 ditë më parë
I was looking for the toilets flushing at one but i still learned something that i will actually need and remember
Tyler W
Tyler W 15 ditë më parë
We tried KiwiCo, wasn't a fan
Adrián G. S.
Adrián G. S. 16 ditë më parë
Maximun 720p? Just question, thanks!
Nickynomads 17 ditë më parë
No holes! Hopefully at least one
Kid fix it
Kid fix it 18 ditë më parë
Me going to school for 8 hours a day : smol brain. Me watching mark for half a hour : infinite iq
Howling Wolves
Howling Wolves 9 ditë më parë
haha funny made everyone laugh
Endless Surprises
Endless Surprises 18 ditë më parë
Not worried about water leaking, Mark. Worried about blood! 😂
GMD PurpleFlamePlayz
GMD PurpleFlamePlayz 18 ditë më parë
Dude, when I was young I used to think water towers were just tall indoor swimming pools where they teach swimming lessons 😭
Luke Arts
Luke Arts 18 ditë më parë
Ok, so you're selling your videos as "Class". Then when you get all the underaged kids watch your videos, you suddenly plug a sponsor commercial? Bro, that's not done. Even though I really like that product, it's wrong. (and it's against ALnets and legal regulations. Content aimed at kids is not allowed to have commercials. (you should know, because you get asked this with every single upload and by uploading you sign off to understanding and knowing those rules.
Mike Sadler
Mike Sadler 21 ditë më parë
the 804 people who didnt like this video are prob the people he says no 2 18:00
robloxman274abc 26 ditë më parë
Mark should do a colab with colinfurze
Ráðúlfr 11 ditë më parë
Nile red*
Scarlett and Harry’s Universe
Scarlett and Harry’s Universe 26 ditë më parë
This was so amazingly interesting
Benji Porterfield
Benji Porterfield 26 ditë më parë
This is so cool!!!!!!!!!
Merrick Sanzo
Merrick Sanzo 28 ditë më parë
It's amazing to me that 1.4M people watched a guy explain the most simple and basic physics concepts for 30minutes lol. You learn this stuff in Jr. High. Mark you are the GOAT.
Willem Duijnstee
Willem Duijnstee 29 ditë më parë
You are a wonderfull teacher and person Mark.
Kamal Khatri
Kamal Khatri Muaj më parë
I don't need sleep I need answers
PRETZELZ Muaj më parë
Are the toilets empty or...
Elliot Boepple
Elliot Boepple Muaj më parë
His enthusiasm is contagious.
George A
George A Muaj më parë
If all toilets flushed at once, it would not make a dent in the Swamp.
Santiago Saeijs
Santiago Saeijs Muaj më parë
Jerry D
Jerry D Muaj më parë
What’s under the hat? He always has one on.
Inga Butler
Inga Butler Muaj më parë
if you were my teacher, I would want to stay even more in your class, this dude deserves an award
Jyotisko Sengupta
Jyotisko Sengupta Muaj më parë
School Science Class: Boring... Mark's Science Class: Interesting!!!
Caden TheYoutuber
Caden TheYoutuber Muaj më parë
the biggest crossover in history
Jonythann Muaj më parë
Why are you watching this now.
Eleanor Stanford
Eleanor Stanford Muaj më parë
You’re too adorable
Sir Lloyd Classroom
Sir Lloyd Classroom Muaj më parë
Can you do an experiment or a simulation of a low pressure then it becomes a typhoon.. Iike to share it to my students for the subject environmental science and the topic is natural disaster.. And what happens when there is no plants or trees in the whole world. The question is what is the time taken to consume the oxygen and becomes carbon dioxide? Thank you sir
Rock N' Roll True Stories
Rock N' Roll True Stories Muaj më parë
man i wish you were my physics teacher. Mine made us watch discovery channel each class and i literally learned nothing. Probably explained why i almost went on to almost fail engineering physics in college
Rugby Mad Aunty
Rugby Mad Aunty Muaj më parë
So is the movie flushed away real or not real? 😂😂
Laura Alagia
Laura Alagia Muaj më parë
Premier League
Paul Jones
Paul Jones Muaj më parë
you inspied me to get into enginering
The Hagon Jones Homestead
The Hagon Jones Homestead Muaj më parë
Who else really wants mark to teach there science class
Nina P
Nina P Muaj më parë
This was actually a question ive been wondering for a long time lol
Ken Allen
Ken Allen Muaj më parë
Don’t ask why I clicked on this video....
Ruben van Maanen
Ruben van Maanen Muaj më parë
Like its useful for people who dont understand this easily, but once u understand, its boring
Ruben van Maanen
Ruben van Maanen Muaj më parë
Do this again plsss
lan3 Muaj më parë
David Muaj më parë
Put a Democrat in before you flush.
WizMasterT Muaj më parë
Me After Watching This Stream: I wish Mark Rober is my new Science Teacher.
Pinnacle Roofing
Pinnacle Roofing Muaj më parë
unless the elephant is potty trained, i pick the woman
oofley Muaj më parë
So this is the science behind cutting implements. Cool.
BeautifulFireflies Muaj më parë
This video is so underrated 2,874 comments 1,369,659 views ??? Where are all the Mark Rober fans?
Abejero ivan Ivan Abejero
Abejero ivan Ivan Abejero Muaj më parë
Welcome to science class
Robert Sloan
Robert Sloan Muaj më parë
Can yo do more activitys with nature like the squrell course.
Imman Playz
Imman Playz Muaj më parë
I wish my teacher is like you .
Boogieman Muaj më parë
Hes that one teacher that you genuinely get sad when he yells at you
Coach Wilson
Coach Wilson Muaj më parë
The Super Bowl halftime flush
Dima Mura
Dima Mura Muaj më parë
ypr figth
ypr figth Muaj më parë
Ah yes the Moment when you jump put of a Parachute
Colin Richards
Colin Richards Muaj më parë
All the sewer workers would be drowned!
Adeum Deus
Adeum Deus Muaj më parë
I would think nothing. When watching shows like Dirty Jobs, it seemed that the sewage systems, even for large cities, was just a little "stream", if you will, of sewage flowing down a massive pipe. My guess would be that, even if every toilet in New York was flushed at the same time, the different paths sewage takes to reach the sewer would mean the load is spread over a pretty large area, and so it wouldn't just suddenly be a gushing torrent of sewage. Additionally, I would imagine sewage systems have redundancies and overflow lines to keep the system from blowing up. I remember when the giant fatberg was removed from a London sewer. Obviously that sewer line was not the only line, or else the entire community around that blockage would have backed up and wreaked havoc. But they didn't. Water might take a bit to refill, particularly in very densely populated areas, but plumbing is "primed" already (that is, my toilet tank already contains water for the next flush).
ayub ahmed
ayub ahmed Muaj më parë
the best phy teacher
Quazie Wabbit
Quazie Wabbit Muaj më parë
Something to think about: A blond in high heels might wreck your floors, but an elephant in the living room will destroy your entire house, because you know without a doubt, it will see a freak out and run!
Renata Muaj më parë
Does anyone know that this actually happened in NY right after the series finally of mash. They experienced a huge loss in water pressure & a water shortage. You're welcome.
Wrapped Goods
Wrapped Goods Muaj më parë
Random thought: Stars consist of tight energy force. They don't consist of pressure.
super hola
super hola Muaj më parë
Zac king skit
Jay Brodie
Jay Brodie Muaj më parë
The biggest question here is who did he borrow those heels from?
S B Muaj më parë
So when you get shot, you need to drink water and see if there are any leaks?
M. Thomas Brown
M. Thomas Brown Muaj më parë
I can tell you what happens when all the toilets in one high school flush at once. And it wasn't pretty.
ME Muaj më parë
Did the elephant clean its feet before walking on the floors? I would have added food coloring to the liquid stuff so it shows up better on camera. You did a great job on this.
Brad Jones
Brad Jones Muaj më parë
Melody Mathilde
Melody Mathilde Muaj më parë
Mark Rober is keeping me sane tbh
User 5.56
User 5.56 Muaj më parë
I wish my teachers teached like this in school i would of learned more & not fell alseep looking at numbers in a book
Heather McD
Heather McD Muaj më parë
When I was a kid we used to do a thing where the biggest guy in our group would lay flat on the floor & then we would position ourselves with 1 person at his head, 1 person at his feel & two people either side of him with 2 just below his shoulders & 2 people just below his butt. Then we would just use the pointer & middle fingers on both hands & lift him up off the ground. Pretty cool.
Lexi Anderson
Lexi Anderson 2 muaj më parë
I would stay in school all week if he was the teacher!
Man in the Park
Man in the Park 2 muaj më parë
Also, you put the tape on top of the nail/balloon thing different for the 2 than for the 12. For the 2, you put the tape all the way near the edge. For the 12, you placed it further towards the hinges. That can change the outcome of your experiment, right?
Man in the Park
Man in the Park 2 muaj më parë
Your question was “which would you let into your house” not “which would you not let into your house”, right? I think my understanding of your solution was lost in translation.
XXXDeathByFartsXXX 2 muaj më parë
You make me want to become smarter. My brain injury says otherwise.
linoslovely 2 muaj më parë
if only my science class was like this.
Julian Thurmes
Julian Thurmes 2 muaj më parë
What if the sewer got full
John Wayne
John Wayne 2 muaj më parë
Oh kay! Live is never perfect. You handled it perfectly.
Andy Mandura
Andy Mandura 2 muaj më parë
Why is the sanitary drain conected to the storm drain. gross af
Edwin's nation
Edwin's nation 2 muaj më parë
Fakers be like OMG1!1!1!1!1 MARK ROBOR DIED
Charles Torres
Charles Torres 2 muaj më parë
and thanks
Jacob Jarkowsky
Jacob Jarkowsky 2 muaj më parë
When I first watched one of your vids is when I realized I wanted to go to college for robotics
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