1st place Egg Drop project ideas- using SCIENCE

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Mark Rober

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5 designs guaranteed to win 1st place or your money back. I hope you enjoy the video and learn something new like I did when I made it. Feel free to share with any one who likes to learn science or is in a High School Physics class!
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Hi it is ME
Hi it is ME 15 minuta më parë
So covering my self in straws and gettin whipped by a belt will be painless? Alright let’s goooo
رغــودة اكاد انتهي
رغــودة اكاد انتهي 2 orë më parë
تابعوني 😅🥺🤦‍♀️💜❤️😂
Sreenandan Biju
Sreenandan Biju 5 orë më parë
i would probably use the egg drop using helium ballons. its prettyy useful and the force is neutral. neither too much nor too less
Dream The Positivity god
Dream The Positivity god 6 orë më parë
Wow youtube! Thanks! This was really helpful *A COUPLE DAYS AGO-*
F13O 10 orë më parë
My friend did the same thing in class and then I see this video 4 days later
Jonatan Ramírez
Jonatan Ramírez 11 orë më parë
I’m just watching this video to get a easy A
Layla and Jessica Petz
Layla and Jessica Petz 13 orë më parë
Ok what I don’t get is why are there more dislikes then like this video is soooo good
NY Rafay Malik
NY Rafay Malik 14 orë më parë
Hi Richie
Caleb Blocker
Caleb Blocker 14 orë më parë
I learned that if I can I should use my drone if I ever am in a egg drop competition
Sean Gabriel P. Guzman
Sean Gabriel P. Guzman Ditë më parë
Thats it bro ama make a falcon 9 for this
Bloody Ink
Bloody Ink Ditë më parë
yea but i have to do it with a pringle chip tf i do man???
Some guy
Some guy Ditë më parë
I did a project like this for a science competition once. My team won first place with the genius idea of someone putting the egg inside of a loaf of bread from the store after they saw one of my other teammates eat an egg sandwich(or a burrito, I don’t remember). All of the competitors and judges were stunned when we somehow had an egg in perfect condition from a 15 foot drop with just some bread...
SharkRithy Ditë më parë
Fun fact: Mark Is All About Physics, Mechanic, And Science.
Devin Hollis
Devin Hollis Ditë më parë
I thought he was going to throw the kid off the bridge while holding the egg.
Typer Trio
Typer Trio Ditë më parë
I just mixed all of those ideas together and got a huge 1st place! Trust me it works!
MLGBROE Ditë më parë
bruh I remember doing this in kindergarten
Derpy_Face3000 Ditë më parë
its funny because I had to watch this video for school XD
Dimitri Tioumentsev
Dimitri Tioumentsev Ditë më parë
Hey mark I have an even better contraption that I made. How can I show it to you
untzplays Ditë më parë
This guy single handedly gave people free A’s
Jacob Mulherin
Jacob Mulherin Ditë më parë
can you make a silly putty pool
Anno Cheung
Anno Cheung 2 ditë më parë
Good ideas but it doesn't work if your group cracked the egg before it even started which happened to me
White Crewmate
White Crewmate 2 ditë më parë
Imagine how to basic commenting here
CptSpears007 2 ditë më parë
For the love of god stop dangling off the edge of a bridge.
St Op
St Op 2 ditë më parë
british kids who did this in re :
Thinking Paint
Thinking Paint 2 ditë më parë
Chickens are pretty neat.
Blake Ashwin
Blake Ashwin 2 ditë më parë
So parkour is science
Brian Libby
Brian Libby 2 ditë më parë
Not what we did, you had to make a thing to catch it
Luca Mascadri
Luca Mascadri 2 ditë më parë
I passed year 7 science because of this video
Gamergirl 220
Gamergirl 220 2 ditë më parë
Thank you for another amazing science video
Meagan1023 3 ditë më parë
For my high school physics egg drop, we were only allowed to use tooth picks and glue, and the glue could not be used to make a cushion, it could only be used to connect the tooth picks. You also had to be able to put the egg into the contraption without having to fix or glue the contraption together, after (it couldn't have two pieces you connect after putting the egg safely in the middle). It was insanely difficult.
Wyatt Lewis
Wyatt Lewis 3 ditë më parë
My physics teacher only let us use 12 “fast food” straws and one roll of scotch tape. It also had to fit within a 6” diameter ball and survive three drops.
Zulny R
Zulny R 2 ditë më parë
Wrap the straw with tape to strenghten it
Kyler Britton
Kyler Britton 3 ditë më parë
0:05 im pretty sure this was just done with editting and no equations were needed they just had to watch it and go back and edit
Aiko 3 ditë më parë
Can you make a video about bridges?
Peter Vasta
Peter Vasta 3 ditë më parë
It makes me very anxious that he just stood out on that bridge with no fall protection, but thats just the nerd in me
cool cookie
cool cookie 4 ditë më parë
I vish u ver mi siense techer (sorry for spelling)
Dafulegend 4 ditë më parë
I passed the egg drop with a leather shoe and a lot tissue paper :)
Brandon Hanson
Brandon Hanson 4 ditë më parë
6:39 someone holding balloons
Gabriella Hollendonner
Gabriella Hollendonner 4 ditë më parë
U should try an airplan
Josiahtem 4 ditë më parë
5 years later, the same soundtrack
Maob08 4 ditë më parë
26 million views and most of them are probably from kids in school trying to get an A.
Puppy Lover
Puppy Lover 5 ditë më parë
This is my strategy l, and it works EVERYTIME, 1. Put the ball in a cardboard paper towel Roll. 2. Rap it in bubble rap. (I usually put a lot) 3. Attach a plastic bag as a parashoot.
Jonathan Sundaram
Jonathan Sundaram 5 ditë më parë
gpe = mgh ke = 0.5*m*v^2
Usama Kahoot
Usama Kahoot 5 ditë më parë
Next time in your videos please do mention that the content of the video is only for 10-
Eddy Lau
Eddy Lau 5 ditë më parë
Oof the egg
Just Julz
Just Julz 5 ditë më parë
Idea 6 Through a child over and get them to hold the egg towards the sky Win win the annoying kid gone and u get an a in physics
Landen Haskins
Landen Haskins 5 ditë më parë
joefrog1996 5 ditë më parë
I was only allowed to use paper to protect my egg.
muhammed _iq
muhammed _iq 5 ditë më parë
4:03 mark: back to the bridge Pewdiepie:
Amir Reza Esaeil Beygi
Amir Reza Esaeil Beygi 6 ditë më parë
I used some paper to make pipes and then did the second idea
i! Wee Bee !i
i! Wee Bee !i 6 ditë më parë
OML THE BALLOON THING IWAS THINGKING OF THAT... Except mine doesn't have protection
Nigel Onetasty
Nigel Onetasty 6 ditë më parë
Mark Rober the Science guy. MARK MARK MARK MARK!
Marco Selaya
Marco Selaya 6 ditë më parë
1:57 I was learning that science in 4th grade lol
ercost60 6 ditë më parë
4:55 what's with those extra straws that suddenly appear before you drop?
Rosie White
Rosie White 7 ditë më parë
Why would you leave NASA?
tdalton21 7 ditë më parë
So ur saying I can fill a giant water balloon fill it with popcorn and survive? wow that's science right there.
ZiroTheHero 7 ditë më parë
Mark teaches me actual useful knowledge. Why can't I just watch Mark Rober instead of school :/
Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen 7 ditë më parë
Did a siege engine project for physics my ballista went 33 meters was dope
StellarSkies 7 ditë më parë
Sophie Udeh-Philip
Sophie Udeh-Philip 7 ditë më parë
im *telling* you, this is the guy with the fridge full of eggs
A_Banana 7 ditë më parë
This is coming in clutch for my 8th grade class I saw this video like in 6th grade and thought “this might be useful in the future” and here I am using it as a way to help me in my class
Mag Repair Warehouse
Mag Repair Warehouse 8 ditë më parë
09:09 , he has an Among Us T-shirt
Cole and dave
Cole and dave 8 ditë më parë
Dude has been using the same soundtrack music for years
Javier Luna
Javier Luna 8 ditë më parë
I found this 8 years too late
Lailee Hartsfield
Lailee Hartsfield 8 ditë më parë
The block was red then green
TrollFace Jr
TrollFace Jr 9 ditë më parë
Mark: prevents eggs from breaking How to basic: You dare oppose me mortal?
GTgaming4211 9 ditë më parë
I’m in my first year of middle school so I’ll remember thsi
Kay kayPsssycho
Kay kayPsssycho 9 ditë më parë
Is he wearing an among us shirt?
Parker Wasyliw
Parker Wasyliw 9 ditë më parë
You are my ideal
XEVO MUSIC OFFICIAL 9 ditë më parë
me, hey mom im gonna strap myself on a drone and jump of a tree ok mom? mom, no your not son! me, but mooooom Mark Rober said it would work with an egg! so why wont it work with meeeeee!
Fade 9 ditë më parë
you should be a teacher
Flying Spiders
Flying Spiders 10 ditë më parë
The drone would work for me if i knew how to fly one lol
Loewen Stark
Loewen Stark 10 ditë më parë
1:24 the package opens and one second later it's closed again ? 🤷‍♂️
Harper Thames
Harper Thames 10 ditë më parë
my fav is UP!!!!!
Savage Salyer
Savage Salyer 10 ditë më parë
U look so shady taking wendies straws lol
Milo Ngo
Milo Ngo 10 ditë më parë
Bro that parkour runner is literally dressed like a ninja.
quick _dry
quick _dry 9 ditë më parë
or more literally dressed to look like an Assassin from Assassin's Creed ;)
Amy W
Amy W 11 ditë më parë
Here is how I did mine ... 3 car sponges, one with a hole in the middle. Put egg in the hole and sandwich it between the other car sponges and secure with elastic bands.
IRAPROXZYY _ 11 ditë më parë
Okay so now i have to do this in ten minutes tomorrow before I’m graded on it, it’s possible
the icy narwhal
the icy narwhal 11 ditë më parë
Wouldn't a penut butter jar work
Emily Kozak
Emily Kozak 11 ditë më parë
I’d love to be his Son When Science Class Comes Around...
Emily Kozak
Emily Kozak 6 ditë më parë
That’s Just How I Write...
Whwhwhhwhhhwh Dldkjdsnsjskskskdk
Whwhwhhwhhhwh Dldkjdsnsjskskskdk 6 ditë më parë
Why Did You Put A Capital Letter On Every Word?
Fegelein: The Lost Tapes
Fegelein: The Lost Tapes 10 ditë më parë
Johnny Nobles
Johnny Nobles 11 ditë më parë
What is the music in the background called?
that one dude that's true
that one dude that's true 11 ditë më parë
Aman Karassayev
Aman Karassayev 11 ditë më parë
so how many times did he use that song
T2033 11 ditë më parë
wish we did an egg drop.
Fortnite User132
Fortnite User132 12 ditë më parë
Has anyone else noticed in 7:00 u can see an emji
FSClub Fan And hunterox123 on Twitter
FSClub Fan And hunterox123 on Twitter 12 ditë më parë
@Ryder Justen-Pratt What tv during quarantine would be like😂
Enola Phoenix
Enola Phoenix 12 ditë më parë
Me: uses as much of them combined Everyone else: Thats cheating!!!
TheRealRothStaR 12 ditë më parë
I love that decades after school for me and I leaned more from this short ALnets vid than I ever did in class.
Is The Victorius Secret Anne
Is The Victorius Secret Anne 12 ditë më parë
My favorite class in highschool is physics too xD but I got my interest outside of school.
tomandlino 12 ditë më parë
Wow, seems we had much harder rules here in Europe... We needed to land in a 5m x 5m (16ft x 16ft) zone, no remote control, and the egg shell needs to touch ground after landing.
Kate Po
Kate Po 12 ditë më parë
My school did this, I put my egg in a plastic bag filled with water and then put that in a plastic bag filled of styrofoam and of course a parachute It didn't crack!!!
シLila 12 ditë më parë
Whos watching in..... 3030?? V
Minty 13 ditë më parë
i remember doing an egg drop a few years ago... one person ripped open a stuffed animal and hid egg inside. then they tightly tied a bunch of balloons around its neck. it won.
Crystal The Crystal Uni
Crystal The Crystal Uni 13 ditë më parë
this dude has somehow managed to teach me more then any of my teachers Ikve had in a matter of 3 hours WUT
Miguel 9534
Miguel 9534 13 ditë më parë
this video is giving me HowtoBasic vibes
GAWX_DAVID. ARTZ 13 ditë më parë
Disclaimer: some eggs were harmed in this vedio...😌😌😂
iamdyslexic 13 ditë më parë
Love the ideas!
Eli Miller
Eli Miller 13 ditë më parë
is this a bit like velocity x distance
Jermaine Bender
Jermaine Bender 13 ditë më parë
Gaming club
Gaming club 13 ditë më parë
Ke=1/2 mv^2 not speed
Phoenix 14 ditë më parë
In my egg drop I literally just took a styrofoam ball cut it in half hollowed out a small hole in the middle of the styrofoam and bound it back together with some rubber bands. It weighed I think 4 or 5 grams and I later found out that the year prior two students did the same thing I did but with so little styrofoam that you could see the egg through the material.
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