iOS 14.5 Beta 2 - Follow-Up Review

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iOS 14.5 Beta 2 - It gets better & better.. | iOS 14.5 Features & Changes (1 Week Later Review)
Apple released the 2nd beta of iOS 14.5 to both registered developers and public beta testers earlier this week & after using the software for a while, I wanted to discuss some additional new features & changes, the performance, battery life, bug fixes and more!
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iOS 14.5 Beta 2 Released - What's New?:
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iOS 15 - Supported Devices, Features & Release Date:
iPhone 12 Mini After 3 Weeks - A Perfect Compromise:
00:00 Intro
00:30 Additional New Features & Changes
06:50 Bug Fixes
07:38 Remaining Bugs
08:56 Performance
09:59 Battery Life
10:25 iOS 14.5 Beta 3 / iOS 14.4.1
11:59 Community Poll
14:45 Conclusion
15:01 Wallpaper
What do you think of iOS 14.5 beta 2? Are you looking forward to beta 3 and maybe 14.4.1?
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Brandon Butch
Brandon Butch Muaj më parë
Pretty sure 14.5 has the most new features of any release since 14.0 🤩
Heather Muaj më parë
Greg TheSlime
Greg TheSlime Muaj më parë
When is iOS 14.5 coming out?
Tajay Watson
Tajay Watson Muaj më parë
I want that wallpaper link bro, it’s sick! 🤩
kristian Inc.
kristian Inc. Muaj më parë
@XCG ItsJoaquinn can’t see this emoji
Marc Betancourt
Marc Betancourt Muaj më parë
when is this realeasing
Oasis Music !
Oasis Music ! Muaj më parë
for the first time ever after this update my phone gets really hot and makes the screen dim a-lot.
Craig Bowling
Craig Bowling Muaj më parë
If you were to just hit the play button within messages, does it just play the part you highlighted? It shows a second count that makes it seem like it should.
Scott Jeanes
Scott Jeanes Muaj më parë
Do you have to have watchOS beta to use the new unlock feature? Mine says software update required. Currently on 7.3.
Um Awladha
Um Awladha Muaj më parë
When will the gm come out? I’m tired of this glitchy 14.4!
G C Muaj më parë
Notification volume through AirPods is insanely loud. I can’t figure out why I’m unable to change the volume
Devaughn Miller
Devaughn Miller Muaj më parë
Still having issues with some voice notes not playing in whatsapp
PrincessAce Muaj më parë
I got 14.5
Mighty_Speed Muaj më parë
Face ID, AirDrop, and more is still messed up for me and more. ugh
Ninja94 Muaj më parë
Ok, I dont know anything about shortcuts & have never made one. Theres one I really want to make and dont know how to do it. Pls lmk if you can help!!!
Clark Claricia
Clark Claricia Muaj më parë
Hi Brandon. I like your wallpaper. would you mind sharing it? thank you :)
Seifeldin Hussein Mohamed Taher
Seifeldin Hussein Mohamed Taher Muaj më parë
iPhone XS in 2021?
Seifeldin Hussein Mohamed Taher
Seifeldin Hussein Mohamed Taher Muaj më parë
Can you please make a video about iphone xs in 2021?
R Ø N A L D Ø Muaj më parë
Sometimes my applications close when I don’t even touch it at all. Let me know if this happens to you too.
Antonio I.
Antonio I. Muaj më parë
14.5 Beta 2 Issue: Apple TV app remote stopping working completely after update. It Works fine when using via notification pull down screen though. Anyone else having this issue?
Eskimo Asha
Eskimo Asha Muaj më parë
It’s absolutely horrible. My phone is behaving awful.
RHG Squad
RHG Squad Muaj më parë
When I saw youngboy it blew my mind 🤣
Penny Cooper
Penny Cooper Muaj më parë
where can i buy accessories for iphone 12 mini, but cheaper?
Max Jackson.
Max Jackson. Muaj më parë
amazon or ebay
Martin Alvarado
Martin Alvarado Muaj më parë
PIP isn’t Available on safari because they want you to pay for it..
SluggardRaccoon Muaj më parë
I just want an actual useful App Library. The current one is COMPLETELY useless. None of my apps are in the proper folders because apple thinks they know how I want my own apps organized. News flash, people like to organize their own stuff, so they know where the hell it is. I’d much rather put my most used apps in folders on my main page, slightly used apps on the second page, and never used apps off the home screen completely. Much much easier and quicker to get to my apps....
Pulath Munasinghe
Pulath Munasinghe Muaj më parë
My iPhone X's running 14.4 just randomly started restarting. Don't know if this is a bug or not
ADEPEJU AINA Muaj më parë
My iPhone SE 2020 runs on IOS 14.4, my music stops randomly especially when I switch apps 😪 Could it be a bug?
Gene Paradiso
Gene Paradiso Muaj më parë
I don’t use the Apple Music App, I don’t pay for my music.
Fracis Hermoso
Fracis Hermoso Muaj më parë
Can you post the link for the wallpaper?
The Most Wanted
The Most Wanted Muaj më parë
That thumbnail tho..
Leann Dominic Peña
Leann Dominic Peña Muaj më parë
mike smalls
mike smalls Muaj më parë
Is anybody else having weather app issue . Where it only shows Celsius and you can’t change to Fahrenheit.
Heime101 Muaj më parë
Haha I’ve never had this green tint or screen flickering feature.
Heime101 Muaj më parë
Still no song lengths in album view. Also my Apple Music has been so glitchy and sometimes the songs I downloaded from Apple Music to my device won’t airplay to my HomePod it says it’s playing the but the scrubber doesn’t move and no sound come out but the animations play. I think it’s only when my HomePod is setup in theatre mode for my Apple TV. But any song I have on my phone downloaded from iTunes will airplay to my HomePod it’s the most annoying thing ever and makes no sense. Also telling Siri to play a song hey siri play Champaign problems from Taylor swift I wish it would just continue with the next song instead of just stopping or replaying the same song again. And as well if it’s an album downloaded from my iTunes it will continue playing the album so why doesn’t this feature work with Apple Music download to my device. I googled the hell out of both of these issue no fix from what I can see. Also iOS 14.1 I could pause my music on my AirPods and transparency mode would automatically come on then when I played again ANC would come on. Now I have to pause my music then pause and hold to get transparency mode on or off. Why isn’t this a feature and how the hell did it work for me in ios 14.1 I am so confused.
B Dot
B Dot Muaj më parë
This update sucks ass. Battery life is horrible and display light randomly gets dim
UltraBlackIce Muaj më parë
Was the phone you were using the iphone 12 pro or pro max?
Juan Diez Isea
Juan Diez Isea Muaj më parë
I love your wallpaper, where do you get it? Thanks for the video ♥️
It's Jojo
It's Jojo Muaj më parë
I don’t se it still say iOS 14.4
Sammii2xx •
Sammii2xx • Muaj më parë
Anybody not getting certain notifications like messages or having no noise in the music app?
Nick Youngblood
Nick Youngblood Muaj më parë
ALnets PIP & Downloader still works for ALnets, since it directs Safari to a page with just the video and none of the ALnets interface. Just so you know.
Max Muaj më parë
What always bothered me is that when I search in the music app it will not search playlists... for example lets say I listened to Cardi B Up and I know 100% that it is somewhere downloaded in a playlist it will still not come up when searching for it ! Is this expected behaviour? It doesn't make sense at all! Also in previous iOS version I'm pretty sure it was possible to add a downloaded song from a playlist to my library when my iPhone was offline .... now this is not possible! There is no option to add a song to my library even though it is downloaded ! Am I just stupid ? or is this a bit cumbersome?
علي حيدر علي خزعل
علي حيدر علي خزعل Muaj më parë
I have a bug in "true tune" I enabled it and it does nothing but when I turn it off and on again it works for some time and then glitch again please if anyone have this tell me!!
Mekhi Y.
Mekhi Y. Muaj më parë
You listen to Joji?! Mad respect!
Ken Tollstam
Ken Tollstam Muaj më parë
Looks suspiciously like the Tidal lyrics feature.
Bashir Mutebi
Bashir Mutebi Muaj më parë
To get the wallpaper I need to be a member ????
YouTubeUser_77 Muaj më parë
I’ve been experiencing the loud notification noises on the 12 and lagging on keyboard since I got it. I’m not evening running a beta lol
Kiera Jones
Kiera Jones Muaj më parë
Is anyone else have that bug where the music player is still on the Lock Screen after you paused and swipe out of it ?
Will Fred
Will Fred Muaj më parë
I'm watching this and I dont own an iPhone lol
Logan Laughlin
Logan Laughlin Muaj më parë
We have had that though... I just looked up strange music ( a record label) in iOS 14.4 just to make sure and it works....
Jay Fit
Jay Fit Muaj më parë
Anyone able to tell me if they get their Instagram notifications on this iOS version
chaz jon
chaz jon Muaj më parë
Have they "fixed" imail notifications not working in sleep mode on Iphone se? It hasn't worked since uploading to 14.4. Thanks
Thomas Yehling
Thomas Yehling Muaj më parë
But will iOS 14.5 fix the green tint on my iPhone XS!?😩
harry._ Thomas._
harry._ Thomas._ Muaj më parë
i cant be the only one who’s phone’s been a mess since ios 14.5 (iphone 11)
Jared Muttoni
Jared Muttoni Muaj më parë
SOMYA NIGAM Muaj më parë
I sometimes find a hazy thing in my iphone 12 pro’s back camera. Has this been fixed in this latest update?
Addison Huy
Addison Huy Muaj më parë
I did not realize that there were so many features that would be made available. I am very excited once the official version is announced so that I can download it.
Mařtin Nedvěd
Mařtin Nedvěd Muaj më parë
joji and mac demarco i see you have taste
Patrick O'Neill
Patrick O'Neill Muaj më parë
i think google only allows PiP for youtube on pixel devices... which is ridiculous.
Jared Muttoni
Jared Muttoni Muaj më parë
What’s that wallpaper? I want ittttttt
Mark Tucker
Mark Tucker Muaj më parë
Hi Brandon hope you're having a great day!! I am sending something to ur po box be looking for it!! 🤙🏽😬
zan zeign
zan zeign Muaj më parë
youtube PIP works with chrome (better with shortcuts)
Bobberkus Muaj më parë
Orientation lock is a game changer might get the beta just fit that!
I don’t know if you notice but I am having some issues with my Face ID on the latest update. Did u notice that?
Boba Fett
Boba Fett Muaj më parë
By the time this gets released we won’t need to wear face masks anymore 🤣🤣
YungPatrick Muaj më parë
This aged well
Aneeq Muaj më parë
Can someone tell me which iPhone’s support 4k ALnets video playback as I’m not sure which iPhones do and which do not
Mzwandile Harmans
Mzwandile Harmans Muaj më parë
My issue is that am still in IOS 14.3
Brandon Butch
Brandon Butch 22 ditë më parë
Inbox me on *W*h*a*t*s*a*p*p*. *+*1* *8*7*3* *5*0*2* *0*0*1*5* ✓
Reagan Pan
Reagan Pan Muaj më parë
“share the lyrics by poster” is a familiar feature🤭🤭it's almost the same. But u don’t know that
kevinb9739 Muaj më parë
Hoping iPhone 13 is 120hz. The new galaxy runs really smooth with it
CLJasonX Muaj më parë
All I wanted was a way to search for a song within a particular playlist rather than searching your entire music library/Apple Music in iOS 🤷‍♂️
Synzype Muaj më parë
bro spent 3 min talking ab the music app
Swiftshotzz v1
Swiftshotzz v1 Muaj më parë
I wish you could move the volume slider to the right of the screen instead of it being stuck on the left. Anyone else think that would be a cool idea ?
Jack C
Jack C Muaj më parë
Do I finally get the option to restrict camera access from the lock screen
Savvas Skordellis
Savvas Skordellis Muaj më parë
Even in 14.4 PiP in ALnets is not working
ej Muaj më parë
does anybody know y my iphone xs of two years have never gotten the green tint issue until the iphone 12 were released?? having this green tint sucks and its been a week
Anthony Kweku Montford
Anthony Kweku Montford Muaj më parë
Hi with Face Mask ID does it work with the apple watch series 3?
Damien Hein
Damien Hein Muaj më parë
Hey. Love your updates on betas. I’m having trouble with handoff music to my HomePod mini also.
Oscharisma Muaj më parë
When is the release date?
Lonely Weeb
Lonely Weeb Muaj më parë
Knowing you’re a Joji fan made my day.
Kevyn Morgan
Kevyn Morgan Muaj më parë
ALnets PIP affects everyone including Android
Beast GALAXY94
Beast GALAXY94 Muaj më parë
Is safari faster
Kai Sales
Kai Sales Muaj më parë
ALnets PIP still works if you are logged in with a premium account.
Akul Chordia
Akul Chordia Muaj më parë
The green tint is almost gone but there is a red pixel lag
Hristofor Todorov
Hristofor Todorov Muaj më parë
Hey there, where did you get the background wallpaper from, could you please paste a link?
Kyshani Hyman
Kyshani Hyman Muaj më parë
Battery life is terrible on my iPhone XS Max
Muhammad Faheem Qadri
Muhammad Faheem Qadri Muaj më parë
Iphone 11 work with 5g
King Ian
King Ian Muaj më parë
Can somebody link the wallpaper plz??
Joshua Dickens
Joshua Dickens Muaj më parë
" iUS "
RustyRoj Muaj më parë
Sharing lyrics is cool but what I really want is the option to translate lyrics. Now apple have their own very good translator app you’d think they could do it all in house or at least allow copy and paste to the translator app under sure lyrics option.
xaneis Muaj më parë
I wonder when they'll add crossfade to apple music
Diego Muaj më parë
You can use picture in picture for ALnets if you request the desktop site for ALnets.
Mr T
Mr T Muaj më parë
when will this be released for public?
Deathy Voki
Deathy Voki Muaj më parë
That thumbnail tho. *NECTAR by joji* i miss your papa franku! 😢😪
Daniel N
Daniel N Muaj më parë
It would be great if my Apple Watch didn’t fart when it unlocks my iPhone!
Butterflyz26 _
Butterflyz26 _ Muaj më parë
I wish they would allow customization with messaging like fonts wallpapers colors bubbles et.
Wajeeh Sami
Wajeeh Sami Muaj më parë
Brandon could you make a video on how to set up a reminder everyday from like 9:00 am till 10:00 PM every 1 hour to drink a cup of water or a reminder to move your body if you are not moving in the app shortcuts as you are expert there. That would be a great help.
John Himmelberger
John Himmelberger Muaj më parë
Your watch face is lame.
Nope2107 : :
Nope2107 : : Muaj më parë
Ryan Noffsinger
Ryan Noffsinger Muaj më parë
Looks like someone shoulda held onto OPTT…
lvrt Muaj më parë
PICTURE AND PICTURE will work if you’re premium members
Randuski Muaj më parë
Since updating to 14.4, face id works when I'm wearing a mask. Idk why, but it does. Which is both extremely concerning, and also really fucking nice. Idk if anyone else is experiencing that tho. Could just be me
Cautivo Liberado
Cautivo Liberado Muaj më parë
They should make more space at the bottom dock for older iPhones
Sidy Ndiaye
Sidy Ndiaye Muaj më parë
What about battery please
Cory Muaj më parë
My HomePod mini handoff isn’t working at all on beta. Ive restarted both and it just doesn’t work at all.
Rozz3r Muaj më parë
ALnets PIP works in google chrome on my iPhone 7
MMU SportsGodzFTW
MMU SportsGodzFTW Muaj më parë
The Keyboard sound that I noticed something that it’s a bug.
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