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Enjoy this video about how I made this video!
Here's links for everything you need -
Adobe Premiere:
Adobe Photoshop:
Davinci Resolve (Free Premiere Alternative):
Gimp (Free Photoshop Alternative):
RedGiant Effects:
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Joel Haver
Joel Haver Muaj më parë
Thank you so much for half a million subscribers. I hope this video strikes a balance between helpful and entertaining. I encourage everyone with the faintest interest in animation to try out this process, it's really fun and unique. It's okay to steal my style outright, imitation is flattery and the greatest jumping off point for finding your own style. Links in the description to everything you'll need! Much love
BAGUETTE eater of worlds
BAGUETTE eater of worlds 21 orë më parë do you know where I messed up ?
King Wasabi
King Wasabi 4 ditë më parë
What a damn legend
Seb’s Stuff
Seb’s Stuff 6 ditë më parë
Too bad it’s 800k
Skunkie McDunkle
Skunkie McDunkle 7 ditë më parë
You are the best human, I love you guy.
Cristian Ferrari
Cristian Ferrari 8 ditë më parë
Thanking for mouse clicks.. such a shitty trend
Atzec Nobody
Atzec Nobody Orë më parë
Jesus you are so patient to the point that you literally edit every frames. Bruh? I mean don't you do anything?
PeterP3PeterP3 2 orë më parë
Crystal Falcon
Crystal Falcon 2 orë më parë
i knew it was ebsynth
Charles MacLellan
Charles MacLellan 2 orë më parë
Man, this would have been great for me 10 years ago. This is genius, and beautiful.
Daniël Huisman
Daniël Huisman 3 orë më parë
You know, artists have loved absynthe for a long time. That blur effect happens when you drink about a bottle's worth.
Mercury 5 orë më parë
Why would you give away your secret tho
Inktears11 5 orë më parë
After watching this I keep getting “blah blah Joel Haver style animation” in my suggestions lol
David DePerez
David DePerez 6 orë më parë
amazing. thank you so much
Normal YouTube
Normal YouTube 7 orë më parë
NEVER EVER WILL I USE THIS, but man you just learnt me on some EbSynth
Luper ionic
Luper ionic 8 orë më parë
Great stuff 🔥
Qwe Uy
Qwe Uy 8 orë më parë
A little blu blu flue flue
Qwe Uy
Qwe Uy 8 orë më parë
2:49 That's Crazy
hackerism1 8 orë më parë
Ricky Shicky
Ricky Shicky 8 orë më parë
I don't wanna lie but, That thumbnail kinda looks like a JoJo Refrence
AKH - TNTTDG 9 orë më parë
My brain hurt so many things happen at once 🤯🤯🤯
Drake Eldridge
Drake Eldridge 9 orë më parë
Lol had a feeling you were using Ebsynth XD
De la art
De la art 9 orë më parë
Don’t know why this exact moment make me jump in glee, 1:35
Jesus Just Jesus
Jesus Just Jesus 10 orë më parë
Best satire video ever
Void Spectator
Void Spectator 10 orë më parë
I love the part you say "That's crazy". Shit is crazy.
Итан c
Итан c 11 orë më parë
This man is a comedic genius
Chameleon Gaming
Chameleon Gaming 11 orë më parë
well i have no idea wht im gonna use this imformation for now. guess itll just be some stuff to go into my brain
Jake Foxx
Jake Foxx 12 orë më parë
So it's kinda like rotoscoping? Cool
Bionic Freak
Bionic Freak 12 orë më parë
Simply excellent, when do we get a TV show?
Patchwork Productions
Patchwork Productions 12 orë më parë
I really appreciate this
crack 13 orë më parë
I love this guy.
super magnus
super magnus 15 orë më parë
how do you animate these videos?
Albert Young
Albert Young 15 orë më parë
u sound like forrest gump
SmellsLikeCat 15 orë më parë
Holy shit i thought this was just a filter
ItsGameBoi10 15 orë më parë
when i first saw your animations i thought they were made in like 2013 or 2014
KJ Dubs
KJ Dubs 17 orë më parë
I just realized this means that they had to act out all of these scenes...Ohmygod
KJ Dubs
KJ Dubs 17 orë më parë
How big of a Hard Drive do you need for this?
Scifox [SFDF]
Scifox [SFDF] 17 orë më parë
He does it. FRAME BY FRAME.
Lee Oswald
Lee Oswald 17 orë më parë
Does anyone know if it's possible to use tensorflow for this Like using google colab?
VirtuaRaider 17 orë më parë
Amazing video. How come Adult Swim haven't made this a show?
R. 17 orë më parë
"All technology is a cheat code." Amen, dude. The wheel is a cheat code for walking. People need to stop being nostalgic for tedium.
Flightcoach 19 orë më parë
I just came across your rpg man work recently and saw your latest animated vid, I really love your humor and style, style of visuals too. It is great to see you just share this extended and detailed peek into your kitchen, heck, showing us exactly all the tools, ingredients and recipe. If more people were like you, the world would be a better place man, truly.
Stevie- TV
Stevie- TV 19 orë më parë
do you animate each frame? or just one and that syncs to the full video?
Weeb 19 orë më parë
I had just watched the second rpg video and when I came to here it kinda freaked me out
Moose knuckle
Moose knuckle 20 orë më parë
Thank you brother!!
BAGUETTE eater of worlds
BAGUETTE eater of worlds 21 orë më parë do you know where I messed up ?
travis campbell
travis campbell 23 orë më parë
This guy looks like pewdiepie. Work it man lol
One-Two 23 orë më parë
Genius. Loved you, man, from the first frame.
ManlyMadMoose 23 orë më parë
You're an awesome guy, love that last minute
Falkrim Ditë më parë
I see
Firestorm Danger Dash
Firestorm Danger Dash Ditë më parë
this man talks like me during a stroke in a dream. I love it
Moon L
Moon L Ditë më parë
over 15% of all views have liked the video. and deserved.
fly tie
fly tie Ditë më parë
I sorta understand but i didn't get the whole editing part
- Ten Zen -
- Ten Zen - Ditë më parë
oh wow. i HONESTLY thought it was just filters filters filters, but this looks like it would take over fucking 12 hours for like 500 frames, which is so much slower than normal animation. Normal animation could take like 2-4 hours just for like 600. thats an incredible demonstration of how to do this though
Josephkerr101 Ditë më parë
Havervision animation style.
trilliux. Ditë më parë
this makes me appreciate animators for their hard work (especially animators for movies)
Kindii Ditë më parë
This video is an educational mindfuck
K 418
K 418 Ditë më parë
1:36 :)
lordshardik Ditë më parë
When I saw him tracing a frame by hand, I was like oh.... Then I saw him do the rest of the frames automatically and I was like oh!...
Nico B?
Nico B? Ditë më parë
who else saw this and said fuck that
Benjamin Warn
Benjamin Warn Ditë më parë
Thanks for sharing how to do this. We will be using out knowledge to help out business. So thank you!! We will be using your tips to help our company grow!!!
Quinn McCay
Quinn McCay Ditë më parë
The long slow zoom at the end was hilarious
Krykxz Ditë më parë
i did this to make my pfp, and then saw this months later, im talking about on discord, Krykxz/12A#4219, add me and dont add me just so you can see my pfp
that tf2 spy
that tf2 spy Ditë më parë
Thank you Joel the rpg guy or mafia guy or this green guy
alien grey
alien grey Ditë më parë
Do you use thicker lines because the ai can handle it or is it more of an aesthetic choice? I'm curious how detailed you can make ebsynth work before it's just garbled mess regardless
Tester 316278
Tester 316278 Ditë më parë
Ok so it just ebsynth, cool anyway though
Reece Hero
Reece Hero Ditë më parë
Seems easy enough
A K Ditë më parë
AGeneric_ _Gamer
AGeneric_ _Gamer Ditë më parë
This is genre should be called "haver"
Cinderella Costallas
Cinderella Costallas Ditë më parë
you can replace the expensive software with a free paint program like for drawing the keyframes, and FFMPEG for converting you videos to a PNG sequence and convert you PNG sequence to a video.
Jonathan Bruce
Jonathan Bruce Ditë më parë
Haha. Very Funny
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts Ditë më parë
This looked like an AI trying to place a digital drawing over a moving object Huh guess I was right
UnwantedCommercials Ditë më parë
Oh right on, thanks a lot for sharing this.
ThatSilverXJ Ditë më parë
How long does a 1 minute video take you to animate?
Cody Clarke
Cody Clarke Ditë më parë
On my podcast recently Joel Haver said it can be around 40 hours for a 2-3 minute video, and that his 'playing an RPG for a second time' video took the longest at 70 hours.
dream's assasin
dream's assasin Ditë më parë
I actualy thought he's just gonna make a joke about it like broooo this guys i a legend he actually did a tutorial
SmolFruitGaming Ditë më parë
brother's oats
brother's oats Ditë më parë
The 5th wall
ruffiØ Ditë më parë
This is how I shot my video “into the void” on my channel
ruffiØ Ditë më parë
@Cody Clarke super appreciate that!
Cody Clarke
Cody Clarke Ditë më parë
Excellent work!
Rakadu Ditë më parë
how do you add the background with the green screen?
christopher gamez
christopher gamez Ditë më parë
The word Joel hunts me since a new game released in June 19, 2020
Davo Ditë më parë
It's a very cool and unique style. Really could see this being a show on adult swim or something.
Andelu Uledna
Andelu Uledna Ditë më parë
Idk but I kept coming back to watch this video lol this is my 4th time already.
Peter Corrigan
Peter Corrigan Ditë më parë
you gotta partner with the creators of Rock and Mirty,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,
Szobiz Ditë më parë
half a million?? that was like 1 week ago!
Chris W.
Chris W. Ditë më parë
So we're basically watching one giant GIF file. Got it. Loljk
Szobiz Ditë më parë
the real question tho, are you single?
Szobiz Ditë më parë
Daniel Bar
Daniel Bar Ditë më parë
When you say shot, do you mean shot? or like frame?
CJ raey
CJ raey Ditë më parë
Ur super talented, keep making the videos bro 😎👍
N7 Cmdr Shepard
N7 Cmdr Shepard Ditë më parë
its seriously a travesty with how many views to subscribers you have. Wish you the best man
Ketsu-wo-taberu Ditë më parë
Thank you absinthe!
OfficialEtcArt Ditë më parë
this was actually my introduction to joel haver's work- and i wouldn't have it any other way
pitch black
pitch black Ditë më parë
The animations so smooth
Alexander Scott
Alexander Scott Ditë më parë
absolutely incredible.
Cap Boi
Cap Boi Ditë më parë
Who is Joe? ...... JOE MA MA LOL
Bruhloon Ditë më parë
this is time consuming
Jayden Ya1e
Jayden Ya1e Ditë më parë
thank you
WillGeorge Evans
WillGeorge Evans Ditë më parë
You've touched the balls that are my eyes. Thank
Alien Block
Alien Block Ditë më parë
You're one of the most amazing people that i'm see in internet
Patrick Buckley
Patrick Buckley Ditë më parë
Damn I thought you where rotoscoping... I mean you KINDOF are, but not really.
Wiktor Maciejewski
Wiktor Maciejewski Ditë më parë
Half a milion subscribers? It's been ONE month and it's 1958829 subs! Con grats bro! Keep up the good work!
McPopcorn 2 ditë më parë
i thought he just never moved while speaking cuz hes very weird
Grittamej Wajchathon
Grittamej Wajchathon 2 ditë më parë
The joojoo anf blulblu is very important especially the fluflu.
nfvckmb uxhe brvhtonpafs
nfvckmb uxhe brvhtonpafs 2 ditë më parë
Art is Technology
Fon_Spark _
Fon_Spark _ 2 ditë më parë
Still nuts that the backgrounds are animated/made in photoshop
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