He Warned Me this could HAPPEN!

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Scott Martin

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Don’t try this when fishing...very dangerous. This Giant fish gets his way!
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Just fishin Just livin
Just fishin Just livin Muaj më parë
Heeeeyyyyy!! It’s spinner-worm!! Glad to see him on the channel again.
chance huiet
chance huiet Muaj më parë
We miss Brandon. If you agree 👍
Robert Harrell
Robert Harrell Muaj më parë
You better kick some a** tournament fishing this year. Good luck 👍🍀
Mike Seal
Mike Seal Muaj më parë
Spinnerworm gonna have a good tan he says foe get bout it
LivingDLife Muaj më parë
Those youngsters will eventually learn they need to sunblock up! They are going to be feeling that later for sure!
Paul Wood
Paul Wood Muaj më parë
Nice when all your cars are worth more than everyone's houses that are watching , shit how the other half exist in ... its a different world you guys inhabit....
The House that Jack Built
The House that Jack Built Muaj më parë
When you have to get in the water to release your fish.......
Ryan Flint
Ryan Flint Muaj më parë
Is there a video I missed explaining what Brandon has been up to? I feel like he just disappeared and is only around once in a while now. Wish everyone all the best, keep up the great work.
Coy Dixon
Coy Dixon Muaj më parë
That was too cool.... Nice ride Brandon.
Howard Stout
Howard Stout Muaj më parë
Love it Scott
Frank Zeta
Frank Zeta Muaj më parë
Glad to see Brandon. One of my favorite Brandon videos was the episode he was beating Jacob Wheeler, but lost in the end and took a lemon meringue pie to the face. What a good sport, made videos instant classics. Cheers spinnerworm.
Rogbass Muaj më parë
Grew up With the Great Roland Martin. Now I wake up to his boy tossing around some epic fishing. Blessed to have the Martins. Many a morning sipping coffee watching them before I headed out to fish myself. Now my grandsons watch. Gotta love the Passion
Rogbass Muaj më parë
Marko is a legend. He is truly a Giant Hunter. Scott Martin James Marko and we just need Rob Fordyce And of course the King Flip Pallot. Then you have something.
Nick B
Nick B Muaj më parë
I caught my first bass a creek by my house and I’m 9 bait with a fake mino.
Howabouthetruth Muaj më parë
Congrats & good job young man! This will start a lifetime of bass fishing for you Nick, and one day you'll catch that big 10 pound trophy bass & perhaps even more!!!
Bassassin Muaj më parë
Horrible click bait. What a clown.
Phil Muaj më parë
“That don’t even count”
Chris H
Chris H Muaj më parë
Thank you to the SMC crew, Googan baits and FAVORITE RODS for another great video. Keep em coming Scott👊👊👊
Gavin M
Gavin M Muaj më parë
Great vid
Eric Bunce
Eric Bunce Muaj më parë
Kind of like a Carolina rig bite but kind of different that’s funny shit. Looks like a lot of fun!!
donnie frazier
donnie frazier Muaj më parë
love it
Thomas Garren
Thomas Garren Muaj më parë
Great to see Brandon!!
Leroy sosa
Leroy sosa Muaj më parë
Scott Martin that was one great video thank you so much watching all the way from Spain God bless you and your family stay safe my brother
jaxwild11 Muaj më parë
Awesome!!! Love to see you hanging with Brandon aka Spinner worm.
tom bob
tom bob Muaj më parë
That really sucks for the fish that all the retartds that dont know what there doing leave hook in his mouth or dont have the shit riged right n keep geting broken off......poor fish i love fishing that why i catch n release
tom bob
tom bob Muaj më parë
Great video Ricky
Bobby Swain
Bobby Swain Muaj më parë
Ole Billy needs to get some of that...haha
William Campbell
William Campbell Muaj më parë
Anyone else wanna see Billy gotta bass do this?
meze maccalman
meze maccalman Muaj më parë
that guy has probably caught all these groupers 1000x each takes all his clients to the same fish.
Conner Speronis
Conner Speronis Muaj më parë
The Spinnerworm has returned!?!
Alex Hebert
Alex Hebert Muaj më parë
if you like Scott then like my comment
Ethan Eveler
Ethan Eveler Muaj më parë
Wow nice groupers they are really huge.
Jake Schisler
Jake Schisler Muaj më parë
Dbars19 Muaj më parë
i saw you payed brandon well with his brand new mustang lol.
Charles Fox
Charles Fox Muaj më parë
I would love to handline a grouper like those, hats off to yall
MARK LOCKWOOD Muaj më parë
Glub glub drank sea water
quentin trees
quentin trees Muaj më parë
I fish jugg Creek almost every weekend sucks that I missed you guys
Cade Flowers
Cade Flowers Muaj më parë
We’re you on a darker color see skeeter today? I saw a guy that looked like you but I couldn’t tell, I was in a gheenoe
mark Roper
mark Roper Muaj më parë
Hey guys....got a gigantic Goliath grouper in the water.........a monster....who wants to jump in and hang out with him?! WTF......jumped out of a perfectly good boat too!!!! :P Good stuff man! Be safe.
Kenny Hilton
Kenny Hilton Muaj më parë
Need a Spinnerworm and Billy channel
Artem Muaj më parë
Best fishing content on ALnets
Rubberduckin. vlogs
Rubberduckin. vlogs Muaj më parë
95 person to comment
Sawdog Fishing
Sawdog Fishing Muaj më parë
Hi Scoot can I be entered into the giveaway thanks so much. i commented on the giving away 200 pound of baits thank you so much love you so much
Ben Chambers
Ben Chambers Muaj më parë
I still wish Brandon was back the videos were much better when he was there
James Allen
James Allen Muaj më parë
Randy Gilbert
Randy Gilbert Muaj më parë
Looks like a fun time!!
Aiden Silva
Aiden Silva Muaj më parë
Can I come next time??
Ethan Harding
Ethan Harding Muaj më parë
Hey Scott really respect the work your putting you love your stuff and can’t wait for the scotties tackle box winner. PS hopefully me lol
Ethan Harding
Ethan Harding Muaj më parë
consistency 14 I respect the work he does for fishing because I know I won’t get to that level anytime soon and I like to learn. I don’t see what’s wrong with bring people up rather than pushing them down. I don’t know you and that’s why I don’t think your a bad person but I bet if u were better than me at something I would respect your work. So I’m sorry if my comments annoy you but I’m not going to stop supporting someone just because you don’t think he’s good. I wish you the best man
Greg Martin
Greg Martin Muaj më parë
Good to see Brandon again -) Where's Billy ?
Billy Arnold
Billy Arnold Muaj më parë
Outdoors for a Change
Outdoors for a Change Muaj më parë
Scott, another epic video!
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Muaj më parë
Thank you!👊🏼
ross smith
ross smith Muaj më parë
Grady Joyner
Grady Joyner Muaj më parë
Me looking for the tackle tricks and tips
Zac Howard
Zac Howard Muaj më parë
Wow that insane
wesleybigham1 Muaj më parë
That looks like fun! Thanks for sharing
walker50aaron Muaj më parë
Scott I need tips for beaver lake im fishing here this weekend and (lures) everyone have a great labor day .
Tanner Hamilton
Tanner Hamilton Muaj më parë
Is that Pine Island my grandparents have a house down there and I saw you this morning going out to fish for Snook
Peter Rocchetta
Peter Rocchetta Muaj më parë
I want a scotty s tackle box
Louis Cooper Sr
Louis Cooper Sr Muaj më parë
Hello! Scott Martin what brand & model center console boats are y'all in this video clip. Those are pretty nice looking boats you have there.
brad bechly b
brad bechly b Muaj më parë
Need to see more of Brandon, sure do miss him on channel
Stanley Shelby
Stanley Shelby Muaj më parë
Fishing 🎣 with climbing gear...very interesting 👌
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Muaj më parë
Lol 😂 true
James Blanton
James Blanton Muaj më parë
Talk about a huge largemouth just don't try to lip him
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Muaj më parë
Ya for real!
Cliff Muaj më parë
Good Luck too all on being the one picked to win one of Scott's boxes. God Bless from Texas..
wildlife explorers
wildlife explorers Muaj më parë
Great to see Brandon back on the channel once again
Abe_Sinclair Muaj më parë
Snaggin with Steve
Snaggin with Steve Muaj më parë
I'm still out here trying to get 100 subscribers! Lol
Alex I
Alex I Muaj më parë
Smc for the win!
Joshua Bettin
Joshua Bettin Muaj më parë
Hey if you ever get the chance go after them on rod and reel- no board to strap to just rod and reel. I caught a 600 a 500 and two 300 last year with Ben Chancy- That shit was a back breaker
Brock Johnson
Brock Johnson Muaj më parë
Thanks for the video bro! Love the sea fishing as well as Bass! Living the dream man, we living thru you SMC, Godbless y’all
Jonathan Rivera
Jonathan Rivera Muaj më parë
I need to get down to Florida to try that 🐟🐟🐟
BLK FSH R TV Muaj më parë
That was off the chain. I want to see you in the water next time Scott. You have to represent the name brah.
peyton humphries
peyton humphries Muaj më parë
love seeing you fish! you make catching a rock look fun, have a good day!
peyton humphries
peyton humphries Muaj më parë
@Scott Martin any time scott you are the man!
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Muaj më parë
😂 thanks!!
Randy Willheit
Randy Willheit Muaj më parë
Awesome Video, If You Could Only Put a Saddle on It, Imagine The Ride!!!👍🇺🇸😎
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Muaj më parë
No kidding 🤯
T Dawg
T Dawg Muaj më parë
Scott Martin you are my hero. Thanks for the videos.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Muaj më parë
Thanks you for the support. That’s what makes this whole thing possible!
Piya Chetty
Piya Chetty Muaj më parë
Awesome video those fish are amazing creatures 💃🎣🎣🎣🎣😀💯👍🙏🤸
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Muaj më parë
They are incredible fish!
Ethan Farrell
Ethan Farrell Muaj më parë
Anybody else waiting for the other Scotties Tackle Box winners?
Ethan Farrell
Ethan Farrell Muaj më parë
sparmy2004 yeah just saw it
sparmy2004 Muaj më parë
Ethan Farrell on her ALnets.
Ethan Farrell
Ethan Farrell Muaj më parë
sparmy2004 where?
sparmy2004 Muaj më parë
Ethan Farrell Hillary just posted her winners for the rods.
Ethan Farrell
Ethan Farrell Muaj më parë
sparmy2004 nope, not than the original ones, there gonna be more
metalfish25 Muaj më parë
What happened to Brandon? Do you fire his lazy drunk ass ?
Scott Davis
Scott Davis Muaj më parë
Great video Scott.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Muaj më parë
Keith DeSalvo
Keith DeSalvo Muaj më parë
I had a feeling when Scott went to Yamaha at sometime we’d see him in a Skeeter! Great to see Brandon...
Tim Newby
Tim Newby Muaj më parë
Good to see Brandon
Austin McKinney
Austin McKinney Muaj më parë
Can I get a Scotty's takle box
Jaxon Gould
Jaxon Gould Muaj më parë
Can I get a scottys tackle box for free
Zane Czeschin
Zane Czeschin Muaj më parë
Nice vid Scott
Richie _k_68
Richie _k_68 Muaj më parë
Wow those are some big fish that guy almost went in he want you to grab the rope not him😂 you can’t use a fishing rod on that Whale !!! ✌🏼🎣🤟🏼
zachary caulder
zachary caulder Muaj më parë
That’s a big Carolina rig 😂😂
kieranbunny Muaj më parë
wooT! Looked like hella fun!!
Alex Hebert
Alex Hebert Muaj më parë
Your are amazing you should go banita fishing
Alex Hebert
Alex Hebert Muaj më parë
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Muaj më parë
We used the Bonita to catch those Goliaths!
kevin linneman
kevin linneman Muaj më parë
That’s awesome man
GOON Muaj më parë
I love your passion for fishing of all types, I’m the same way. Saltwater, freshwater I love it all! Much respect Scott
Jarrett Moehlman
Jarrett Moehlman Muaj më parë
Love your videos Scott. Keep it up
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Muaj më parë
Thank you 👊🏼
Mark Chambers
Mark Chambers Muaj më parë
That was different!
Mega Desk
Mega Desk Muaj më parë
Hey keep doing the good work
Mayfield Fish Masters
Mayfield Fish Masters Muaj më parë
Your awesome scott
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Muaj më parë
FishingT.V Muaj më parë
Who loves Scott
Keith Covey
Keith Covey Muaj më parë
said 0 views it's like when you pull up to your spot and someone is there.
Ethan Farrell
Ethan Farrell Muaj më parë
Haha, haven’t heard that one before
Yaboi_JT 100
Yaboi_JT 100 Muaj më parë
I was first
Daniel Patterson
Daniel Patterson Muaj më parë
Good morning Scott and Brendon
Kickin Fishin
Kickin Fishin Muaj më parë
If the GOAT reply’s to this I’m gonna freak out
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Muaj më parë
👊🏼👊🏼 what’s up!!
Ziggy Blue
Ziggy Blue Muaj më parë
Well, here I am. Proceed to freak out.
kevin holt
kevin holt Muaj më parë
Hey Scott Martin love yea man and the video keep going.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Muaj më parë
Tharanx Muaj më parë
Hey Scott I was wondering how I could win a scottys tackle box
Martini456 Muaj më parë
Hi scott
Martini456 Muaj më parë
She is GOING PRO In 2024 Bassmaster Elite?
Scott Martin
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