iOS 14.5 Beta 1 - 2 Weeks Later Review

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iOS 14.5 - This is gonna be big.. | iOS 14.5/iPadOS 14.5 Features & Changes (2 Weeks Later Review)
Apple released the first beta of iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 to both registered developers and public beta testers two weeks ago & after using the software for a while, I wanted to discuss some big additional features, the performance, battery life and more!
Some of the noteworthy new features are the ability to change the default music application, Waze-like features coming to the Maps app, another big privacy change, and more.
iOS 14.5 Beta 1 - Follow-Up Review:
iOS 14.5 Beta 1.5 Released - What's New?:
iOS 14.5 Beta 1 Released - What's New?:
Why iPhone 8 Plus is STILL Relevant in 2021..:
iOS 14.4 Released - What's New?:
The TRUTH about iPhone XR in 2021..:
iOS 15 - Supported Devices, Features & Release Date:
iPhone 12 Mini After 3 Weeks - A Perfect Compromise:
00:00 Intro
00:23 macOS Big Sur 11.2.1
01:11 Additional Features
01:38 Change Default Music App
03:37 Waze Maps Feature
04:27 Another Important Privacy Feature
05:42 Music UI Change
06:08 App Store Ads?
06:54 Playstation App
07:17 AirPlay & AirDrop Issues
07:58 Loud Notifications
08:21 Music Widget Bug
08:43 Bluetooth
09:05 Performance
10:04 Battery Life
11:21 iOS 14.5 Beta 2
11:53 iOS 14.4.1?
12:46 Conclusion
13:02 Wallpaper
13:29 Conclusion (cont)
What do you think of iOS 14.5 beta 1? Are you looking forward to beta 2?
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Brandon Butch
Brandon Butch Muaj më parë
I don't think anyone expected this many new features in 14.5 😳
Bodi Games
Bodi Games Muaj më parë
IOS 14.5 has a New Software update screen. With a green check Mark and The time of last searched for an update.
Ramon Leynes
Ramon Leynes Muaj më parë
I turned on Location based alerts and suggestions and it improves my battery life rather than turning them off. I only disabled Significant Locations and Product Improvements
David Jacobs
David Jacobs Muaj më parë
@Ricardo Enrique Granillo when Apple decides to release it 🙄 Probably sometime next month.If you follow Apple you should know.
Ricardo Enrique Granillo
Ricardo Enrique Granillo Muaj më parë
When is 14.5 coming out to the public
Luis Quintero
Luis Quintero Muaj më parë
Craig Woodgate
Craig Woodgate Muaj më parë
I hate Facebook they have no right to access people’s data without permission every time i go on facebook to check for messages and stuff it comes up with adverts from websites and stuff i have never been on or looked at or that your stuff is not private
Case Carter
Case Carter Muaj më parë
Can you play XCloud?
kazoworld Muaj më parë
if you're on ios 14.3 and under and wanna jailbreak do not update
Curtis mark
Curtis mark Muaj më parë
Do u think iPhone will get an fm radio which does not need data
Aleksa Ivanovic
Aleksa Ivanovic Muaj më parë
I am on 14.4 and I still have the issue where if I start recording voice message in iMessage I cant stop it unless I open the multitasking or close the app. Its so annoying.
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa Muaj më parë
Reviews about *FOXTECHIE* on Instagram weren’t lies he unbanned my account easily.
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa Muaj më parë
Reviews about *FOXTECHIE* on Instagram weren’t lies he unbanned my account easily.
philippe Van der Gucht
philippe Van der Gucht Muaj më parë
Seriously apple add’s ?! Wtf
Health and Fitness
Health and Fitness Muaj më parë
Thanks for the review. I hope apple can fix battery issues.
Kim G
Kim G Muaj më parë
If it kills my battery life I don’t want it wtf
_.Kvng.ky_ Muaj më parë
Waze on maps, finally 😎😭
Lori Anderson
Lori Anderson Muaj më parë
I would be interested in Mac OS updates. I have Macbook Air, iPad and iPhones.
RA Babor
RA Babor Muaj më parë
hopefully apple include an update where you can remove the suggestion and recently added folders in the app library.
Egg TBD Muaj më parë
Keep putting more ads in! I hate being interrupted every 5 seconds by some nonsense dude going round and round on one topic just to get videos to more than 10 minutes!
Moussa Wehbi
Moussa Wehbi Muaj më parë
anybody else having problems with some voices in whatsapp not working ? like 1 out of 5 ?
Jente Gerlofsma
Jente Gerlofsma Muaj më parë
Cries in iOS 12*
Sneakzz Muaj më parë
So there is. No don’t change on the iOS ? 😭 can we petition for atleast two more fonts instead of large n bold !
Kamal Alshiany
Kamal Alshiany Muaj më parë
Where did you get all your Wallpapers on your iPad and iPhone? They look amazing! Thanks
Naveeth Rizwan
Naveeth Rizwan Muaj më parë
Ads are already here on the Indian appstore. But only seem to pop up with the search results
Aseem Sehmi
Aseem Sehmi Muaj më parë
please make a video on jailbreak, once its there. 🙏🏻
eddie g
eddie g Muaj më parë
Are they fixing phone signal on iPhone 12
Nahid Islam
Nahid Islam Muaj më parë
if Siri needs to ask me EVERYTIME (instead of actually setting a default under settings), I would simply delete the other music apps and keep Apple Music to get rid of that slow down
Chiemika Ononiwu
Chiemika Ononiwu Muaj më parë
Having a Tesla app is a flex
Alex Downtain
Alex Downtain Muaj më parë
Mac OS pls
Seandor Emmerson
Seandor Emmerson Muaj më parë
I have the same issue of the notification getting abnormally loud
Vadhim -
Vadhim - Muaj më parë
I'm on IOS 14.4 iPhone 12 Pro. Random loud notifications is an issue, also device rotation sometimes buggs out (e.g. app gets stuck in album orientation) and scrolling inside a folder into an empty page looks extra twitchy and cluncky, feels not intended.
Stefano Elias
Stefano Elias Muaj më parë
There is also an error with Siri shortcuts with WiFi. Automatic WiFi on or off completely (not until tomorrow) no longer works. Data and Bluetooth do (still) work.
Geoff Barnes
Geoff Barnes Muaj më parë
Where did you get that homescreen background? Lol
adjutant Muaj më parë
I don't understand why I need to dive so deeply into menus just to change traffic option in Apple Maps, like avoid highways and stuff.
Talk about movies and music, wrestling wwefreakno.1
Talk about movies and music, wrestling wwefreakno.1 Muaj më parë
I haven’t got it yet and I have the 12 pro max
Boing Boing
Boing Boing Muaj më parë
AD’s have been in the App Store for a while now. Also, does anyone know why, in the uk, we still have the old Siri interface? That’s quite weird
Glendon Jhagroo
Glendon Jhagroo Muaj më parë
i'll stick with apple music because most apps don't work in Caribbean i'm from Trinidad and Tobago
Mr Kevin
Mr Kevin Muaj më parë
Oh dear, the iPhone 12 pro is so ugly. I would rather buy the 11 pro.
Does the iPhone unlock with Apple Watch series 1
KTMC 2022
KTMC 2022 Muaj më parë
I already have iOS 14.5
Karanveer Saraf
Karanveer Saraf Muaj më parë
Split screen should also be there. Why apple id not giving that to iPhones. That really needy right now.
inrainbows08 Muaj më parë
at last default music player!
Kendall Schillinger
Kendall Schillinger Muaj më parë
ADs have been in the App Store for awhile now if you search an app there is always an ad at the top.
spacebaged Muaj më parë
I thought this update was supposed to add the ability to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch? Did they cancel that?
Hanif Abdul
Hanif Abdul Muaj më parë
Is it possible for me to AirPlay on a Samsung TV? Not with this beta, but just in general? I have iPhone 12 Pro Max 14.4
Addissun Robinson
Addissun Robinson Muaj më parë
Ummm link to wallpaper?? I be needing that. Lmao …
Cesar Bernal
Cesar Bernal Muaj më parë
Hopefully this allows Spotify to run via usb on my car radio 😂 don’t have functionality via usb but do vía Bluetooth
Shady Khouzam
Shady Khouzam Muaj më parë
I also noticed that after clearing unread emails, the email icon still shows a badge count and doesn’t clear as it should. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing that too
Gulbuddin Dewan
Gulbuddin Dewan Muaj më parë
Which ios14 version should i be on, if i were to wait for a jailbreak. Im currently on 14.0
Khamsin Shamal
Khamsin Shamal Muaj më parë
That Apple is focusing on privacy and trying to prevent the likes of Facebook and Google from tracking our every thought and move, is excellent and great news. That Zuckerleech is whining, only reveal how dependent he is on surveilling and tracking everyone. Ps: Why you have to charge often? Maybe because you have more than Spotify (unnecessarily?) activated in “Background app refresh”?
Lu S
Lu S Muaj më parë
I would like to see MAC OS item updates as well. Thank you.
Epicmaster31 Muaj më parë
I already get the App Store Ads since 14.3 dude
Mike Hightower
Mike Hightower Muaj më parë
Apple cutting off Google so they can make their own browser to track us internally for their own ad sales.
Vishow Samudra20
Vishow Samudra20 Muaj më parë
iOS 14.5 didn’t come last week on Sunday February 13th.
Tom Ringeling
Tom Ringeling Muaj më parë
I’ve also had a issue with the Bluetooth for my airpods pro. It is really annoying because it was loading and loading and it did’nt work so hope they fix it in 14.5
Arhaan Mehra
Arhaan Mehra Muaj më parë
What’s that wallpaper plz
503 inferno
503 inferno Muaj më parë
Dose anyone get a text not open it and hear the notification again but not a new text? Or just me
Peter Muaj më parë
BigSur 1.2.1 patched also some very serious security holes...
SirBaum Muaj më parë
Kyhume Muaj më parë
The App Store already has Ads its not new.
Jeremy Muchemi
Jeremy Muchemi Muaj më parë
more BigSur vids please😁😁
Renee Coffey
Renee Coffey Muaj më parë
My Bluetooth keeps dropping also
Tayfun Demirel
Tayfun Demirel Muaj më parë
Where can İ find that wallpaper on your phone?
codsac Muaj më parë
when will this be released to public
Mst Jahanara Akter
Mst Jahanara Akter Muaj më parë
I bought a new iphone 11 can you please tell me how can I turn off the camera sound ?
Tatiana Bainbridge
Tatiana Bainbridge Muaj më parë
Do you think 14.5 beta 2 will be more stable with certain apps? I downloaded beta 1 but it made spotify very slow and Radish kept crashing. Ended up going back to 14.4 and it went back to normal
emmgeevideo Muaj më parë
Your hand waving is driving me nuts.
Gabrielle Ann Ilagan
Gabrielle Ann Ilagan Muaj më parë
Do you think iPhone 6s will still be able to update to this iOS?
Jonathan Gomez
Jonathan Gomez Muaj më parë
I’m a register developer and for some reason I can’t get the update
Bobby Solorio
Bobby Solorio Muaj më parë
Yes! Make macOS updates please!!!!
Jasjeet Singh
Jasjeet Singh Muaj më parë
Does changing default music player also allows you to directly open the selected player when tapping the player button in control centre?
Steve L.
Steve L. Muaj më parë
You have sexy hands and forearms. Just sayin’
Rannel Anacion
Rannel Anacion Muaj më parë
14.4 in my iphone 7 plus
Wavey Gang_24
Wavey Gang_24 Muaj më parë
I was thinking lil Uzi on brain fuel idk 🤷🏿‍♂️ about that Lmaooo
Joe DiMarco
Joe DiMarco Muaj më parë
Has anyone had an issue with Apple Music only playing the same couple songs no matter what you do differently? Whether you like/love more songs? I have had this issue for a long time and it’s very annoying.
Dwight K. Senpai Schrute
Dwight K. Senpai Schrute Muaj më parë
His caseless iPhone makes me uncomfortable. 🥵
Dwight K. Senpai Schrute
Dwight K. Senpai Schrute Muaj më parë
@Pickle Rick it’s the same thing
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick Muaj më parë
Assistant ‘to’ the regional manager
Christopher Ally
Christopher Ally Muaj më parë
Is he Canadian?
Serge Pierson
Serge Pierson Muaj më parë
My iPhone 11 Pro battery is draining so fast !!! HELLPPPP
Katalyst80 Muaj më parë
I just want to know if Pokemon Masters works on 14.5 lol
Nubian Locs
Nubian Locs Muaj më parë
My MacBook Air hasn’t been charging I have to restart my laptop for it to take charge.
Aaron Kelly-Tarquinio
Aaron Kelly-Tarquinio Muaj më parë
Hey Brandon, Quick Question: I really want to update my MacBookPro to the new ‘BigSur’’ but it seems that I don’t have enough space even though I have over 25 GB of space available. How is it that I can’t get space to update it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Ryan Paquette
Ryan Paquette Muaj më parë
I’ve reported a bunch of issues with widgets! A couple of issues I’ve noticed is either no information shown or the wrong information is showing. The Tips widget shows no info and other apps it’s just usually the wrong information. This version was definitely buggy. I’m assuming we might see a new beta this week. Hopefully sooner than later!
Push Supreme
Push Supreme Muaj më parë
Zac Moralez
Zac Moralez Muaj më parë
Ooh My
Ooh My Muaj më parë
When I watch ALnets or anything like vertically and I get a text and you press reply the screen goes all crazy like if it part horizontal and vertical at the same time.
Juan Camilo Mengual Paternina
Juan Camilo Mengual Paternina Muaj më parë
When is the public release date?
Pranay Muaj më parë
Even i am having issues with airplay
Jake R.
Jake R. Muaj më parë
As well as well as well... as well as well as WELL as well💁‍♂️
Green Report
Green Report Muaj më parë
VAN city hall
Vincent Pizzo
Vincent Pizzo Muaj më parë
Does this mean if I plug my phone into a CarPlay device it will finally be able to open Spotify vs playing a horrible U2 album 🙂
Marcus Magalhaes
Marcus Magalhaes Muaj më parë
It took 7 months for my iPhone XR battery health drops from 100% to 99% and now in two weeks it dropped again to 97% , should I worry about that?
Angie G
Angie G Muaj më parë
I have having issues with keyboard not completing a word and standby issues with battery draining since 14.2. I have an iPhone 11.
Savvas Skordellis
Savvas Skordellis Muaj më parë
I have the same issue with notification sound! Really weird
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez Muaj më parë
nice update!
rexy cool
rexy cool Muaj më parë
There a bug with Siri not answering to you it said you need wifi to do it ios 14.4
Mikeos Muaj më parë
Being greedy with ads will be the downfall of Apple. They already show ads on Apple news+ !
A P Muaj më parë
O yeah...wooohoooo...keep spending,stupppppppppppiiid.
Dœl Muaj më parë
Yo Brandon Butch, you listen to Lil Uzi and Carti??.
Shorty Muaj më parë
I've also had the super loud notification sound or any sound that may come through for the second half of the sound coming through, is super quite, then the other half is super loud, has not been fixed in previous updates for me either, hoping this gets fixed soon! Very annoying!
Lucerna Rosemary
Lucerna Rosemary Muaj më parë
Hi from Puerto Rico I like the way you explained about Apple iPhone is kool I want to thank you I would like to ask you for a favor please would you check out iPhone 8 Plus I like my iPhone 8 Plus and is my first iPhone so I would like to know if Apple is going to give it a new featured app or the storage space I play a lot and I have be deleted some games is frustrating and sometimes when am playing war dragon the page slightly goes down and it messed up the game thanks buddy
AvadeBre Muaj më parë
i have an iPhone 8 plus and for some reason it starts to make beeping noises when i turn my volume up, turn lff my ringer, and press my home button. i just got this phone, its updated to 14.5 and everything, i just dont know if i did something to it .
Ryantiz Muaj më parë
What they need to do, is remove the headphone safety feature. It’s garbage
WuTang Chris
WuTang Chris Muaj më parë
I just love how casually they are skipping over the AirPods connection issue with each update. Way to go Apple. Whoooo hooo 😓😒
mynamegib Muaj më parë
Damn that sucks, haven’t had issues with mine so far. Have u forgot the device and reconnected it, might fix something
WuTang Chris
WuTang Chris Muaj më parë
@Leo Ramirez and disconnect. It’ll pause and play songs randomly. Lol it’s annoying and a simple fix they just keep skipping it. I have AirPods Pro and it does it on both of my devices
Leo Ramirez
Leo Ramirez Muaj më parë
is this when they connect randomly? cuz i hate that
Huseyn Velizade
Huseyn Velizade Muaj më parë
Why you sound like Jhonny Sins
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