Doing Kylie Jenner's Halloween Makeup!

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James Charles

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HI SISTERS! Today's video is with a guest that needs no introduction, Kylie Jenner! We're back for a part 2 to our iconic Halloween video! I did a really scary cheetah look on Kylie while talking all about her new collection, Stormi's Halloween, Tik Tok, What's next after Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and so much more! Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Brandon Martin
Brandon Martin Minutë më parë
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Sarahmabell Sayn
Sarahmabell Sayn 32 minuta më parë
Her personality is the bestttttt
Madison Andrews
Madison Andrews 33 minuta më parë
Kylie is beautiful
。Royal Stxry 。
。Royal Stxry 。 Orë më parë
Kylie looks like Azzy
I don't know wat I'm saying
I don't know wat I'm saying 4 orë më parë
When you said cheetah I thought you said 'chitos'
Absolutely Nobody
Absolutely Nobody 5 orë më parë
Bring back manly man!
Mftriyani 1234
Mftriyani 1234 8 orë më parë
Why you are so awesome beautiful Kylieee!!
Fernando Dionicio
Fernando Dionicio 10 orë më parë
Just imagine did Billie Eilish s makeup
Janae Eggleton
Janae Eggleton 10 orë më parë
The helpful playroom echographically arrange because exclamation physically record worth a deafening dessert. supreme, silent grouse
Kaitlin Riley
Kaitlin Riley 10 orë më parë
I didn't even read title clicked wen sore Kylie Jenna
Maria Alexandra Daza Vanegas
Maria Alexandra Daza Vanegas 13 orë më parë
makillan alkylie jenner
sophia g.
sophia g. 13 orë më parë
We need this but with Ariana Grande
Coca-Cola Addicted
Coca-Cola Addicted 15 orë më parë
Yassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss queeen
Manal Theyab
Manal Theyab 15 orë më parë
Fadwa M
Fadwa M 17 orë më parë
I hate the people the hate on Kylie.....she the nicest person ever. And please don't judge people about their appearance, and don't hate.🥰
hassan fahim
hassan fahim 17 orë më parë
take a makeup on youtube for you with kendall jenner plz ❤️
Sam Lambert
Sam Lambert 17 orë më parë
ue tras
mrs jeon
mrs jeon 18 orë më parë
kylies actually low key nice and cute, despite her families reputation
Lizbeth Montalvo
Lizbeth Montalvo 18 orë më parë
Kylie was nervous when she was making excuses 👁👄👁
Alessandro Polinari
Alessandro Polinari 19 orë më parë
Great video james!
Aubrie Martinez
Aubrie Martinez 19 orë më parë
“It’s so nasty” takes another sip
Whyhate Me
Whyhate Me 20 orë më parë
Kylie Jenner 😭
Saadiya Rainey
Saadiya Rainey 21 orë më parë
when i growup i want to be like you my make up like ya
Nicole Margarette Castro
Nicole Margarette Castro Ditë më parë
i love kylie being so funny
Angela Thierry
Angela Thierry Ditë më parë
Ya do Billie eilish makeup
Haroon Khan
Haroon Khan Ditë më parë
Hi kilee jenner
Tfkfan Thefuturekingz
Tfkfan Thefuturekingz Ditë më parë
yoo james if u wana love are going to love a girl or a boy?
Dianne Mason
Dianne Mason Ditë më parë
The ignorant crowd ordinarily wrap because cheetah uniquely coach besides a knotty instrument. obnoxious, quaint mother-in-law
biggv10 Ditë më parë
A future millionaire will like this comment
Chris Afton aka crying child
Chris Afton aka crying child Ditë më parë
( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
V5 Twist
V5 Twist Ditë më parë
Nishme Belén La Torre Dabdoub
Nishme Belén La Torre Dabdoub Ditë më parë
wow !! o:
Moirah Trinidad
Moirah Trinidad Ditë më parë
sena yılmaz
sena yılmaz Ditë më parë
Allaskina türkçe alt yazı koyun
Alexandra Medrano
Alexandra Medrano Ditë më parë
My beby kylie 😍 i love
Vane Rodríguez
Vane Rodríguez Ditë më parë
Isabella Is Awesome
Isabella Is Awesome Ditë më parë
James: that’s so nasty *drinks more*
Karly Colquhoun
Karly Colquhoun Ditë më parë
James Charles I just wanna thank you for all the positivity been giving everyone in these tough times so thx
Valerie Alarcon
Valerie Alarcon Ditë më parë
James sisters are us the ones who watch James :)
Chezney Kehoe
Chezney Kehoe 2 ditë më parë
i hate you
Anna Dumar
Anna Dumar 2 ditë më parë
Tap it in is from happy Gilmore ...
Olga Maria Valerio Abreu
Olga Maria Valerio Abreu 2 ditë më parë
James: that is descosting, that is so nasty. Also James:* keeps drinking it*
alice mon
alice mon 2 ditë më parë
почему 21 тыс дизов
you stink
you stink 2 ditë më parë
Jitisha Wadhwa
Jitisha Wadhwa 2 ditë më parë
The sad part is that originality is gone from the comment section
Tanget Aier
Tanget Aier 2 ditë më parë
Cringe shiiits
Ronibala Kumam
Ronibala Kumam 2 ditë më parë
Hey James can you please do make up video with txunamy ortiz. It's her dream ❤️
Erika Richards
Erika Richards 2 ditë më parë
I actually like her personality so much, like she’s the kind of person I’d hang out with. I feel bad for all the judgement she gets
Timmy Healy
Timmy Healy 2 ditë më parë
The Mario effect of James’ “ WOW “ was perfect 👌 LOll his editors are genius
الين احمد
الين احمد 2 ditë më parë
Marcus Gonzalez
Marcus Gonzalez 2 ditë më parë
Who watches tv now
MirTheMenace 2 ditë më parë
i want James to do Cardi bs makeup fr fr!
Mariam Hazime
Mariam Hazime 2 ditë më parë
Wonderful video but her nails are are so long and sharp. Just imagine cleaning your ass with those long sharp ass nails. No hate tho.
Sofia eirtovaara
Sofia eirtovaara 2 ditë më parë
Love your duo❤️❤️💗💗
Samriddhi Dwivedi
Samriddhi Dwivedi 2 ditë më parë
Luv your makeup looks
Kylie Whitten
Kylie Whitten 2 ditë më parë
Since my name is Kylie also, my friends call me Kylie Jenner without the big lips and big but! Hahahahaha
Coffeeex 2 ditë më parë
I just want to say something please- I love you 🥰
Raven malcolm
Raven malcolm 2 ditë më parë
ZMy mom thinks you’re a boy
Avia Christina
Avia Christina 2 ditë më parë
In the beginning of the video she said she’s going to be a minion with stormy
bashaer ali
bashaer ali 2 ditë më parë
She is soooo sweet 🥺♥️
Sherlyn Juarez
Sherlyn Juarez 2 ditë më parë
have you drink before
Sherlyn Juarez
Sherlyn Juarez 2 ditë më parë
jams Charles do u drink
Like liyana
Like liyana 2 ditë më parë
Hey james charles you no your wearly gedik
Affan Aftab
Affan Aftab 2 ditë më parë
i hate this channel
Aunt Sheryl
Aunt Sheryl 2 ditë më parë
James you really caked on the top fountain
Angel Luna
Angel Luna 2 ditë më parë
She looks terrified of you, she has many body parts from different people, her souls are sociopaths
Minden ami MesterMC daniadam2003-mal
Minden ami MesterMC daniadam2003-mal 2 ditë më parë
she looks so fcking different without make up xddd
melody moon
melody moon 3 ditë më parë
hi ♥️
ღ Tiny De Wǿlfy
ღ Tiny De Wǿlfy 3 ditë më parë
Felicidades encontraste un comentario en español
ღ Tiny De Wǿlfy
ღ Tiny De Wǿlfy 2 ditë më parë
@Jazmin Lopez ok
Jazmin Lopez
Jazmin Lopez 2 ditë më parë
Con el tuyo voy encontrando cuatro comentarios
Chhavi Gupta
Chhavi Gupta 3 ditë më parë
search Shivank Gupta on ALnets, you won't regret🤍
Taliah지옥처럼 귀엽다
Taliah지옥처럼 귀엽다 3 ditë më parë
i just noticed how young kylie looks, she looks like a 17 year old
Amari Ditë më parë
I C Ditë më parë
She’s only 23, that’s not that much of an age difference
Jeny Maite Bonnin
Jeny Maite Bonnin 3 ditë më parë
kylie looks like teenager
yiitt 3 ditë më parë
felt ur intro
Willie Farias
Willie Farias 3 ditë më parë
i don know why Kylie hide her smile i love it
ana jurcevic
ana jurcevic 3 ditë më parë
Willie Farias
Willie Farias 3 ditë më parë
i love both of them
Kristen Huggins
Kristen Huggins 3 ditë më parë
I think Kylie is so pretty with makeup but......She is SOOOOOO GORGEOUS without it😽🥺😘
Laura Leon
Laura Leon 3 ditë më parë
hi james
Ayana K
Ayana K 3 ditë më parë
Hey sister. I love your videos. How are u so good at makeup? You Rock
Essential Chargez
Essential Chargez 3 ditë më parë
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Froggy Frog
Froggy Frog 3 ditë më parë
She’s stunning wow 🤩
Samuel Delicieux
Samuel Delicieux 3 ditë më parë
Sup you might not now but if I tould u you'd would ok I took my friend's iPad I'm am ok I'm lil tyga
Estefania oriana Acevedo
Estefania oriana Acevedo 3 ditë më parë
Like si eres de latino américa y no entiendes ni madres pero igual lo ves 👇
Nadine Keen
Nadine Keen 3 ditë më parë
2020 anyone
Nadine Keen
Nadine Keen 3 ditë më parë
Jk just joking 🙃
Rajngla 3 ditë më parë
Cannot not want more? hehuhgughuhg I can want less than 1. I can want less than 0. -1 baby.
kitty lover
kitty lover 3 ditë më parë
Ya he is
aaqil01 3 ditë më parë
James should do Ariana Grande's makeup!!!😄❤️😜😍😊💄
Bŕïťťäñÿ Ťøđđ
Bŕïťťäñÿ Ťøđđ 3 ditë më parë
hi ive havnt watched in like a week i regret it but im back hii miss u
Tsbbss Ruddhj
Tsbbss Ruddhj 3 ditë më parë
Her daughter is the half reason she showed us more of herself and her personality. She look happy with her daughter and never faking it.
Suki_ 332
Suki_ 332 3 ditë më parë
U don’t have salvor uno ?
Tola Jallow
Tola Jallow 3 ditë më parë
Is james charles a boy or a girl
Avery Flowers
Avery Flowers 3 ditë më parë
I am just glad James isn’t THAT youtuber that turns the comments off...
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 3 ditë më parë
It’s so nasty *sips *
Bang tan
Bang tan 3 ditë më parë
Get Ariana Grande PLEASE!!!
Rose Mary
Rose Mary 3 ditë më parë
“ iM jUst aPrEatiAtInG mY bReAd”
Alexis Kotolski
Alexis Kotolski 3 ditë më parë
Love you James but you and foundation are not friends.
I’m in BTS world
I’m in BTS world 3 ditë më parë
My favourite Kylie Jenner love you 😘
ARIB DHRUBO 3 ditë më parë
Kylie jenner looks more manly than james charles
Christopher 3 ditë më parë
chiara de mura
chiara de mura 4 ditë më parë
she’s soo cool
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